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  1. I was proficient with installing backing plates on my boat. In the RV it would be kinda ugly to see the plates on the ceiling methinks.
  2. It's too bad that the stick built Dolphin has nothing to hang onto but nasty styrofoam in the shell. Those well nuts are pretty cool.
  3. Sorry to hear that. If he poured straight vegetable oil into his tank with no filtering and heating modifications it would not take long for any oil to destroy a diesel. Where you get your used oil is crucial. I have not heard about acidity as a widespread problem with waste v.o. - since every batch will be different depending on what was cooked in it. American food reuses oil too many times and has too much salt in it, and is frequently hydrogenated. All bad for engines. My collection preference was Thai restaurants. The oil was used only once, very clean, and
  4. Talking from personal experience?
  5. You could convert it to run on veggie oil since it's a diesel, thus saving on fuel money and reducing your carbon footprint. If you want to know more about how veggoil works and what the lifestyle is like go here. The National VegOil Board vlog and 6 part radio series.
  6. Got a retro jacknife bench for sale that is 1/3 of the price of a new one. Plus 2 matching barrel chairs. Available immediately.
  7. Sealing the ceiling was the first thing I did when I bought it 4 years ago. By now the roof has about 6 coats of Henry's Tropical rubber paint on it. No, the major leaks happened before I got it and then were definitely originating around the cabover window and now replaced vents. All rubber and plastic getting replaced. I've lived in it for a year and a half in all seasons and weather so that's why I feel confident about the patch approach. Would still be interested in knowing if anyone has done the patch approach and then kicked themselves later.
  8. Request for hindsight info from anyone who has followed this strategy to '86 Dolphin rebuild: I don't have time to completely gut down to the studs. I need to get back on the road within the next two months. Now that I've experienced the scraping needed to remove (and the byproduct of) the 0-R value styrofoam "insulation" in the frame, I have decided not to go there. My leaks are specifically from the windows and the vents (but of course I know the water can move around and come out other places). I am attacking the specific corners and panels where water ha
  9. Yes. As per Linda's suggestion. stockinteriors.com
  10. No going back now. The carpet is relaxing like a rumpled kleenex in a warm room. One question - between the seats where a "console" might be in a different kind of car, it gets very hot. The Custom Auto Carpet comes with some jute padding, but does anyone recommend Dynaliner or some other product sandwiched between the Dynamat and carpet for thermal protection?
  11. https://expeditionupfitter.com Spendy, but gives me the gimme gimmes big time.
  12. They do have a "sale" section on the web site with limited numbers of panels in each stack. $50 - $80 instead of $240 per 4 x 8.
  13. I am contemplating re-doing the ceiling. I really want to find any and all leaks, put in some more substantial insulation and change out the light fixtures. My 86 Dolphin doesn't have curves in the ceiling except for the cabover so I was hoping a luann 4x8 panel would do it and then maybe some interesting decorative stick on stuff. Morbo is your rig curved at the roofline?
  14. When I pulled off the rug on my 86 Dolphin I found this spray painted red 6. Does it mean anything I wonder?
  15. Nice renovation, Bill. I was thinking about doing something with those faux tin stick on tiles too... or are those the real tin ones?
  16. Hey Alan, my goal is to replace my tank, gauge and hoses all at the same time. If your propane tank is old it's probably not the kind that prevents overfilling (OPD), and many places won't refill them any more. But I found this on a propane discussion site: So if my leak is only at the gauge and the hoses, I may keep my horizontal tank.
  17. I'm renovating my 86 Dolphin and putting in serious insulation. Is there any way to remove paneling without it splintering? I try to pry it up at the edges and just when I think it's going to let go it breaks into shards of woe. We may hate staples but they are very effective. Thanks for any suggestions.
  18. Hi Krislee, I am in the middle of a renewal project of my Dolphin 86. My vote for you is start the demolition of the junk parts. Even if it becomes a toy hauler you will need to get the wet out. You can decide, when it's dry and sealed, how you want to use it and rebuild it to suit. And if that exhausts you, there are people who would pay for a good working gutted ToyHome. Save them the trouble of the yucky part, ya know? But I suspect that once you get that far you will be excited by the possibilities. Take lots of pictures along the way! My follow up question, which might be yours
  19. Nicky23 - I realize your post is a few years old. How did you conclude your coach furniture issue? If you are still in need...I have an 86 Dolphin also and am selling my jacknife couch bed and two swivel chairs. They are in great condition for someone who wants to return their rig back to the original look. Give me a holler at theliveaboard@gmail.com if you (or anyone reading this) would like pictures and info on the sofa bed and swivel barrel chairs.
  20. I did it. I finally ripped out that nasty 1986 rug from my Dolphin. I will follow the advice of prior posts to install heat shield and sound proofing combo. I would like to sell the sofa bed and the two bucket chairs. Any interest and /or suggestions what they might be worth? The original material is undamaged underneath some fabric I sewed over the top. My hope is to pay for at least some of the rehab with sale of the retro - but still in great condition furniture. I have been in love with the jackknife sofa back mechanism (so brilliant), but will give it up for a desk and b
  21. I replaced my defunct swamp cooler with a simple skylight that I can block if it gets too warm. The extra light is amazing. I had to replace all of my vents last winter after a hailstorm shattered them all. The 30 year old plastic snaps like potato chips. The vent over the fridge was the same way. In addition to the fantastic fan there are some solar fans I have used on my boat that are brilliant. West Marine has those.
  22. My dog is my copilot. He rides shotgun and usually curled up. But lately he has taken to standing and staring out the front window which has sent him into the foot well on occasion. He has a halter and a leash tied to the seat to help him not bash into the dash. Trying to put him in a safety crate just makes him cry.
  23. Hi Linda, I started doing the barrel chairs too - but just the worn seats. I'm going over the top of existing fabric for fear that the structural integrity of the chair/sofa would disintegrate if I started pulling off the fabric to reveal the pulpy foam. I've seen people do that roof thing with the totes. I worry that the weight of the snow after a storm will crush the 33 year old frame? I've just been offered a 30' tent. Maybe I could do both the tent and totes ideas.
  24. ModocMade I decided to hold off until next year to deal with the rug. I still want to use the camper this month and can't if it's all ripped up. So I plan to get a runner for now, and I've been reupholstering the chairs and couch (photo attached - blah plain but clean and neutral). More immediate is a shelter from snow. My landlady said I could park it this winter on a cement foundation that was supposed to be another garage but never got finished. It's a few steps from my door and I'll be able to keep an eye on it. But constructing a sturdy snow deflector with whatever I can find l
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