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  1. Boo... I am only 16/17 feet long...lol B
  2. Yeah, it's cool 1977 won't be easy to find, let alone download for free. B
  3. HA! indeed. My rig came with the original owners manual, and this... You have a URL for the Pdf of the Factory Service Manual? B
  4. My toilet is in pieces, and yes, the hole is sealed up right now. Although the last owner said it did work before they switched over to a dry camping rig. You are correct! I have a brand new 25gal fresh tank and new pump.. but no grey water, or black tank. I am only 16' feet long, and storage and weight are way more important to me right now. So that is one for re-hooking my water system up... and one for the poobucket. I was looking into those 2.5 gal portables. I am assuming those are what is known as a cassette, (?) that you spoke of. Any brand recommendations?..
  5. There are so many toilets out there for camping and RVs, Whether retired and live aboard to the weekender or the full time Boondocker, what is the squatter use to take a squat? I have made my self dizzy, researching the world of toilets, from the $1000 composting, to the $15 poop in a bag concepts. I won't have access to "hook ups", so I have decided to install one of the portables, as the toilet in my RV will only be used for emergencies or weekend jaunts around the state. When I take off on my 2 year trip I will reinstall the Black/gray and fresh tanks, but for now... What do you use or
  6. Very nice! TY Derek! I just took my new toy to the mechanic that the previous owner had taken her to for the last 4 years. (as the clicking was bugging me)... Here is how the conversation went; Me: "Hello, I've heard you are familiar with this machine", Mech: "Oh yes very familiar". Me: "So what do I need to know, and where do I begin" (hands waving and spanning the the length from nose to tail.) Mech looking a bit confused: "Nothing needs to be done to it, its a great running truck." Me looking a bit shocked: "Not that I am using it as a daily driver, but your saying, I could u
  7. Nice! I spent a couple of hours yesterday, with the nice folks at Rose City RV, which do fixes to complete restoration. I was looking for places to order parts online. B
  8. This is great info, as I have not yet fired up my refridge yet. B
  9. I am thinking of going with a hand pumped 5gal water bottle for my fresh water needs. Anyone doing this? What water filters would be good for a setup like this? (Say, I am on the road and can't buy a new fresh bottle, so I refill and filter from a tap or hose.) Pros? Cons? Suggestions? I really do not want the 25gal tank and electric pump system I have now. I feel it is to heavy as well, I worry about stagnation, foul tastes and bad odors. I also don't feel the need to use the electricity as my rig is so small, I haven't the room for any inverter larger than 2000w, so my electricity usage
  10. That Panasonic seems like a go! If I ever decide to get a microwave, I will be looking into that.
  11. Cool post! I am looking forwards to seeing how it comes out. I too am going to redo my inside... B
  12. I will definitely keep that in mind.
  13. The neighbors are not a problem as the house is zoned as a dwelling and business. The backyard is in fact partial parking lot. I will be tucked away behind the house. and the buildings on both sides are businesses that no one lives in. My rig is a micro RV at 17' long and 10' high. I still work full time, so it will be used mainly for sleeping while I restore it. Yes to all the above. and I am sure one of my bandmates or current girlfriend would let me stay a night or two (a week) while any major repairs are being done. I feel I have taken the rose colored glasses off... I a
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