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Gap after resealing window with butyl tape

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Hello Friends, 

I have recently removed, cleaned, and re- attached the largest window in my Sunrader adding butyl tape. Unfortunately one of the lower corners of the window has a fairly large, 1-2 cm gap. 


What would be the best way to seal this gap. I have added screws to the flange on the inside of the coach to try and suck it in more but it does not go further. The rest of the window is tightly sealed and the butyl tape is tight to the fiberglass - it squooshed out all the way around, except for this one corner. It is a lower corner as I mentioned. 


I am thinking of just mashing in some additional butyl and then using flex seal over it, or perhaps just straight flex seal squooshed in there would be better. Not sure. Im open to and would appreciate any thoughts any of you might have. 


Some pictures: 





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Did this gap exist prior to removing the window? 

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No. It’s a result of my recent work. Unfortunately. The rest of the window is tight to the fiberglass - butyl squooshed out on all other places. The lower corner is the only gap. I have ProFlex and butyl tape to work with. Not sure which to use. Leaning toward ProFlex.


I had planned to use ProFlex over the entire seam of the window, sealing in the butyl all the way ‘round. 

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