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  1. Hi! Am I over charging/harming my house battery (Everstart marine/RV battery) by being plugged in all the time (24/7) into a 30 amp 120V receptacle (my shore power)? Reason is I'll be living in my Micro Mini RV for a few months (90 days straight or thereabouts), and I'll always be plugged in. Should I unplug the house battery, leave things alone, or do something else? Any other "living in an RV" advice welcome, too. I've "lived" in my Micro Mini for two weeks in my backyard and so far and I must say it's been a breeze. I have a gray/black water sewage line I'm connected to
  2. Hi Friends! Either on house battery or plugged into electricity, all my light's work except two, the one over the stove top and the one over the sink. Both stopped working at the same time. The vent quit working at the same time, too. All three had been working previously. Replaced bulbs on both but still do not light. There are no blown 15 amp fuses (5). Any idea what may be going on? Are there other fuses located somewhere else? Thanks! NEVER MIND Friends. Occam's Razor, took much closer look, pulled out 15 amp fuses, discovered 2nd fuse from the left was indeed blown. So
  3. NeilP, I just got all 6 of my tires rotated and balanced at the Discount Tire shop on Ben White. (512) 443-2616, ask for Tim (the manager) $84 for all 6.
  4. I've read on this forum about reverse threaded lug nuts on certain RV models (NOT righty tighty lefty loosey). Can someone please confirm that my RV's (1989 Micro Spirit Dually) lugs are removed and put back conventionally (righty tighty lefty loosey). Don't want the impact wrench at the tire shop get it wrong without me warming them. And one other questions about the house battery. I bought and installed a brand new Everstart, which lights the light just fine, and runs the water pump just fine. Should it/can it (the house battery), provide juice to the electrical sockets? For a
  5. Got it (finally) I think I understood my shore power options/capabilities, and my house battery capabilities (for dry camping/boondocking - which I plan to do plenty of) all along, just didn't have my technical facts straight Main concern is I didn't want to generate an electrical problem and harm the RV. If all electrical systems are working (and I've put the RV though it's paces plenty), I think I'm good. Thank you!
  6. Thanks@ Dunno how I came up with 220 😆 Images off the Google and sloppy investigation/extrapolation. So to be clear, I have: 12V and 120V shore power capacity. My running RV charges my house battery thru the alternator. And provided everything is in proper working order, both modes of shore power connection (12V or 120V) will also charge my house battery. Thank you!
  7. Hello again! I bought an Everstart marine/RV battery from Walmart and have a few questions that need confirmation. 1. First, is it correct that while driving, the engine alternator will be charging the house battery safely. 2. While on shore power, a 220 volt connection (part of the RV, 30 amp) can charge the house battery safely 3. While on shore power, a *120* volt connection (220 downgraded w a dogbone to a standard household plug) can charge the house battery safely And please, any other tips/comments concerning house batteries most welcome.
  8. Well I'll be darned. I downloaded a pdf for a 1989 Itasca (not the Micro Spirit, the larger one, the one with a van-like front). I went to the LP Gas section, specifically the LP Gas Detector/Alarm, and it's identical to mine, a NEWTEC. It's built in, standard. Not an after market add-on. So the LP Gas Detector, in my Micro Spirit, it would seem, is very likely detector built right into it. I grabbed a picture, attached.
  9. If the detector goes, would this be a viable replacement? https://www.amazon.com/Cazoner-Natural-Detector-Propane-Combustible/dp/B07BWFBQLB/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&aaxitk=0cXgFMSfbrUxkQvBGX1luQ&hsa_cr_id=7998146500301&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_0 Just today I ran a test to see about the propane flow and if the Newtec detector indeed must be "ON" for the propane to flow. And yep, it has to be on. When I unplugged from shore power (turning off the detector), and tried the burners, no propane flow. Then I plugged into shore power, depressed the "
  10. Linda, et. al., here's a picture of the LP Gas Detector in my 1989 Micro Spirit. Dunno if it was a standard to the RV, or an add-on. But like I reported before, right after I depressed the "ON" button (the lit amber light), the propane, which had not flowed, flowed to the stove top. Anyone else have this NEWTEC gas detector in their RV?
  11. Not quite filled, I only asked for 2 lbs of propane as I myself was unsure of the general state of the tank. But you're right Fred. The person who added the propane did have some pause regarding the rusted state of the tank. Oh dear. Now I gotta get the tank replaced. Or gently remove as much rust as I can and paint it and never have it filled more than half way.
  12. Thanks! Right now I've gotten a good deal of general info from a pdf I found on this site, an owner's manual for a 1992 Dolphin. It's specific here and there, but equally general in description and instruction. My dream is to find a pdf manual of my RV, a 1989 Itasca Micro Spirit. I've looked everywhere! This little RV was manufactured and sold in 1989, and one would think that somewhere out there, there would be a nice, comprehensive owner's manual. I'd be willing to pay to get my hands on one
  13. Sorry for not clarifying if I'm using AC or DC juice. So during all this LP propane experimenting, I've been plugged into a 15 amp connection (using a "dogbone" power adapter). At home, I also have an outdoor 30 amp connector, which I use all the time, too. So no shore power yet, just home electricity via extension cords. I'll be gettin an Everstart soon. Wanna run everything through it paces before I hit the road.
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