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  1. I'll be doing my rear leaf springs later this summer and contemplating the same thing. I'm leaning toward new.
  2. Sourced a 4.88 3rd member from a 92 4runner today for $180. Had to pull it myself, but it was easier than expected and glad I know the process now. Probably do the 3rd member at the same time I do the leaf springs and shocks.
  3. Good to know, thank you. Now if I can talk the fella down on price...
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Curious on your thoughts on braking smaller 5lug vs larger 6lug rotors? Did you notice a difference?
  5. I'll have to check... here's hoping. The door plate shows 185s front and back... not sure why the previous owner put 195s on the front.
  6. I've got an older rig with the 5 lug front 6 lug rear. Came with a front spare and I just got a 6 lug wheel for a rear spare. Looking into a new tire on each wheel (the 5 lug spare looks to be original or nearly as old as the rig is)... fun fact, my front tires are 195s and my rears are 185s... with a winter tire outer and all season inner. I have 3 different types of tires on this thing!! Really wasn't wanting to buy 8 tires. ☹️ The "getting to know you" phase is getting expensive on this thing.
  7. Yeah, this one was built a month after the chassis. Still titled in 86 though. It's been an interesting learning process.
  8. I'm familiar with how the awning fits in the the channel... I've only ever seen that channel on the bottom of the rail before. It's all getting replaced eventually.
  9. I found the whole assembly, like WME suggested. Does $100 each sound reasonable? Same source can provide the 14" 6 lug dually wheels for $60 each. Picked up a spare wheel yesterday to have a rear spare (my rig has 5 lug front spare only) and in talking with the guy discovered he had all the parts for the conversion. I'm currently falling fast down the rabbit hole of repairs and upgrades (also looking for a 4.56 or 4.88 3rd member) and cost is my only concern. Things are adding up fast. Will the larger rotor make that much difference in braking? Is it worth the cost of parts and in
  10. I'd be real interested in seeing the seating you mention. I've been thinking about doing something similar. Please share?
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