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Overdue Renovation Commences !


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I did it.  I finally ripped out that nasty 1986 rug from my Dolphin.  I will follow the advice of prior posts to install heat shield and sound proofing combo.


I would like to sell the sofa bed and the two bucket chairs.  Any interest and /or suggestions what they might be worth?  The original material is undamaged underneath some fabric I sewed over the top.  My hope is to pay for at least some of the rehab with sale of the retro - but still in great condition furniture.  I have been in love with the jackknife sofa back mechanism (so brilliant), but will give it up for a desk and better storage.  I want to turn my RV living room into a studio.


The nice Shelter Logic tent in the front yard (in Vermont) is keeping the rig dry and close to an outlet so I plan to work through the winter months and Covid "insidolation" (that's inside isolation).  Dramatic pictures coming soon to a forum near you. 

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