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Norcold Refrigerator Removal on a Toyota RV 1989 Micro Spirit - can't figure out


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Been wresting while trying to remove a Norcold factory fridge out of my Toyota RV 1989 Micro Spirit.  Have seen several videos, including a link posted on this site that's pretty good, different ToyRV than mine, but close (cabbieland, http://cabbieland.byethost31.com/Sea-Breeze-Refrigerator.html?i=2)  I have followed directions am am stuck with the final removal (sliding out the old Norcold) I believe its the final bolting screws located in the back of the Norcold, on the outside.  Cabbiland poster describes it this way: 

"I turned off the propane and disconnected the copper line, then unplugged the electrical cord.  I removed the refrigerator door (one bolt at the top).  The refrigerator was secured with two screws into the floor in the back (I cant locate these screws) of the unit, and four screws on the front flange.  After removing those screws, the old refrigerator slid easily into the inside of the RV."


This youtube video looks a lot like my Norcold from the compartment located on the outside.


And here are numerous photos of my progress.  Thank You!


Wide shot of outdoor compartment, CU of right side, CU of left side, Norcold on the inside of the RV,  and a shot of the panel




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Success. Not only did I get the original 1989 Norcold refrigerator out, it went right thru the the cabin door. Fridge measured 24" in diameter, door was an inch wider.  Two side bolts had to be removed.  At first I thought they were not connected to the fridge, but alas, they were. Two side panels had been added to the original Norcold and they extended to the small outer compartment where the holes to bolt them on were. Took them off and slid it out.  


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Nice work. Persistence pays off! :) 


I've got the original Norcold 875EG2 in mine (still intact and working), so I'm curious—what do you plan to put in its place? 

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