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  1. So I've been scouring the internet, this forum, and so many others looking for images of what a stock 1985 22re engine bay looks like! I just can't Find ANYTHING that helps me. On top of not being able to diagnose why my motor decided to just stop starting. It isn't the battery, that hovers between 12.4-13.5 amps on my meter, the starter is brand spanking new, and idk, guess it could be the alternator?? It turns on all the lights, things like that, it starts when I jump it, but even after letting it idle in my drive for 15 min or so, she still doesn't start after I shut it off. IM BUMMED My alternator is pretty disgusting looking, as there is evidence from the previous owners mismanagment of an oil leak. so I'm hoping it's not the cause of the failure. It was running just fine until I parked it, and took the whole house apart. (didn't expect that, it just had to happen once I realized the level of rot I had gotten myself into). ALL IN ALL, I'm just looking for some folks to maybe share what their engine bay's look like from 1985 that haven't been all modified to heck like the internet likes to show me. The Hayes Manual isn't really helpful, and I'm waiting for my chilton to come in the mail. DETAIL ON STARTING ISSUE: All lights come on, but not A/C or Heater... I don't have a stereo so I can't do the AM radio check. Once I go to turn it over I hear a single click and a high pitched sound for the length of my cranking on the ignition. When I Jump it with my cute lil turbo engine soul, it kicks right up all the blowers work, there isn't any weird squealing sound.
  2. I know this post in 2 years old, But STILL, great looking cab! I'm curious because I have this issue in mine: Did you have nasty tacky glue under that delicious shag carpet? mine is from 85 and has gnarly glue that I'm just not in the mood to really try stupid hard to scrape out, I'm wondering if you managed to find an easy way to accomplish this removal, or if your carpet was just screwed into the body without glue. Because mine had BOTH! I also have a dolphin, not a sunraider, so that could also make a difference.
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