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1985 Toyota Dolphin Advice!


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I'm a newb looking at a 1985 Toyota Dolphin. It has just under 31k miles on the 22r engine. It was donated to a non-profit and they say it was a 1-family owner rig. The guy says there is a leak around the AC unit but otherwise it's in good shape. I'm going to look at it today. I know the rear axles have issues. How can I tell if it's been replaced with a 1-ton dually?

Any other advice? They are asking $1,900 and I think I could get 'em lower. Granted I know it needs some work, but other comparables seem to be in the $5-6k range.

Thanks in advance!



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http://www.toyotamotorhomes.com/files/Axle_FAQ.pdf will take you to the axle FAQ with pictures to help in identifying which axle you have. The e-mail address to the gentleman with the stash of new axles does not appear to work anymore. There was a post somewhere on here (I think...read tons of topics on several sites in last week doing my research) talking about a contact at Dolphin for axle replacement parts.

I'd encourage you to take a very close look in all areas of the RV for water damage from leaking windows or roof. It's like rust and icebergs....if you see any odds are you are only seeing a little bit of what is there. This is true of any RV, not just Toyotas.

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hello dolphin owners, i just got an 85 toyo dolphin,but came without any operation manuals,so,am having trouble with the proper operation of coach,propane heater,fridge,outlets and deep cylcle batt charging,any info,or location of operating manuals would be of tremendous help..it did not come with a generator,so am not having sucess figuring out how to power up apps,thanks for any info site can provide

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