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    1989 dolphin v6 with auto box. 54000 miles from new. needs upholstery refreshing and windows resealing. Some rot in rear in rear frame work needs replacing.
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  1. Hi looking for information on how to adjust all 3 cables attached to throttle linkage. 1st throttle cable. 2nd air con throttle cable. 3rd kick down cable. My kick down cable has 1" play after taking up all the adjustment. Throttle cable needs tighten but adjuster nuts won't move despite rustzee penetrating oil and shock and freeze spray. Aircon cable doesn't seem to do anything and appears to be intact. Photos of linkage would be good for ref. Thanks Dave
  2. chefdave

    Nice To See Forum Back On Line

    Ps dolphin still in one piece and has not moved in winds yet.
  3. Hi to everyone Good to see forum is up and running again. My part of scotland has been battered by weather bombs hurricane force winds and hail stones that would scare storm chasers. Elec back on after 4days. So will be spending time catching up with everything on house before next weather bomb on thurs.
  4. chefdave

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    Hi laid mine up for the winter. 2 reasons weather high winds 80-100 mph dodgy in any vehicle. black ice and 3 tons sliding across highway unnerved me thought i was driving on wet roads 6 miles later driving through running water hit black ice never felt cold enough to freeze. now gathering parts and material to continue renovation. week of snow has not helped me to start on renovations.
  5. chefdave

    Where To Find Toyota Parts

    Hi bull bar/nudge bar is very similar to mine. 3" tubing that goes from wing to wing. piece of cake to fit 4 bolts go in to pre tapped holes in chassis. have accidentally nudge a fence and dry stone wall. fence lost and tie with stone wall. have seen these walls destroy cars. prob is deer have most body mass above bar height. might save body work but bambi in passenger seat is not a pleasant thought. as i work as chef and discussed this at work bosses answer was bring in bambi and we can have a venison special. ummmm not what i wanted to hear. when i was driving in oz was given instructions on what to do if an emu or kangaroo came through windscreen. basically duck head as far under dash as possible. judging by huge amount of road kill in oz and lack of drivers dying must be good advice.
  6. chefdave

    Where To Find Toyota Parts

    Hi have one fitted on my toy as deer now own 2 miles of road i use for commuting. deer are very hard to spot in dark only the eyes give them away. not got any red deer as stags weigh up to ton. lucky me only smaller roe deer still 1/4 - 1/2 ton. more than likely be riding shotgun with me if i hit one.
  7. chefdave

    Diesel Versus Gas

    Hi my terrano/pathfinder had last version of 2.7 td. best thing about this engine was its flat torque curve. with limited slip diff 4wd and mud/snow tyres suited my area scottish highlands. as a previous poster mentioned sheet metal at front was short lived due to lack of rust prevention and no top coat on inside of outer wings. shame as it was better than a toyota hilux. which is saying something.
  8. chefdave

    Diesel Versus Gas

    Hi in uk diesel is now £1.32 a litre unleaded £1.23. Everyone with a diesel motorhome thinks they 30+mpg in reality nearer 25-26 mpg. my v6 dolphin gets 20mpg in mixed driving. So very little difference in cost per mile. diesels need more servicing and very expensive parts when they break down. dual mass flywheels biggest expense £1000 to buy then need fitting. gearbox out job on front wheel drive 8hrs labour to swap. new clutch is very recommended as it has to be removed when flywheel is swapped. life span 50000 miles on dual mass flywheel solid flywheel indefinitely. there are now conversions to solid from dual mass. now tell me diesels are more cost effective than a petrol. i have driven many diesels in cars vans and lorries fantastic when working right. now best diesel i owned was a nissan terrano 2.7 turbo bullet proof would burn anything from diesel to used engine oil even put petrol in by mistake still ran. pulled like a train pull 4 tons no bother. when running solo got 35mpg on mud and snow tyres. pity rust killed front end like all the others. same engine is used by London black cabs. never will an engine like this will be built again.
  9. chefdave

    Highway Speed?

    Hi derek it was a long straight down hill incline with a following wind. Dolphin was surpising stable. will not be repeating the exercise. staying with 55-60 mph.
  10. chefdave

    Highway Speed?

    My 21ft dolphin with v6 auto averages 18-20 imperial mpg in mixed driving. battling against a 50-60mph head wind watch fuel gauge drop like a stone. have done 95mph down hill in mine must of been on red line for revs. 60mph would be my best cruising speed to allow for inclines and not to drop out of od.
  11. chefdave

    Rot Rot Et Rot - Part Deux

    Hi shibs my dolphin over cab is 4 foot front to back and width was 7 foot. easy cut. put down one sheet made up frame out of battern. battern was attached using the outside trim fixing. ie metal trim runs down sides and another lot underneath. used 1 1/4" screws. then put foil bubble insulation between batterns same as loft insulation fitting. then put second sheet on top. screwed it into batterns. all my over cab floor and walls are attached to this frame. something like 50 screws used to attach walls and floor. followed all original holes in body work. electric screw driver huge bonus. ply i used was bog standard then going to use a yacht vanish wash to soak in and seal ply. as marine ply is not easy to obtain and has to be specially ordered. if using marine ply i could of used 4mm instead of 6mm. as alot stronger but heavier.
  12. chefdave

    Rot Rot Et Rot - Part Deux

    Hi your over cab floor is better state than mine before repairing mine. front seal looks like it is fixed using butyl tape and bottom is pop rivets through aluminum on sides. not sure about rest as my dolphin has a different set type of construction. no open cell foam insulation or metal plates. just a timber frame. Others on here hopefully guide you better than myself. job is very doable have rebuilt my overcab floor using two sheets of ply and roof batterns. took me about a day. upgraded the thickness of ply to 6mm and wood frame to 20mm x 50mm. it is very stiff.
  13. Hi sorry for late reply. get tape same width as metal trim and trim excess off as linda posted above dave
  14. Hi i used butyl tape. metal edging is just screwed in. for extra peace of mind paint join with a flexible sealant. had to bodge mine with flat roof sealer when i had water pouring in from a roof light. still holding up well.