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Heading Back North From Florida Going Take The Motorcycles To The Tale Of The Dragon And Blueridge Parkway


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So been in Florida since mid January.

Towed a trailor with the Yamaha Tw200 on it and have sinced picked up a Kawasaki KLR650.

Planning to head up I75 to check out the Smokies and some of the great motorcyle rides there.

Leaving on the 22nd and wanting to hit the area on Monday so that I do not have to compete with the weekend warriors at Deals Gap.


Just put new tires on the 91 and ckecked all the fluids.


It should be interesting taking the Toyhome through  the mountains with a trailor with two motorcycles on it.

So far on my trip the RV has got as alway 10 mpg no matter what.


The KLR gets 45 mpg.


Anyone been up through those areas this time of year?


Hope To See You On The Road.

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Sorry, about being  remiss in finishing a story that I started.


To make amends I will review my notes and post as the story makes sense.


The outline of the trip is that I left  central Florida picked up I 75 and hit 81 to head north.  That route was great.  I made a few side trips met some wonderful people and found that Loves truckstops are the place to fuel, stop, shop,and get some rest.

The highways are in great shape until you get to Pennsylvania then everything is a shit show.

However, the drive was so much more enjoyable than any experience on 95 has ever been and if one has a towed or motorcycle then one could spend months exploring.


The most unpleasant part of the trip was getting through Atlanta.  I do not believe it is possible to find a decent way around or through this area.  It holds everyone hostage who gets anywhere near.

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