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My concern was the rear duallys,  I should notice a front blowout.  Between the car and RV I have been through a couple systems, the cheap ones last a couple years.  The wifes car will display low tire but not how low or which tire, so a TPMS shows her what is up! 


At the moment I have a Rocboc  in the RV,  pressures are not up to NASA  standards but have tested it numerous times and never fails to report a rapid deflation.  There seem to be a bunch for sale with this design and I assume they are all the same with different names.


The other system is a Carchet which I believe is a superior product, also has replacement sensors available.   When I need a new system I will be looking for the Carchet.


The system on the RV did notify me of a tire going flat during a trip, so owes me nothing!   With the cheap systems I will only use the external sensors.








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