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Found 22 results

  1. Just finished a nice little trip to Lake of the Ozarks SP over a long weekend. Great weather, nice scenery, and tons of surprisingly tame, white-tailed deer, right up around the Warrior for most of our stay. Brought our e-bikes along, per usual, and the wife and I had a great time buzzing around the area. Unfortunately, heading out of the park and down the main park entry road on our way home, a loud crash was heard overhead, then a few pieces of debris rained down on the hood. The large 59x12" cabover window is gone, as you can see—most of the glass ended up inside the window curtain and on the mattress. Not sure if a falling branch struck the window or if a large bird impacted or what - ?! We drove home just fine but kept it under 55mph. First time that's happened to us in our eight years of ownership. So the question is whether to try and replace the glass... or to block off that unlucky window opening completely. The large rubber window seal is in pretty good shape, it appears, but I know these Class C cabover windows tend to be problematic, even from the factory. I'm reading through the forum posts on the subject, but feel free to chime in here if you have any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!
  2. I haven't seen this question asked in awhile (or ever heard a conclusive answer, maybe?)—but has anybody installed a good pullout entry step that they'd recommend? Specifically, I'm looking into solutions for a 91 Warrior that never had a permanent pullout step, from the factory or otherwise. The Warrior does have a fairly sturdy sheetmetal structure around the interior doorway step that I might be able to bolt up thru for mounting, but I'm curious to see what others have done. Thanks!
  3. I'm in the process of replacing the old, original cabover mattress on the Warrior: it's just too beat and worn out, and I'm really eager to get rid of the last hint of "Pine Mist" fabric from this rig! I've built a new, hinged cover assembly for the center opening, and I'm pretty happy with that (really, really, really want to keep that fore-aft access, make it doable to move from cab to coach!). But, I'm trying to make a decision on the mattress. So, I've got about 80" by 51" to work with up there, and my plan was to take a queen-size memory foam (80x60) and cut it down in width. I've got an 8-in thick one on hand right now that could work, but it does feel pretty heavy... and weight is always a consideration in a small RV, so I'm wondering if I should've gone for a 6-in. Anybody have any advice or suggestions on mattress selection—or just any particular solution that's worked well for them in the cabover? Here's the area in question...
  4. All is working well, but I'm doing a bit of pre-Spring maintenance since it's sunny and 70º today—topping up my Group 29 with distilled water and cleaning up connections, etc. Anybody know what the three connections would typically be off of the coach battery positive wire, seen in the photo? One circuit breaker is 15A, the other two are 30A. I need to do more meter testing, but only one of them seems to terminate at the 12V panel inside. I assume that one is a charge wire from the Alternator... but what about the third?
  5. Hi All - I'm new to the forum - we're in TX and planning a round the US road-trip through National Parks primarily. We have an opportunity to buy a local 93' Toyota warrior, it looks to be in very good condition, no rust on the undercarriage, everything seems to work. Took it for a test drive and it runs good. We're gonna get it checked out by a mechanic and assuming he says all systems go - I'm wondering what I should offer... Seller wants 7k...I feel like it is likely that I'll drop at least 1-2k on this thing before our time is up and then need to resell... Thoughts? -Tony
  6. Saw the honda-refit give me the idea to move forward and here is my little project. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9948-honda-genset-refit/ Just drove my warrior back from welding shop and my 92 Warrior now could fit the Honda EU2000i which should able to power my Roof AC (9200 BTU) But welding shop did not enlarge it big enough so I will need to find different way to put additional fuel tank somewhere Also got the exhaust extension from ebay and welded to the back of the hondaEU2000i. See some Before and After pictures and the exhaust extension. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-EU2000i-EU1000i-Generator-3-4-exhaust-extension-hardware-only-/141866958267 My plan is to redirect the exhaust pipe outside the box so I could run it while driving the Warrior. (Figure crossed, have not tested yet) Welder run out the steel plate so end up not closed out the box totally. Maybe it good for the air flow while running the generator. Any advise and suggestion are welcome.
  7. Hi all New member but a long time lurker & first time poster to this site. With everything that's been going on and effectively being stuck at home for 3+ months we're looking to get a family RV and wanted to see if any members are in/around the Portland metro area and would allow my wife and I to check out your Sunrader or Winnie Warrior. Happy to be talked into other models as well. We're a family of 4+. Also a little bit about myself/hobbies: I am an avid fan of Toyota, own older Toyota LandCruisers and am A) very familiar with the older Toyota platform - mechanical & electrical, B.) Do my own work and C) know what I'm getting myself into with a 30+ yr old vehicle (albeit a bit more to bite off with a moving home strapped to a Toyota Chassis 😂). Cheers Kent
  8. I am selling my 1991 Winnebago Warrior. I have owned it for 5 years and I have had over $9,000 of work done on it by an RV center and Toyota. All work is documented. Due to health reasons I must sell this Warrior. I am the third owner. It has always been stored inside by all owners.The roof has never leaked but it has recently been sealed as a precaution. The floor of the loft had a leak at one time. It has been rebuilt with no further leaks. The engine runs like a top and I would not hesitate to drive it to California and back.
