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Found 8 results

  1. We are looking for a Sunrader (been for awhile), and was wondering what years have the wrap around windows in the section over the cab, and if these windows weaken the over cab area more than the smaller windows which don't wrap around? Thanks!
  2. Howdy yotafriends ~ I wanted to give ya a shout since we posted this up on TMC on Facebook. We are 3D printing the long lost weep hole covers at our design studio! We're passionate about keeping it open source so if you have a 3D printer or a friend with one I'm including a link to the .stl file for free download here ~ https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4756312 We're producing them in sets of 4 with a price break if you buy 12 or 16. Our Sunrader has 16 total. Details in
  3. Hello TM group, Just purchased a 1989 21ft. Sunrader. So Stoked! But there's a lot of work the little lady needs. First, a set of front windows. I read as many post on here as I could about the subject. All seem to be a year or more old. Is there any new info about sourcing some reasonable priced windows? Or is Advanced in Nor-Cal the only way to go. Also thinking of going the DIY route after reading others success in the DIY. Anyone try any different materials besides Plexiglass? I found a pair on CL but they are off of a 1980 18ft and have a width 15-1/2. My width is 12-1/2 top t
  4. nearly all of the gaskets on the exterior of my rig are in terrible condition. where do I go to find fresh rubbers? I think the windows were made by topo chico. if that helps. Edited 3/10/18, I guess topo chico is bottled water. I don't know why I was thinking that they did windows. turns out there are no makers markings on the coach window. I intend to add pictures but my file size is too large for here. I will adjust and attempt to resubmit.
  5. Greetings, I have a 1986 Sunrader, and need to replace the seals on the two front upper windows. Where would I go to get seals. Thanks much.
  6. Hello! I bought my '84 Sunrader at the end of September, the previous owner had made lot's of "improvements". One of which was to take the inside frames off of the windows in the cabover bed, then he taped them on with roofing tape (the bane of my existence). Then he was confused about why it was leaking.... Anyway I have a very basic and possibly stupid question about the windows. I have one pulled out, am I correct in my assumption that the inside frame screws down to the outside frame creating a seal by tightening together on your sealant (butyl tape) ? Thank you in advance for your wisdom
  7. Hey guys, my name is Tim and I've been lurking on here for a while and figured it was time to join since I will be looking at a '85 Sunrader tomorrow. It's a 21" 2wd with 139k+ miles, EFI, a manual 4 spd and a 6 lug floating rear end. I was a Lexus and toyota master tech for 13 yrs so the mechanical issues I might run into don't bother me, but this is potentially my first RV and I don't know much about how things are supposed to operate on them. I can handle some external cosmetic issues but don't want to buy someone else's problem child. Since this is an older RV, I'm sure it's in need of
  8. Hi- this is my first post. I thought it was time for me to have a voice and share some of my projects. I've started and nearly finished (do you ever really finish?) a complete interior overhaul. I've had a blast dong it. Here's my address if you'd like to check it out. www.bealcamper.blogspot.com I would love to here what you guys have to say. Thanks-
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