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  1. Here's a pic of my '86 Mini-Crusier awning. You can kinda see the little wheel/caster on the top rear corner of the door.
  2. Update/the saga continues.... Thought it would be a good idea to have the transmission serviced while the RV is in getting the new engine installed. Turns out, the transmission also needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Mechanic found totally cooked fluid when he drained and dropped the pan along with some metal pieces that indicate the transmission is toast. At this point I'm too far into this thing to stop now. At least I won't be left wondering if the transmission is going to be an issue later down the road, so just gonna bite the bullet now and get the transmission rebuilt if it's salvageable. Guess that's what I get for taking on the risk of buying an RV with a blown engine. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Simpletire.com coming through with speedy delivery. Received the Petlas before I had a chance to drop of the Thunderer for return so did a side by side photo. Thunderer on the left, Petlas on the right in both photos. Thunderer looks like a general HWY tire to me and from others experience/input here, it does the job well. Petlas looks like a bit more aggressive/all terrain tread that should do well on both highway and gravel or dirt roads where I spend a lot of time in rural Oregon. Also worth noting the Petlas is 3lbs heavier and feels much more solid in general. I’ll have ride and drive notes soon as the engine is being installed this week!
  4. Oh, gotcha (about the snow tires) There are Petlas tires on the front of my rig. Only reason I even looked into the brand or new it existed. Did a little research and found the AT style in 185s. Maybe we’ll have another affordable option for a good tire. Maybe I’ll regret the purchase. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Those are about $10/tire more than I paid for the Petlas I ordered from simpletire. I realize it’s not a known quantity for the forum, but seemed to be a good option for what I was lookin for in a tire. I’ll follow up with more once I’ve got the tires on the rig.
  6. I ordered the Petlas from simpletire.com. It does have a snow raiting, though I’m guessing that’s similar to most AT these days. Wouldn’t consider it a soft compound snow tire like a blizzack or the like.
  7. I originally ordered the Thunderer and was surprised when I received them because the tread wasn't what I expected... also appeared to be an aggressive tread from the website photos. After doing some image searches, I found photos of the Petlas and they look like a more aggressive tread to me. The image on the simple tire website isn't a very good representation. I'll take photos of the Thunderer before I return them and also a photo of the Petlas once I receive them and follow up with a post of both here. I had the same problem with the tire size search that you did... I found that I had to search for the tire make and model I was looking for, then select the size in the drop down menu to get the 185r14, but they do have them.
  8. My two inner rears are just at 7 years old (outers are 9 years old and the front 195's are only 4 years old), so ordered 6 tires and will use the old inners as spares for now. Simple Tire is having a memorial day sale that has already started. I got the Petlas Advente PT875 for about $88 each and free shipping. https://simpletire.com/brands/petlas-tires/advente-pt875#curationPos=none&curationSeq=none&curationSource=none&itemId=198688&mpn=PT40370&pageSource=PLP&productPos=none&tireSize=185-r14&userRegion=10&userZip=97217 They also carry the Thunderer Ranger 101 for a little over $80 each. I went with the All Weather/more aggressive tread because I'll be boondocking mostly.
  9. I'll be doing my rear leaf springs later this summer and contemplating the same thing. I'm leaning toward new.
  10. Sourced a 4.88 3rd member from a 92 4runner today for $180. Had to pull it myself, but it was easier than expected and glad I know the process now. Probably do the 3rd member at the same time I do the leaf springs and shocks.
  11. Good to know, thank you. Now if I can talk the fella down on price...
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