  9. I've just ordered the parts for testing, and, if all goes well, I'm going to setup something similar to this video for a rearview camera solution. The video transmitter has gotten some mixed reviews, but I'll just return everything if I'm not confident that it'll be fairly reliable. For a monitor, I picked up a crazy-cheap Kindle Fire HD 7, which will replace the existing (useless) rearview mirror and be mounted to the top-center of the windshield. I'm planning on centering the camera up above the the rear bath window, which will allow me to easily hide the little transmitter gizmo inside the over-sink cabinet, as well as tie power for both into the nearby clearance lights circuit. The idea, of course, is to have the camera and transmitter powered up whenever my lights are on, and I plan on always having the tablet active and receiving video, when traveling. (Kindle will be mounted with one of these but will also serve as a reader while camping, since I do love my books.) To be continued...
  10. Hi All, Just bought my 1990 Winnebago Warrior 10 days ago, I've got to spend all of 4 hours in it so far learning how everything works and was planning to give it a big clean and do some exterior re-sealing this weekend. Very excited to spend more time with the camper and loving this forum! However, I went to go to work this morning and noticed that someone has clipped the back left corner either when driving by camper or when trying to park beside it. They were moving toward the back end and have taken off the side light, opened up the seam between the side and back panel (bending the back panel out of shape) and done some damage to the supporting woodwork inside. Photos are attached. This must of happened only one day before I noticed it because I walk by the camper daily and would have noticed it had it happened earlier. Also the rain overnight has had a chance to get in I've got it covered with plastic for now. Anyway, What do you think the repair job will be like? Something I will need a professional to do, or could I do it myself? I'm super disappointed this happened before I could actually use the camper. My Fiance and I were planning a trip in the next 2 weeks, then we are doing a tour of the States from May through to July so definitely need it in working order again by then. Thanks in advance for all the help! Nick
  11. Hello-I found this forum several years ago when I was looking to buy my first toyota motorhome-great site. Here is my question-I am looking to sell her-so I would appreciate any tips on what to price her at. It is a 1991 Toyota Winnebago warrior with around 69000 on her-has 6bolt read end and runs like a top-original inside and looks good. Original owner was from out in California and drive it to iowa. I have taken to the Rockies and northern Minnesota and have had zero problems. Without seeing it what is it worth (fuel injected v6-auto), no generator. Has the bed above the cab, stove and oven and sink, and couch on one side and dining room table on other. We redid some of the plumbing and it has no issues at all. I keep it stored inside a garage when we are not out in it. Has new tires on the front. I figured I would ask the experts before posting in the classifieds. It is located in northwest iowa thanks! My email is toby0987@yahoo.com
  12. Hi All, I'm looking for a replacement upper control arm bushing for my 1991 Winnebago Warrior. The small local auto shops can't located them quickly, what should I be looking for and where do you recommend I have them serviced? I'm going to be up in the Boston, MA area from tomorrow and want to get the service done there. Thanks in advance. Nick
  13. Looking for a good-fitting replacement cover for the right-hand portion of our double stainless sink. I've still got the original (laminate-over-chipboard) cover, but it's pretty nasty and badly needs an upgrade. I see a lot of different sizes online but wasn't sure if there are clear "standards" for RV sink dimensions. Appreciate any suggestions for a replacement. (Original cover outer dimensions: 14 1/4" x 11 3/8" || Inner dimensions: 13 1/4" x 10 3/8")
  14. I have a 1990 Toyota Winnebago Warrior. the over cab bunk windows are both cracked in multiple places. Like a spider web but not that tight. I'd like to replace these before they start to leak. I have the DOT info from the windows but don't know how to find the windows. Are "originals" still available? Can an auto glass shop make something suitable for me? The DOT info is: Guardian Safety Float Laminated AS3-90 2GG-MIN DOT 22 232 My little Toy has been wonderful and I plan to keep it a few more years so I wan't to keep it in top shape. Thanks for any help you can provide. ToyGoTa, because my Toy goes ta lots of fun places!
  15. This is the second renovation of the Turtle. After living in it for 2 1/2 years, I decided that there are some things I don't use and therefore don't need. So, I decided to start a renovation...that has now developed a life of it's own. It started with taking out a few things...bench seats, shower, water heater, fridge (all of which worked but it turned out I didn't use much or at all). It morphed into removing EVERYTHING. I even moved the hole for the toilet! I found some Birdseye Maple in the second's bin at Menard's, and my project became all about wood. Not sure how many pics I can post, but I'll show you what I can. All of the trim and a few miscellaneous boards that aren't seen, are pine. Everything else is birdseye The countertop, which I haven't put in yet, is birdseye as well. Along the way, I had to do a few side projects that I hadn't counted on...like wallpaper liner and my current cabover nightmare. And, I also decided to paint the outside so I could protect the exterior from any more degradation. It's been a long, crazy trip! But, I've loved every minute...up until the cabover. Love my Turtle!!!
