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  1. Sorry for the late response, but I would get the wave 8 if it were me. And it was me a few years ago, I bought the wave 6 which worked great in my slide in truck camper but in my 18' sunrader it wasn't enough for comfort in 10 degree weather. You can always turn a heater down if it's too hot, not much you can do if it's not.
  2. It's an instant grab type of glue, I literally just push the furring strip against the fiberglass and hold it there for a few seconds and it stays in place. For the ceiling I used braces to hold things up but on the sidewalls just pressed the wood strip against the wall.
  3. Hey thanks Randy! I tried to jack the floor up before I put the braces in underneath but it didn't really seem to go anywhere. I lost a little over 1" due to floor sag at the sides. Jacking the ceiling up didn't bring the floor up at all, it just raised the center portion of the roof but didn't 'pull up' the floor on the sides at all. I did jack the roof up probably 3 or 4 inches overall; I started by jacking it up maybe an inch, letting that sit for a week and the raising it up another inch. It seemed to let the fiberglass adapt and accept the 'new' shape as I slowly raised it ove
  4. I've been using Gorilla Glue's version of liquid nails, Gorilla Construction Adhesive Ultimate and it's been working well holding everything together. The only thing I found that seems to bond wood to the fiberglass shell securely.
  5. I think it's johns manville board insulation or something. I didn't find much on the website either but when I called I just asked if they stocked 3/4" board insulation and they were very helpful. Just drove down and picked up some 4x8 sheets of it. They'll sell however much you want, even if it's just one sheet.
  6. Hi Ernie, Thanks! I did just what you described, I glued furring strips across the ceiling and then screwed the paneling into that. I used 3/4" rigid board foil faced insulation for everything. There's a insulation company in north Denver called Eagle Rock that carries a ton of different insulation and they'll sell it direct to the public, it was the only place I could find 3/4". Would've loved to add more but didn't want to lose the head space either. I found that Gorilla Glue Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive Ultimate works well for bonding different materials together
  7. Damn Rick looking good! It's coming together beautifully, nice work!
  8. Nice Rick, sounds like things are moving along for you as well. I agree, spending time using it before it's completely built definitely helps with design decisions and understanding how you want to utilize the space most effectively. Living in a slide in camper in my truck the last few years definitely helped me learn what I wanted out of a rig and what I didn't need which has been helpful. I'm getting towards the last appliances install now, the water is halfway in (just need the grey water tank and drain hose) and then it's just the stove and potentially a furnace left. Mine eats
  9. Thanks! yeah I'm using 1/4" tongue and groove cedar planking I bought at lowes for the dining are. I make up panels by glueing all the planks together and then I cut it to fit and apply finish after that. Just a few coats of clear gloss urethane followed with 2 coats of clear satin. The bench seats are just 1/4" plywood that I put a stain on and then finished in the same process.
  10. Here's a few pics of the back dining area, I've finally got the walls up with insulation and the battery/solar compartment completed. Next will be to do the kitchen sink with the new water tanks/pumps and a sink/faucet.
  11. Oh man it's been awhile! Time has just slipped away! Things have been going ok on the rebuild although I've slowed down a bit, I think after all the major repairs and construction I was just a little burnt out on moving straight into redoing the whole interior. But I have got a few things done. Getting the dining area closed in and insulated, and I've built some temporary tables and countertops so I'm able to use it now while I continue to add things in. Solar is almost done (just waiting on a new battery) and then I'll be moving onto adding the fridge back in and setting up the prop
  12. Thanks guys, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Also learning about the wonderful world of varnishing and the pitfalls of it all. I glued furring strips along the front, one the entire length above the windows about 1" and another below the windows 1", and a strip down the middle connecting the two. Then I screwed the cedar planking into those. The bottom slope of cedar isn't screwed into anything, the upper lip slides under the furring strip and along the bottom I used a few screws to tack it down. I put 2" board foam underneath for a bit of support and warmth. I used a g
  13. Managed to get the cabover area pretty much done except for filling in the gap and some minor detail work, now I'll start working on the main cabin and figuring all that out.
  14. No worries Rick! Looks like it was quite the pain but you were successful in the end! I think I have a similar problem in the rear that the floor has sagged over one of the top shock bolts, but for now I'm leaving those problems for another time haha. Glad you were able to work through those problems and get it fixed.
  15. Hey Rick, I don't think the grey water tank adds any floor support. On my it contributed to the floor destruction and the immense sagging I have on either side as it's really just pulling down on the floor all the time. Really wish they hadn't mounted all the water tanks on the least supported part of the vehicles floor, but i've really been wishing they did a lot of things different as I rebuild this thing. Wish in one hand shit in another..... Definitely sounds like they're just trying to rack up the bill on you, brakes and shocks are legit, sticky doors are definitely not. The l
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