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  1. chefdave

    Nice To See Forum Back On Line

    Ps dolphin still in one piece and has not moved in winds yet.
  2. Hi to everyone Good to see forum is up and running again. My part of scotland has been battered by weather bombs hurricane force winds and hail stones that would scare storm chasers. Elec back on after 4days. So will be spending time catching up with everything on house before next weather bomb on thurs.
  3. chefdave

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    Hi laid mine up for the winter. 2 reasons weather high winds 80-100 mph dodgy in any vehicle. black ice and 3 tons sliding across highway unnerved me thought i was driving on wet roads 6 miles later driving through running water hit black ice never felt cold enough to freeze. now gathering parts and material to continue renovation. week of snow has not helped me to start on renovations.
  4. Rather swap a gearbox on a toyota hilux than a renault. done two on renaults you have to drop engine front suspension remove brakes steering arms drive shafts etc etc. takes me 3 days dealer time 8 hours using specialist tools and gearbox cradle. what a paralaver.
  5. Bottom line is hilux chassis must be over engineered but rear axle not to same over engineered spec.
  6. Not sure of reason to lift front can be done easily could also alter stability as 2/3 weight on rear axle understand it can stress certain components. for further details of lifting google yotatech. many write ups about it on there. as for me as i use mine on highways and campsites i would lower mine.
  7. My 21 foot dolphin with v6 was weighed at annual mot test. came in at 2.8 tons empty apart from i think 1/2 tank of fuel. have since carried out some weight removal. camper air con unit, fold down bed/sofa and several cupboards but doubt it even comes to 200lb total. conclusion is chassis is way over loaded. so happy mine has a ff axle.
  8. Hi no legal requirement in uk for snow tyres or chains but in scottish highlands most people have two sets of tyres or all season tyres fitted. i have driven through 2" of snow on mountains in a 4x4 which could not engauge 4wd. with snow tyres it was like driving on a dry road. It was very cold windscreen froze around edges with heater on full. was one of the last to use the road before it shut as blizzards where making it impossiable to keep road clear. yes several people knew i was on road before i left. when i got off mountain phoned them to say i was off and safe in a local town. had full kit of sleeping bag flasks of hot water enough food to last 2 days snow shovel and 20kg of cat litter for extra traction also had a tow rope. maybe i could of taken more for winter driving but much better equiped than 99% of other drivers.
  9. Hi have been trying to bleed cooling system for 3 weeks on my 3vze engine. no joy. Have jacked up front, built a ramp out of stone to lift front fitted a bleed valve in heater hose. no luck on any of them. not losing coolant and system holding pressure. have blown through overflow pipes no blockages. air is still entering system. have replaced hoses and fastners. no sign of blown head gasket. no mayo in oil or water vapour in exhaust. anyone have any ideas. as im stumped thanks dave
  10. chefdave

    Where To Find Toyota Parts

    Hi bull bar/nudge bar is very similar to mine. 3" tubing that goes from wing to wing. piece of cake to fit 4 bolts go in to pre tapped holes in chassis. have accidentally nudge a fence and dry stone wall. fence lost and tie with stone wall. have seen these walls destroy cars. prob is deer have most body mass above bar height. might save body work but bambi in passenger seat is not a pleasant thought. as i work as chef and discussed this at work bosses answer was bring in bambi and we can have a venison special. ummmm not what i wanted to hear. when i was driving in oz was given instructions on what to do if an emu or kangaroo came through windscreen. basically duck head as far under dash as possible. judging by huge amount of road kill in oz and lack of drivers dying must be good advice.
  11. chefdave

    Where To Find Toyota Parts

    Hi have one fitted on my toy as deer now own 2 miles of road i use for commuting. deer are very hard to spot in dark only the eyes give them away. not got any red deer as stags weigh up to ton. lucky me only smaller roe deer still 1/4 - 1/2 ton. more than likely be riding shotgun with me if i hit one.
  12. I agree but £40 for a wheel stud is a rip off. might try a toyota dealer but dealers hate imports even grey imports from japan. even tried a 4wd supplier that supplies japanese thai and ozzie parts. answer a blunt no. used the toyota p/n. let you work out uk shambles on parts. now if i had a muscle car from us warehouses full of parts in uk or next day delivery from us. why are toyota parts difficult maybe they never break down. ?????
  13. Hi thanks to linda and jdemaris for offering to sent parts. for some strange reason shipping to uk for usa is very expensive but from australia very reasonable. no logic on it. Thanks dave
  14. Hi derek are measurments in mm. will compare to dorman on measurenents. IF the same whoopee. :-) Thanks dave