  16. Hi Folks, This is my first post here - I'm hoping some of you experts can share your expertise and advice towards a potential 1st time motorhome purchase. My wife and I (& two young kids) need a camper to travel round trip from Maine to Colo next spring for work, we'll be there for 5 weeks and don't want to rent a house/apt. Plus these little campers seem like a lot of fun in general Our family is used to tenting, so the Warrior would be a major room upgrade for us. We have a limited budget and can't spend a lot, but I also understand that you get what you pay for. We are used to old vehicles (95 Honda & 91 Volvo are our personal vehicles, the volvo has 365k miles!). So here is what we have found and are considering: 1988 Winnebago Warrior, 84k mi, 22RE, 4spd manual, $3700 (note this price overrides price in ad as it includes extra repairs necessary to pass inspection) - http://maine.craigslist.org/rvs/5651965292.html Model is rear bath with drivers side dinette (319RB?) Owner has done extensive restoration (replaced framing/foam/skin) to roof and walls and I've been unable to find any weak areas including on the roof. Fresh silicone is on all the seams. Roof recently painted. It rained a lot recently and I could find no damp areas. Drove it to my garage today (started immediately with cold engine) and mechanic couldn't find any serious issues. He did note that the head gasket has a minor leak (would pass inspection just fine). The $3700 asking price includes new tires, new brake pads/shoes, repair to exhaust, and rebuilt wheel bearings on front (owner is retired mechanic and is making these repairs). Engine oil looked good. Drive to the garage & back was 40 min total, speeds up to 55mph, some hills. This was my first time driving a MH but still I found it drove very well, had good power, steered straight, no unusual bouncing, shifted easily and clutch grabbed well. There has been a minor accident to the drivers/front/bottom corner of coach, where propane tank sits. Damage to Al and plastic exterior but tank is fine. Door for tank still latches, but just barely. Overall body paint needs a polish but otherwise seems good. Undercarriage shows some surface rust but nothing that the mechanic was worried about. Propane tank also has surface rust but seems solid and is full. I haven't done a pressure leak test from the tank to stove/heater/etc. Interior has operable stove (no oven), water heater, water pump. The fridge (orig) is missing it's gasket and has not been tested, I would be surprised if it worked. I would prob. get a small 12v fridge to replace it with. Window above sink is broken, local glass guy said $40 to replace. More TLC needed for cracked toilet seat, stained carpet, new curtains, and adding upholstery to bed-over-cab which has new foam (dinette upholstery looks fine). Coach AC blows cold and has new exterior cover. Both roof vents are new. There is no coach battery. Instead the previous owner rigged up the coach elec system to the engine battery, there's a household on/off switch to control the connection. I would want to install a deep cell for coach use. The previous owner also started to add solar, two panels are installed on the roof but the wires dead end inside the coach. Most of our nights will be in wild or free locations, so autonomy from the main grid is important. There is no radio, though 2 small speakers exist in cabin. Cruise control does not work. Cabin AC does not work (belt was removed), not a deal breaker in northern New England. The owner reportedly purchased this RV for $2500 2 yrs ago and the restoration has cost $700 so far not including the extra repairs I listed above. It's not been registered or inspected since then but he has driven it around the parking lot once in awhile. The owner previously owned an 84 Dolphin and bought this as an upgrade but has since injured himself to the point where long car trips aren't possible. He'd like to get the money he's invested back and seems unwilling to lower the price. We have several months before our trip to CO but don't want to miss out on a good opportunity, especially one that is so local for us. Thoughts? Advice?? Words of Wisdom??? Thank you!! Erik
  17. Buying a 1991 warrior toyota with 53kmi for $8,000.00. Cab airconditioning not working, no generator, exhaust system leak,new tires What should I look for...First Camper..Please help!!
  18. Hi all... new here, new to RVing, new to forums. We may be getting a 91 Warrior and will want a trailer. I see no good way to attach a hitch looking underneath but have read many people do tow with these little Toyota. I know beefing up the frame will be necsisary but would like to see, hear from someone experianced. TIA
  19. My 1" blade window blinds need attention. The cords are breaking and the rotating mechanism is binding. The Winnebago warrior has brackets that mount upwards and due to the valance that is built around the blinds, the actual blind assembly has to be put in the bracket upwards. The retaining clip swings around like a trap door closing. Most blinds slip straight in (parallel to the floor). Can not do that here without removing the valance which looks like a destruction project. Been shopping online, several places have reasonably priced replacement blinds but not ones that fit the existing brackets. looking for 1" wide and 3/4" tall headrail. Anybody replaced the blinds in their RV? Any leads on sources? PIC's to follow.
  20. The floor of my 1991 Warrior seems a little springy not like is rotten but possibly. Is this common, and something not to be concerned with or is my sub floor in need of replacement? I have a smooth side warrior their has been a leak looks like possibly around the grey water tank vent on the roof. Some water has made its way into the siding and it has detached from the body, my best idea is to drill small holes and inject epoxy then use a load bar to press plywood against the side while the epoxy adheres. Any advice on the type of epoxy to use or method would be really appreciated.
  21. Hi just bought my toyota after a long search, i live in Bend Oregon and it gets cold there. I want to use it occasionally during the winter so what are my choices? May be i should just winterize it and use it that way till spring? So what are the steps to winterize it? Thank you for any help or advice
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