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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! I have a 1983 huntsman. Months ago a rat chewed through a water line right above wires, which it chewed the casings off of, and the water getting onto the wires caused the heater and the fridge to stop working. Uhg! So I'm trying to figure out how to fix this. My best advice so far is to find the fuses and replace them and rewrap the wires. But where are the fuses? Also, If you have any other suggestions..? Thank you!
  2. I am new to this game as I just purchased a 1994 micro warrior and am so glad I found this forum. When I purchased my warrior, I was told the 2410 dometic frig didn't cool right. My first question is how long does it take to cool? Should I plug in to AC and let it go for hours? I'm checking different things and don't know if I'm doing it correctly. Tried the furnace. I can't seem to get the blower to start. What would be the correct proceedure? I have a Suburban. By the way, I have not gotten the propane filled. Woukd that have anything to do with it? Looking forward to learning a l
  3. Howdy All, I am doing calculations of amp-hours on all appliances to determine what size batteries to buy for a solar project and I have an EdgeStar FP 430 12v/120v fridge that draws about 5.4 amps @ 65 watts, as near as I can figure. What I don't know, is about how many hours per day, on average and in "clement weather" (like 60's to 70's in the coach) the thing will be running to keep stuff cool. Has anyone with a 12v fridge studied this "Duty Time" problem before and come up with a SWAG or better guess that has worked out? The fridge and the furnace fan are the high-ticket items, so fa
  4. I just had the pleasure(?) of replacing my fridge in my 1990 Itasca Spirit. The video says it all: Replacing The Dometic RM2401 Refrigerator
  5. Hi, I'm looking for shelves for an old Dometic RM460. Does anyone have an old fridge sitting in their backyard that they want to part out or do you know of a parts place that would carry them? thanks, Alex
  6. Heading west on Rt 66 through Oklahoma and are having trouble with the fridge (Norcold: original, I'd guess), which doesn't seem to be cooling. I ran it for a full night on 120v before we left but am not sure it was working; outdoor temp has been near freezing or below all day. This evening, the fridge just wasn't feeling very cold so I switched over to propane; seemed to ignite easily and kept a steady light on the front. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will cool down over night, or we'll have to ditch a bunch of food...dang it. The Norcold has worked well in the past, but we've neve
  7. Hey Everyone! I was testing out everything in the 1976 Chinook the other day, stove works fine, water fine but the only issue is the original Dometic Fridge. Now I am not sure how long it takes to start up, if it really makes any noise or anything like that. I tried running it plugged in and off the propane too since it is a 3-way fridge. Any tips on how to get this thing running? Thanks Amber
  8. I need to understand how much energy certain appliances use for the purposes of planning the most efficient energy independent Toyota motorhome intended for off-the-grid living. I'm just starting to learn this stuff so please be patient as I ask lots of dumb questions. For starters, I just bought this Edgestar 80 quart 12 Volt fridge/freezer ($278 shipped to my door) here http://tinyurl.com/b4zgfjw after reading a lot of this looooong thread here http://tinyurl.com/a7dp3ru that started 4 years ago. Biggest complaint with the Edgestars is that many were shipped with a disconnected wire that wo
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