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I have a 1987 Toyota New Horizon 22'.

There is never enough space in a small RV for your paperwork, your computer, your printer, and copy paper and books. Have you ever noticed that it ends up all over the place when you are parked and wanting to relax? And just when you think you have it organized when you are driving down the road something spills and you have paper flying all over the place...oopps there went the bills flying out the window...what about my laptop....??

Here is what I did.

I took out one of my seats and put it in storage.

Then I measured the space and gave it to Roberto my local handy man and told him

what I wanted.

He used very light weight material and made me a desk with a couple of shelves and a door that opens and of course locks.

He bolted it down to the wall using L shaped hooks.

I use a folding chair and when driving it goes behind the other seat.

It also comes in handy when wanting to sit outside beside the rv and watch the seagulls by the sea shore.

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