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  1. wonderabout

    Boondocking anyone?

    Hi Mark, I'm from Ohio also, are you refering to AEP land? I like the area, fishing hasnt been the best and I usually say during the week days, I know it can be busy weekend and holidays
  2. wonderabout

    Framework in a 1992 Itasca Spirit??

    Yes your 92 should have an aluminum frame work on the sides only. I beleive it is 1.5" square. Hope this photo helps. Look on the right side, you see two angles supporting the door frame
  3. Sorry VROCRIDER, but I put that window to use on the side
  4. wonderabout

    Depth of rear inner axle seal placement

    does this help
  5. wonderabout

    Finding roof leaks

    Just found out I have the dreaded cabover leak, again! Guess I didn't do a very good job the first go around. I have to wait for things to thaw before doing any repairs and got to wondering what others have done to find the point(s) of entry. I see that RV places can pressurize the interior and coat the outside with a soap solution to find leaks, but I'm a do it yourselfer. I did find where one guy did it himself using fans, but that looked rather involved. http://www.class-c-motorhome-info-made-simple.com/leak_test.html So I was wondering if anyone has used or thought about using a water soluable UV dye and black light to find leaks. there are leak detection dye for sale like this https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Blue-Reactive-Water-Dye/dp/B00KPF5A3M/ref=pd_lpo_60_tr_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VSJ61DAPWKR60SZNA0NW thanks for any responses
  6. Converting to a flat bed may be as simple as going to your local title office and have the name changed, this is done often in the VW world when a beatle is made into a dune buggy. I was going to make a flat bed work truck out of this 85 dolphin, but it is VERY slowly becoming a flat bed toy hauler, but that's a story for another thread when I have more computer time.
  7. wonderabout

    "DAM" nice Chinook

    Came across some pictures of a dam nice Chinook I took awhile back, was in great shape, got to wondering if it belonged to anyone on here, had Vermont plates. What year would this have been?
  8. wonderabout

    Power windows

    Got to wondering has anybody retrofitted or considered installing power windows in the cab? I travel with a little buddy and it would be a lot easier if I had power windows for him to stick his head out. When in the pickem' up when we come to a stop light or traveling down a slow country road he likes to stick his head out and smell for the moow cows and horses. Do you think this is possible? Here's a picture of "Odin the Wanderer"
  9. I could use a few misc parts, what state is this in?
  10. wonderabout

    Scrapping out 1990 Itasca

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, things have been busy and took a couple trips in my 90 winnibago. Yep brought the 90 Itasca home not sure what I'll do with it. If anybody would like to make a reasonable offer it could be had. Runs great! Though it does need WORK, water damage plus the po did damage thinking she could sell off parts, had the fridge repaired in the beginning then thought she take it out and sell it, she got the door off but couldn't figure how to get the fridge out so she threw the door away. The one part I could really have used. Several years ago when I decided I wanted a Toyota I had a hard time finding one, now I see them all over the place for sell and have 3 Heres a pic of my back yard and the 90 Itasca, the tarped one is an 85 that's being turned into a toy hauler but that's for another post. I'll post info and pics concerning the shifter problem under another heading just in case someone else runs into this so they wont let it sit for 16 years as was this one
  11. wonderabout

    Scrapping out 1990 Itasca

    Not really sure, just know I cant keep it around for very long. After I get it home I give you all my full story, some of you will laugh and some will say WT@&*#
  12. wonderabout

    Scrapping out 1990 Itasca

    Well I decided to look into this further, Linda you were right, there are actually 2 locking pins, one electric and one mechanical , after removing all the plastic under the column I found the electrical one thought I had it but no, so digging further found the cable with what looked like a push button that would release when the brake pedal was pushed, after unbolting and dropping the steering column found the other end going to the shifter column, wrenched it loose and pulled it out, the pin was really seized up. removed the cable; shifter problem solved! Didn't think to take pictures, after I get it home I'll see what I can do about that in case somebody else has the issue. I did finally get it to start but it wont run, fuel looks and smells like turpentine, I think the hardest part in the whole process was breaking loose the fuel lines from the filter. Feel sad for the lady po, she had big dreams for her retirement, only put 300 miles on it just getting thing fixed, free head gasket plus $500 in other gaskets, $200 for sealing tape(wow), had refrig. repaired, plus other things until the shifter problem, nobody could figure it out, so it just sat and started to rot away, until I came along. She has the Onan generator, a rv dealer told her it was worth about $3000 is this right?
  13. wonderabout

    Scrapping out 1990 Itasca

    I have access to a 1990 Winnebago Itasca, here's what I know about it, has been sitting for about 6 years or so, the shifter is stuck in park, the steering column was taken apart to find a way to unlock it to no avail so it was put back together. It has water damage, front ,back and around ac. generator gone, refrigerator has no door, toilet taken out, hasn't been started in a long time, 76,000+ miles. my thoughts are it has no value except rims and rear end. my question is do I walk away from it or bring it home strip it down and try to sell wheels and rear end, just not sure if its worth my time. Anybody have any thoughts on this?