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  1. Another approach which can work well, at least it did on old Corvairs & Chevys... Drain, replace the bottom drain plug with same-size thread device outfitted with a zerk grease fitting. Pump it up with plain old grease. This can work surprisingly well. And if yours is bad enough you'll have to replace or rebuild anyway, it's low risk - nuthin to lose, as long as you know how to find a rebuilt one if the idea doesn't work... I did this to an old '61 Corvair station wagon & it lasted as long as the car did, which was another 70k miles.
  2. "Problem solved" turned out a little premature... Denver Oil dropped by in our absence on Weds to pump out any & all fluids for $250, and take away the drums for $50 each...however after pumping fluid, then declined to pull the drums out because there were too old & in danger of coming apart. The guy did tell us over the phone he thought we wouldn't have a hard time, but his lift method was not gentle enough. So, my method to remove ancient used oil barrels: 1) Have commercial company pump out fluids 2) Use Harbor Freight ratcheting tie-down strap around each barrel, under the first molded-in ridge 1/3 the way down from the top, first attaching 3 ropes coming up from that tie-down... 3) Lift & pray (actually the strapping worked great, they came right out) 4) Now need to see if Denver Oil will come back to take away the drums, if not we'll have to deliver to some disposal service So while we're not quite done, at least the fluids are pumped out & the barrels out of the pit. At least it's mostly rainwater left in the bottom Article keywords: old ancient 55 gal gallon waste oil drum disposal removal from oil grease pit...
  3. Well d*mn on those manuals being gone - I wouldn't think Toyota would care about pubs that old. Might have to see a dealer, although I'm finding my dealer in Denver doesn't do well on '80s vintage RV platforms anymore... Hey these switches might be pretty universal anyway. Maybe pull the switch & walk into a Napa.
  4. "Snake oil" is a funny term - the poster child of phony product advertising. Supposedly to help skin, memory & thinking, a true panacea - good for what ails ya. Actual snake oil is loaded with omega-3. Which these days is pretty highly regarded, last I checked. Now 'tis true that most snake oil sold in the old days was mineral oil, not a speck of snake in it...
  5. Thanks, that got it. Tip for anyone else looking at this: the clear plastic cover itself is not "squeezable" - but putting my thumbs on the outside of the yellow plastic trim, and using fingers to squeeze the opposite edge of the clear cover, squeezing towards my thumbs, had it fall right out. Experiment a bit & you'll need to try "both directions" on the cover - to find the two sides that have the tabs. Nicely designed, the tabs are quite small so not much movement is needed - however it's also nice and secure until you squeeze.
  6. I'm the proud new owner of dear old Dad's 1986 New Horizons. So riddle me this: how many IT guys does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: more than one, apparently. Dad doesn't remember if he ever changed one, so doesn't know how the cover comes apart. None of the light fixtures in the rig are broken or show any marks from previous attempts to take them apart. I'm being very gentle, having busted many an old plastic part on many an old car over the decades. Looks like maybe gently pry the outer trim away from the inner clear lens? But gently trying that so far doesn't show signs that the outer trim is or ever was very flexible...but if that's how it's supposed to be done, I'll use enough force to either break it open & replace it, or else I'll succeed in getting the clear plastic lens to fall out of the fixture. Thoughts? Gently pry the yellow trim away from the clear plastic?
  7. Maineah's keywords did the trick nicely....had to call a number of places, the fifth on the list is taking care of it. Oddly, the one we started with (the one who used to do this at the house) said they could not remove oil from a residential neighborhood because the EPA prevented it, others don't have that problem...think maybe that company doesn't do that business anymore & wanted to blame the EPA for it. Anyway, problem solved.
  8. This post on the yototech discussion forums has links to factory manuals, depending on your year, look this over & see if any of them fit. Factory manuals will give you manufaturer's part numbers to take to Toyota. https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f123/links-factory-service-manuals-part-numbers-102344/ Read following posts...apparently Toyota issued some take-downs.
  9. Thanks, you found the right keywords, those all look like potential places to drop off the oil. We've contacted Mesa, they used to pick up the oil for these folks, but are declining now, due to EPA regs. I'll call some more of those, maybe someone else's setup doesn't have that constraint. If I do end up with a container on a borrowed pickup holding the 50-100 gallons of used oil I expect to find, one of these will certainly be my destination!
  10. Linda, that pump looks very encouraging. I got 1 barrel with used coolant, 2 with used diesel engine oil. Don't yet know how full they are....the city here says anti-freeze is safe in their waste water system, so down the toilet with that...but I'm not sure how many trips to AutoZone it'll take me for recycling, using my 3 or 4 several saved 5 qt containers, I'll need to make! And, that pump looks really helpful.
  11. Hey Oddy with a slide-out, you could upsize to oh maybe cocker spaniels or something! Or upsize the size of your pack.
  12. Thanks Brown - yep the trip was extremely nice for us, I'm slowly identifying my project list & it's really in decent shape despite deferred maintenance over the years. Basic mechanics on the truck worked just fine. Baked trout in the oven, etc! Here's the top of Monarch pass, all 11,312 feet of elevation.
  13. My wife's parents are moving to assisted living....he's an old truck driver....he has a couple 55 gallon drums of old oil from when he owned a truck, still underground in a concrete pit. We're finding his old go-to places who used to pump out the oil for him are no longer willing to come to a residential area & handle it. We need to get it out before closing date comes. I'm even thinking of getting a tank or drum in a pickup & pumping it up ourselves....then pulling up the empty drums. Any thoughts about how to do this?
  14. Yeah - what a blessing that all is OK - good for you for good thinking in the emergency & taking correct actions.
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