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  1. wonderabout

    Boondocking anyone?

    Hi Mark, I'm from Ohio also, are you refering to AEP land? I like the area, fishing hasnt been the best and I usually say during the week days, I know it can be busy weekend and holidays
  2. wonderabout

    Framework in a 1992 Itasca Spirit??

    Yes your 92 should have an aluminum frame work on the sides only. I beleive it is 1.5" square. Hope this photo helps. Look on the right side, you see two angles supporting the door frame
  3. Sorry VROCRIDER, but I put that window to use on the side
  4. wonderabout

    Depth of rear inner axle seal placement

    does this help
  5. wonderabout

    Cook tops

    Hey all, sorry for the delay in getting back to you all, things have been busy. This particular build is not your "normal" rv, I hope to post more about it when time allows. Again I like the versatility of the coleman, just wondering why one can be used indoors and one not. Thanks again.
  6. Boy if that isn't the nicest little unit, the only thing that would make it even more perfect is if it was on a 4x4!
  7. wonderabout

    Cook tops

    Getting ready to make a counter top for one of my builds and got to wondering whats the difference between these to stoves? The Atwood is rated at 7200 & 5200 btu's and the coleman at 2 @ 11,000 btu's. I like the versatility of the coleman because I have an extra flex line to cook out side, but the coleman is only rated for outdoor use. So whats the difference there both burning propane? Could someone educate me. Thank you
  8. wonderabout

    Finding roof leaks

    Just found out I have the dreaded cabover leak, again! Guess I didn't do a very good job the first go around. I have to wait for things to thaw before doing any repairs and got to wondering what others have done to find the point(s) of entry. I see that RV places can pressurize the interior and coat the outside with a soap solution to find leaks, but I'm a do it yourselfer. I did find where one guy did it himself using fans, but that looked rather involved. http://www.class-c-motorhome-info-made-simple.com/leak_test.html So I was wondering if anyone has used or thought about using a water soluable UV dye and black light to find leaks. there are leak detection dye for sale like this https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Blue-Reactive-Water-Dye/dp/B00KPF5A3M/ref=pd_lpo_60_tr_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VSJ61DAPWKR60SZNA0NW thanks for any responses
  9. I did research part pricing and know they charged full retail, all I can say is they really get you by the short hairs. There was no negotiating with them, either you want the work done or not. I too have never had good experience with dealerships. once at a local chevy dealer I caught them in an outright lie which resulted in them giving me a full refund for parts and labor, will I ever go back, never! Generally I try to do the work myself when I can.
  10. These same mirrors where used on dodge vans in the 90's check local scrap yards, had to replace one of mine
  11. Converting to a flat bed may be as simple as going to your local title office and have the name changed, this is done often in the VW world when a beatle is made into a dune buggy. I was going to make a flat bed work truck out of this 85 dolphin, but it is VERY slowly becoming a flat bed toy hauler, but that's a story for another thread when I have more computer time.
  12. wonderabout

    "DAM" nice Chinook

    Came across some pictures of a dam nice Chinook I took awhile back, was in great shape, got to wondering if it belonged to anyone on here, had Vermont plates. What year would this have been?
  13. wonderabout

    Power windows

    Got to wondering has anybody retrofitted or considered installing power windows in the cab? I travel with a little buddy and it would be a lot easier if I had power windows for him to stick his head out. When in the pickem' up when we come to a stop light or traveling down a slow country road he likes to stick his head out and smell for the moow cows and horses. Do you think this is possible? Here's a picture of "Odin the Wanderer"
  14. When these pictures were taken is when we were having the discussion about doing the valves, so don't really know why they were removed, other than the mechanic had a trainee helping him
  15. Hey all, well she's back home. What started out at $600+ ending up being just over $1300. First off it did not have a blown head gasket, the piece of gasket material I found came from the upper idler pulley assembly, seems when I was flushing the system I developed an air pocket, this was my thoughts at the time. I jacked up the front end , turned on the heater fan in an attempt to release the bubble, I never had this problem before so I wasn't completely sure how to fix it, then my neighbor mechanic told me about signs of a blown head gasket so that's were I got that idea. Here's what was replaced: head gasket no charge, was not on bill so I have no idea what it was replaced with timing belt 1356865010 $32.86 water pump 161006947583 $112.80 fan/ alt belt 909160237883 $41.45 power steer belt 909160219683 $30.32 a/c belt 993321089078 $23.26 idler sub-assy 1350365010 $109.99 gasket 1625865020 $6.64 thermostat 9091603079 $30.08 water pump? gasket 163435010 $2.84 wire knock sensor 8221989103 $15.83 knock sensor 8961520010 $259.65 WOW! idler sub-assy 1350565020 $187.13 WOW AGAIN! labor $380.00 misc and tax $113.64 if you do a google search for the Toyota part numbers you'll bring up a picture of item Notice there's nothing stating a valve adjustment, seems I had to press them on this issue, the mechanic with 20+ years experience said it wasn't necessary since it only had 60,00 miles. When I asked why it wasn't on the bill their answer was they didn't have shims in stock and instead of waiting for an order to come in the mechanic got some from another dealer that didn't charge them so they didn't charge me. Sure smells kind of fishy given the conversation we had about this issue. #5 intake was tight by .003 and #6 exhaust was loose by .003 When I asked for the old parts back all I received was the water pump, the upper idler pulley, drive belts and timing belt. The service manager had no info on the SSC, in fact the day I took it in he was oblivious of our previous conversation and quote. I had to get him on the Toyota web site and hold his hand to show him where and how to bring up the SSC. The whole process does not make me sit very well but it does run and sound good. Hope to meet some you on the road here's a few photos notice the high tech tool for checking for warpage