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Found 11 results

  1. So in Early June I bought an 85 Dolphin, did the research on the axles, and decided to go for it on this $3,000 buy. Figuring I would have some damage to repair, I truly did not realize that the entire house was rotten. My mechanic gave me a decent tune up, and it seemed to be doing fine, until I really started to get into the remodel. I completely took the thing apart. I think the only original pieces will be the seats, the dash, and some wrought iron from the decoration. With the demolition work that was happening, I occasionally turned over the engine to hear that beautiful 22re purr. Eventually I had to start charging the car with my turbo engine if I wanted it to start. and that's when I started to notice the engine fixes that my mechanic missed, and I am now questioning. On top of doing a complete house rebuild from the chassis up, I think I need a new alternator (starter is new), I'm going to need to update my leaf springs (shocks are new from prev owner), I'm going to need to replace the fuel sending unit (gas gauge doesn't work), and the exhaust doesn't pass smog, and I didn't realize that the previous owner had been using a fluid to fudge the results, but there are obvious holes in the exhaust system I did not see when I purchased. I guess I really just came in here for some help, or encouragement. I won't be able to start work on it again until March, and its had me thinking is it worth it? do I attempt to see just the stripped machine to someone for some money to recoup my losses, allowing myself to have the space for another project, that isn't in as deep of water, or do I carry on? for those of you still active, What would you do? would you rebuild your entire rig, or just get another one? one with more horsepower, weight capabilities etc? I liked the idea of the 85 22re because I knew it would be a rig I could learn mechanics on, really take my life into my own hands, get dirty, and learn. I've always wanted to learn, and newer machines are too complicated at 22re's really have the books & forums to set you up for some great DIY. I just think the more I rest on not moving forward, the bigger the project seems, and I'm beginning to feel overwhelm and question if it really is worth it. I'm probably looking at $6000 to get the engine and chassis up to the snuff I want it at (with paid labor), and not to mention the $10,000 I had allotted myself to have a really nice build. Any advice / thoughts for a pal that just saw stars & a fun project?
  2. Hey Everyone! I have a 1986 Toyota RV (21 feet) that I am selling. ANY info/advice/help/consult is MUCH appreciated. Here are the dets- you'll see why I need help! 1986 Toyota Sunrader, 21 ft. Approx. 116,000 original miles Dual-Axle (original) Automatic, 4-cylinder Fuel-Injected Runs great, but stalls out sometimes while in reverse for parallel parking Coach Set up: door is rear access to kitchen and bathroom, with 2 sofas (someone re-modeled it that way- but only one is set up as I was planning to convert it into a storage system), + over cab bed When I bought it, the stove/oven + coach AC/heat all in working condition as of last time I was hooked up. Have replaced all 6 tires, sewer system, shocks, battery, alternator (about $3k) There is a very slow, small leak coming into the kitchen in the back when it rains, but I cannot for the life of me find where it is coming from. My guess is- the backup camera installation done by one of the previous owners. I am selling it in the San Francisco Bay Area. I want to be fair, but also not get screwed. Thank you so much for any replies- anything helps! Tips on where to even start, pricing, what I should include in the listing, etc. I am having a hard time uploading pics but will keep trying...
  3. Hi my name is Edd. I am a new sunrader owner. I want to find somewhere that will make custom wheels for my sunrader. Can anyone help me? Denver.
  4. Hello! I am looking at a 1987 Toyota Escaper with 77k on the engine. We're supposed to drive over to it today... 3 hours away.. and boy I wish I had found this site earlier! Anyways, I guess I am just looking for any advice I can get. I have never owned a camper or RV but have recently become obsessed with the Toyota mini motorhomes late 80's early 90's. My boyfriend grew up working on engines. American motors mostly, but we both currently drive Toyotas and drank the koolaid. He has a 99 Tacoma and very familiar with the motor at this point. Here's what I know. CRAIGSLIST AD "1987 Toyota Escaper22 RE engineRuns and DrivesRe-roofed with urethane in early 2016Tinted windows for UV shielding and heat controlShe has overdrive and cruise " Communications with owner "Former leak has been re-sealed NOT re-roofed with urethane based roofing sealer. , tires in fair condition, minor rust, timing chain, water pump replaced at 66k, original onan generator works fine." We pulled the carfax report and found all major repairs were made, and that it has had mANy owners... about 10 I believe. There was a mileage discrepancy but I spoke with the dealer it was reported through and they admitted to human error. Otherwise, no red flags. Any advice out there for a total RV newbie? Thanks! Lauren
  5. I recently had my propane tank filled while on a trip out west. Once filled, I hooked it up and everything worked fine. When I returned home, I smelled gas while near the storage compartment. I turned OFF the flow at the tank and then flipped the switch to the Off position on the regulator. The indicator stayed Green rather than going to Red after several attempts. I can not get the regulator to the OFF position. I then attempted to disconnect the hose going to the tank. When I loosened it, a large amount of gas escaped so, I tightened it back. Any advice would be appreciated. If it is a faulty regulator, when can I buy one like the one presently there?
