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  1. Thanks all! Fingers crossed that it checks out.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. Trying to arrange to go for a test drive soon. Just got an update that the 1985 is actually a 1986. Same engine? Anything quirky about 1986 that anyone is aware of?
  3. Good evening. I am considering purchasing a Toyota Dolphin for a cross country adventure. I will plan several local trips before beginning the adventure. I want the rear dinette model for better light, better seating, and less weight in the back. I know to check for leaks and to make sure the rear axle has been upgraded. I have found a 1983 Dolphin (107k mi) and a 1985 Dolphin (61k mi) both of which seem to be in good shape, both under $5k. What gotchas should I look for besides axle and leaks? What are the differences that ought to be considered? What are the most important upgrades that I'm
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