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  1. Thanks for all the information. I love the look but I am going to walk away from it. Now I’m looking at a 1977 American Clipper that looks in very good shape for 13,500. Would like to get a sunrader but those are rare. I love the look of them however. You guys are awesome
  2. It’s definitely a 93. These galaxies were only built in 93 and 94. The link to the craigslist ad is not the galaxy that I’m looking at. I’ll take some photos and post them. Thank you so much for the information that you’ve given me so far.
  3. It’s here in town. The hub only has 5 nuts. I’m getting the idea that it doesn’t matter when the truck was made. Any idea how much it would cost to fix the problem?
  4. Looking to buy. Very confused about possibility of rear axel problems. Has dual wheels in rear. Have heard of foolies. No idea what that means. If it was built after 86 is the rear axle potentially still a problem? Thanks
  5. have an opportunity to buy a Toyota Hilux Galaxy. Anyone have any experience with them? thanks
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