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Satellite Radio Antenna Install

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I wanted to add a rooftop satellite radio antenna, without adding much of an opportunity for water entry. I ran the wire next to the sewer vent pipe which is where several wires were already run from the factory. I bought a marine grade antenna for several reasons, One of them is durability as the basic ones that are magnetically attached to car roofs tend to break over time, much like a phone charging cord does. The marine grade antenna also attaches near the antenna, so if I ever need to replace it I can leave the 50 foot wire underneath the roof of my RV. 

I bought a new sewer vent cover for a few bucks and drilled a hole in it the size of the base of the antenna (1/2 inch). Then I put some butyl tape between the antenna and the vent cover and attached the two together using the nut that came with the antenna. Then attached the cable to the antenna and mounted the base of the vent. Finally I put the top on the vent and screwed the two pieces together. I added some self leveling dicor to seal the job when all was said and done. I routed the wire to the dash board, by running the same route the rear speaker wires go from the middle of the RV to the dash. 

Finally, turn it up to 11, and hit the road!


















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