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Heater, Fridge, Hot Water Heater not working but Stove works fine

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Hi All,

Can anyone give me some ideas on what could be happening with my 86 Odyssey.  It has been sitting for about a year (illness) and none of the appliances have been running during that time.  Recently, I fired it up and started going through everything for functionality.  The stove lights up fine (there is no oven only stovetop).  The fridge will not light.  The heater (auto-ignition) runs the fan, but it's cold air only.  The hot water heater pilot will not light.  I'm assuming that all 3 of these are not getting propane.  For propane supply,  I'm only aware of the valve on the propane tank itself and an inline valve on the heater to send gas to the appliances.   If the stove wouldn't light, it might be easier to figure out what's going on (tank empty).  I'm thinking there must be additional shutoff valves that feed these other appliances that is either turned off or malfunctioning.  I just can't find any other valve in the propane tank bay.  Am I missing something simple?



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Guys, The lighting the fridge from the rear did the trick. One by one the other appliances got propane. I am so grateful for the advice. 

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