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  1. Hi Linda. Can you please pass along a web link to where a " small portable AC unit" just like yours are sold. Amazon? Thanks!
  2. Hi Linda! Can you please pass along a link to where one might purchase a "small portable AC unit" like your. Amazon perhaps? Thanks!
  3. I've actually thought of removing the rooftop AC unit too, but the Austin summers, which are intense and darn near oppressive, have kept me from pulling it off and sealing the RV opening. The only thing stopping me is (when not traveling), is I live in my RV back home for about 6 months The AC unit's loud, but still produces a good amount of cold air and plenty of summertime relief. Now I gotta get work and seal the unit to stop the leak. I'm in Santa Fe and only have a handful of sunny days of good weather left to do it!
  4. Hi Linda! Didn't know there was such a thing as an "air conditioner seal on top" cuz there was never any indication (or even remnants) of one when I purchased my RV. I've removed the top cover numerous times to make small repairs and it just been the top cover and nothing along the perimeter The AC units a Brisk Air, btw. I think I'll order the seal today. You reckon this one will work? https://www.amazon.com/Dometic-3310718-006-Conditioner-Mounting-Gasket/dp/B005BOQSEW/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=brisk+air+seal&qid=1637958878&s=automotive&sr=1-2
  5. Altho I have tried! I have never been able to fix a rain leak that starts somewhere in my roof mounted AC unit (I think) and makes it way to the inside and leaks leaks leaks every time it rains. The cover on top of the RV is OK shape, no cracks, just the regular venting slits along the sides and the opening in the rear. I've removed it several times to see what I could see, but all I see is the actural AC unit (no idea where the water entry point is!) Maybe there's a rain entry point upstream, but the AC unit's the biggest (square) hole so I think it's gotta be there. Pictures show inside of unit, and CU of where the water pools and leaks. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions most welcome. Gracias! Max
  6. OK, I'll try your test on the Brake Booster first. Then I'll try the other tests suggested on the following YouTube video
  7. My 1989 Micro Spirit drives like the wind on the roads and highways, anytime I'm accelerating and maintaining a constant speed. But while at stop lights, in just a few moments, it begins to idle roughly (The engine begins to "miss".) And another thing - the rough idle only occurs while I have my foot on the brake. If I put the RV in park, the rough idle does not occur, engine just hums. Checked all the obvious causes, pulled all the plugs, all look great. Wires are all fine, indeed, RV was tuned up less than a year ago. No leaking vacuum hoses. On my second Techron /full tank treatment. Engine specs: Toyota Truck 3.0L 3VZ-E, 6 cylinders. Any ideas before I let a mechanic have a go at it (and at my pocket book)?
  8. Hi All. Electrical panel suddenly humming (where the fuses are) low hum first, that gradually grows louder. This happens just as soon as i plug into shore power. I use a 15a male to 30a female 12" RV Camper Power Electrical Adapter Amp DogBone Converter (almost always, rarely use the 3 prong, see pic). Started overnight about a week ago, not a peep prior since I bought the RV about a year ago. I flip the the blue breaker off and the hum stops, flip it back on it the hum returns. Everything works just fine prior to the hum. Ideas, solutions, suggestions, etc. Thank You! Max
  9. Thanks everyone! Got my answer to my title qduestion: "Adding an additional onboard battery to be connected in parallel. Should they be identical?" YES!
  10. Hi Everyone. My goal (now that I'm well into my 6 month road trip!: Reach out as far as possible to wifi signals wherever I station my ToyotRV. I have a read a lot of terrific advice on antennas, adapter and booster for improving wifi signals right here on this site. But most of the advice/suggestions I've read up on are several years old. I imagine (and I may certainly be wrong) that technology has probably improved. Firstly: ------ I am on a MacBook Pro ----- Do I need/would I benefit from an exterior antenna? Or will an indoor USB antenna function just as well? (like the lauded but no longer available "Alpha AWUS03H" Wireless WiFi Network Adapter) eBay and other sites still sell said adapter, but if another similar brand is out there, please pass along link:) Would I need an additional booster? I like the idea of an "All-In-One" with a USB extension I could purchase separately that I could connect right to the Mac As always, any and all suggestions most welcome. Thank You, Max. (currently in ABQ, NM)
  11. Cruise Control not working (operator error a distinct possibility!) Besides the extended, on the column CC setter (my description) is there something else that must be engaged ahead of time (like almost all vehicles)? I've looked for a button everywhere. My Toy truck manual shows a "main switch" but it's within the steering wheel. Mine has no such button(s). I have tried every variation of "Off" "On" ""Resume-Accelerate" "Set/Coast" and have yet to achieve Cruise Control. Maybe I'm doing the steps wrong, maybe there is no preliminary button. Any advice welcome! As always, thanks for the help y'all!
  12. Thanks Linda. I was thinking same thing about buying a general, bigger gasket (making sure it will attach like the old one), and cut to fit. Gonna give that a go and submit results. Best! Max
  13. Hi Everyone! In search of purchasing a replacement Refrigerator Gasket for a 1989 for a Micro Spirit. The current gasket is compressed and worn out. Right bottom side and underneath do not even make contact with the unit. Been dissatisfied with the interweb search results because they all tend to omit the most important information: the dimensions!. My gasket dimensions (measured from the outside) are 21 X 35.5. If I had the model number it would be easier to track a gasket/rubber seal down, but the information sticker at the bottom of the fridge has been damaged by moisture or just plain faded (the model number info is blank). If someone could please provide a model number and/or a store that sells said gasket I would appreciate it. Thank You! Max
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