  6. Hello to all, I would be very appreciative if anyone can help with my problem removing the graphic tape on my 93 warrior. first off, I am very confused as to why only one color of the three color combo of graphics failed. obviously all three colors of graphics were applied at the factory at the same time, but for unknown reasons of the three colors only the MAUVE, has degraded, (severely cracked) whereas the powder blue, and light green graphics, while faded somewhat are really in very good shape. Anyone care to offer a reason or comment on this? The mauve graphics had been painted over a medium grey at some point prior to my owning the rig. At this point you can still see the cracks telegraphing through the grey paint, and as compared to the rest of the graphics looks quite ugly. so, I am attempting to remove only the failed mauve graphics and wish to replace with an aluminum or silver colored graphic vinyl material. My immediate concerns and questions are, what materials , techniques, and products would be helpful in the removal without any damage to the gel coat fiberglass siding, and are there any sources to purchase the original design of the graphics. most of the material I am replacing is a simple two inch and two and 3/4 inch tape, but on each cab door and further back on the coach on each side is a curved design I would like to replicate. My Winnie is pretty much pristine in and out with this one exception, any help, ideas, or suggestions would be a blessing, thank you all in advance, joe.
  7. Hi! We have a '75 Chinook and were wanting to tow a 300lb motorcycle ('68 Honda CD175) behind it but can't tell if it's a good idea or not so smart... Any advice on if it can be hitched on the rear, towed, or neither without modification? And, if it would need to be modified, what might that entail? Have seen some threads on Toys needing welding and substantial reinforcing to the hitch and not sure if that applies. Ours has a ball hitch already, but we're not sure if that's an after market addition or original. There's no sticker stating or indication of what it can pull and it's not in the owners manual. Any help would be hugely appreciated ! (Thank you)
  8. Does anyone know about the 1985 Toyota Hilo 22' motorhomes? I cannot find any info on them and am looking at purchasing one. Do they have any known problems? what would be a fair price for one in good condition? Are they known for axle problems/being to heavy? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. We are looking high and low for a smaller Toyota motorhome that is somewhere near to home (so we can see it easily in person and get it checked by a mechanic). I've found a 1990 Toyota Odyssey, with 88,477 miles, and would like to hear from anyone who has this same one and ask for any advice you might have when asking detailed questions about the rig. Here's the posting information about it: 88477k 6 cyl. automatic, cruise control, runs good, shower, separate toilet, stove, refr, furnace, h2o heater all work, awning, new carpet through-out. Truck a/c needs recharge. Good tires, recent front end alignment and bearings repacked. 23 ft. long Your input is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thank you!
  10. Hi, This is my first time on this forum I'm on my way to look at a 1985 Sunrader 21ft 4 cylinder 4 speed with 75000 miles for $6000. From what I've read and heard it sounds like a good deal. It has the 1ton rear axle and many new parts. The only flaws so far is it needs a new frig which i read will cost $1100, no a/c and some sort of crack that does not leak. I will take any advice on what to look for, what to ask, etc I really want to buy this sunrader and I'm trying to cover all my bases beforehand. thank you in head of time michael
  11. I'm looking to buy my first RV tomorrow...it's a 1985 Toyota Escaper with 94,000 miles. Asking price $4500. I have no experience with this situation, and I've been researching for days online. I would like to find out if there are certain things, besides the rear axle 6 lug thing, that I should be looking out for?...what are some basic questions I should ask the current owner?? AND should I take it in somewhere to get looked over before I buy? Also, if there are issues with it, how do I go about asking for a lower price? From the looks of the ad photos, the RV has been very well taken care of, and the owner has updated the interior. He did mention in an email, though, that at higher speeds, it will leak a little bit of oil...is that something I should be concerned with? Is that an expensive fix? How much off the asking price could I get for something like that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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