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  1. Hi JaySam. Your rebuild looks great I was in the process of doing the same thing as you to the ceiling. I had planned on 3/4x3/4 steel in ceiling. Also I removed floor carpet to lay new floor. But after carpet removal I noticed floor sag at the walls. I noticed that you welded braces to your frame for more floor support , were you able to jack the walls up or ?? Did your floor sag move at all when you jacked up the ceiling ? I really did not want to lose headroom by adding 3/4 plywood to floor, is there anything you wish you would have done differently to stiffen up walls or flo
  2. I am a lil different but gonna pass on the zuk mod. But if no one else says they have done coil overs. Then kyb it is.
  3. Yes , I agree with airbags which I already have on . But i seen a youtube video where 1 guy installed coil overs also. So i searched on here and havent seen anyone else try them. Most seem to recommend kyb. I was thinking with coilovers maybe could lower air pressure an not sag as much. Maybe ride better with less air pressure . Just a thought , maybe a waste of money . Its not a caddy .
  4. I need new shocks for my 21ft sunrader and looking at kyb on rockauto but they also have gabriel coil over , has anyone used the coil over shocks for the rear ?
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