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  1. another funny: the perfect solution for a Lesharo engine, estilo Nuevo Mexico
  2. I know this is one of the scams, but the auto complete inserted more truth than the poster realized: http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/rvs/5640993284.html not only have most old motorhomes I've seen been a bit "aromatic" but the deal on that one is too..... ;- )
  3. interesting link for those considering a K&N or similar: http://rubicon-trail.com/public/K&N filter test.html seems decent test methodology. kind of has me convinced to go back to paper filters, altho I've been running K&Ns (the flat panel in the stock airbox type) on all my vehicles for many years, even here in "dust storm hell" (we regularly can't see the 7000' mountains that are 5 miles from my house) and the Taco has decent compression at 225K and the Subie still had original cross hatching visible on cylinder walls when I pulled head at about 130K
  4. hot dawg! i'm about to head out myself. glad to hear your trip will come together. can you post the info on the place you go it done?
  5. in light of your cabinetry experience, surprised you even asked the Q. absolutely agree with Derek, you're less likely to end up with an unfinished project if you go from inside. and in Portland....there's no decision to be made. how often do you see 2 weeks with no rain?
  6. uh, don't think about that until after your trip.....
  7. good advice.......and I hadn't even thought of alky stoves. liveaboard cruisers love those cuz they are in fact lots safer than propane. Dan, she may have more of a need for the furnace in NH or Blighty than you do in FL..........
  8. nope. didn't the spear on the head cue you in? I caught a sighting of the fabled HONDA UNICORN....... cured the fouled plugs in my Everrude outboard just by being nearby
  9. the secret to those Honda batteries is the tiny unicorn running inside a hamster wheel to continually recharge them...... that's why they cost 5x as much as Trojans...... hyper, generally the answer is going to be "no". anything electrical i'm aware of that makes heat does it through running a whole bunch of juice through a high resistance conductor...even Peltier devices use a bunch of juice. there are solutions you can do to make propane safer. top quality hydrocarbon leak detector is a start. have a trusted propane gas place go through the system and check all fittings etc. Turn off all valves the moment you shut off any appliance. set up a portable stove on a shelf on outside of unit and do your cooking there. there are also ceramic cooktops that run on diesel....pricey and Euro but they use em on Earthroamers and such for exactly this reason. https://www.reimo.com/de/70715-kochfeld_ceran_diesel_46x31_cm/
  10. wish previous owner of mine had that much foresight....too late for my rear bumper. i'm going to have to do major reinf to add any hitch receiver arrangement to mine....wait til you see the pix of the current frame hackery
  11. Northern Tool and likely Harbor Fright make very light folding trailers....I think mine weighs maybe 200-250 even with 1/2" ply decking, and they make a smaller one. a Rebel is about 350-400. so even being pessimistic, you're only talking about 65 lbs tongue weight and 650 lbs total trailer weight. whether a dolphin will tow that, more qualified folks than me will have to say. Derek, the bike sticks up enough that you can usually see even a small trailer. but yeah, seems like backup camera is a no brainer for any toyhome.
  12. really like that rack site! I've been toying with another idiotic idea: I have one of the dual receiver adaptors, so I can carry the bike rack along with pulling a trailer. did some measuring and it looks like I could carry 2 carrier racks that way, in sort of a "biplane" arrangement...the portabote seats fit on the lower one and lay more or less flat. obviously, weight on the receiver will be a big issue, especially given the longer lever arm the weight is at the end of, so i'd been thinking of an aluminum rack and that place has a nice selection.
  13. touche! rephrasing: what sort should i ideally use for the new core?
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