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I recently bought a 1984 toyota dolphin 22r carburated and the guy i bought it from had replaced the alternator.. there was a few funky things going on with how he set it up. it started up for me several times no problem when i bought it. on the way out of town driving it home it would start cutting out on me then all the dash lights, taillights and gauges  went out... was still able to drive it without the electric working surprisingly, would cut out every ten miles or so then i would turn it off, pop start it, and it would go another ten miles give or take . when I got it home I saw that the reason all the lights and gauges went out was because the 60A gasoline fuse under the hood blew  due to an extra unconnected wire that is hot coming off the alternator wiring harness. I know this because when it grounds out it blows my new 60A gasoline fuse. when i replaced the fuse all my lights come on and everything works as it should, other a no click no start. Where should this extra wire be going? tried connecting it to the alternator and the fuse blew, it can't really reach much farther than the alternator so i kinda assumed thats where it should go. what else should i check if the 60A fuse blew? would something else burn out in the process? new starter too. 


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Ok the first question is what type on isolator does it have for the batteries? does it have a relay or an isolator with cooling fin on it? This important because the solid state isolators required alternator wiring changes. A 60 amp fuse is a pretty good short where did you come up with gasoline fuse? The alternator is fused with a 60 amp fuse.

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it has a isolator with fins on it that looks relatively new... like i said it started up fine when i first got it, didn't have any issues until the initial short. on the fuse box (under the hood)  it says gasoline for the 60A fuse.. can send more pictures. I'm just wondering what this hot wire is coming out of the harness and what i should do with it.


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