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Week in Bay St. Louis

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Just got back from a week on the Gulf Coast, MS. We camped on the way down, stayed in a terrific little rental house (VRBO), camped on the way back north. The Warrior did very well: no breakdowns or mechanical issues, 13+mpg, and dash AC + roof AC kept us quite cool on the highway. I took it a little slower than usual (58-60mph) because of the 90deg temps, fully loaded coach, three dogs, and generator on rear bumper. (In the full heat of the afternoon, I saw the temp gauge creep just north of center a few times, which is why I backed down from my usual ~63mph.) Overall, a really enjoyable trip!

Side note: with newish tires and shocks, rear bushings, and two working air bags, the ride is much better than when we first purchased back in '15, but... rough/bad roads are still very punishing over long distances, like no other vehicle I've experienced. I guess it is what it is.


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My family did a VRBO vacation a couple of years ago. What a fantastic rental. A hidden estate in the middle of nowhere but 20 minutes to Lake Shasta. Huge gorgeous house that would have slept a dozen at least and a private swimming hole outside fed by a waterfall. Sounds like you had a great time.

Lowering your tire pressure a bit and the air bags can take some of the bang out of a rough road. I carry a 12 volt air compressor so when I hit the freeway again I just blow them back up

Linda S

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