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  1. Hey newbie here. How can I connect them so my marine battery can charge while I'm driving. Here's one of my thoughts; can my marine battery over charge if I'm driving let's say 3 hrs away. Does it stop charging when it's reached its full charge or how can I put a automatic switch so it can switch on and off when it needs charge or not. I haven't put much use to this rig yet.
  2. I searched the web for a 1984 Toyota Dolphin RV manual with no luck. Some dead links that lead to a manual. Does anybody here have a manual to share?
  3. Oooo sounds good to me. These are the ones I’m gunna get! ☝️
  4. https://autoplicity.com/12041686-mrf-16340020-185r14c8-stlmstr-m160-ht-bw-mrf
  5. $522 for all six...? pretty good. you think if I go generic brand I’ll get problems with the tires? found some for 50 bucks a tire ?
  6. thank you Linda those are cheaper than the ones I been looking at. Does brand matter? There’s two Walmart’s close to me. I will call them and see if they can install them in the back dually axle.
  7. Hey Squirrel, thank you. it is a neat well maintained trailer. No signs of water damage. The car runs fine. I’m gunna have a mechanic friend tune it up for me, smog it. I will check the screws outside to see if there’s any rust. Thanks everybody for your concern. I’m happy with my trailer. Has everything I need and super compact. I’ll be living on these forums now. I would just want to learn how to water proof it/how and what type of caulking cuz I can see it around the crevices of the trailer oh, and as for the tires I’m gunna check at all the tire shops in town, eBay, Craigslist, offer up, letgo...etc. Pretty sure I’ll find some. 185R14/C or D , is that correct?
  8. F*** should have said it sooner, I already bought the thing. Stay tuned for all bullsh*t coming your way on toyotamotorhome.com ( i gotta take it lightly but my wallet won’t)
  9. Thanks for the tips. Man, I been getting so much info. here
  10. Bufbooth, I’m in Watsonville! Big shout out!
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