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  1. were did you buy engine
  2. Have these lines been replaced?

    wouldn't trust shark bite fittings for anything except temp fix.i,v had one to many fail after awhile. crimp fitting are the way to go .may cost alittle more but .you never have to worry about them failing
  3. Have these lines been replaced?

    there water lines .they are the older style used back in the day. you can still buy repair parts for them if you find the right service center.
  4. Water leak

    just that sidewall window weighes a ton there just about nothing holding it in except the outer skin.
  5. Water leak

    by looking at the sidewall and roof.that has to be one weak coach. there should be more studs in the sidewall and roof . just like a house they should still be close to 16 inches apart. my sun land has aluminum sidewall studs every 16 inches and roof studs every 22 inches. to be honest there is either a lot of aluminum studs missing in the roof and sidewall or both wood and aluminum missing .I've worked on hundreds of rv's and never seen a coach with that weak of a framing.
  6. Toyota Tundra

    that trailer is not a toy hauler .it has a rear slide out.
  7. Rubber Roofs

    rubber roofs will out last any brush on rubber roof coating .and are not as heavy as people think there. .good rv rubber roofing comes in all different thinkness.. and doesn't cost that much if you know were to get it. I just done a 35 foot 5th wheel with the rubber and glue and sealant .was little over 400.i did my sunland express for around 200. the salty part is if a rv service center the job . a 20 foot mini would run about 5 grand. I make good money doing rubber roof for people
  8. mine has the rear kitchen. mine 20 ft but when I store it they consider it 21 ft they count the hitch as the extra foot to get the extra $ 9.00
  9. Speedometer not working

    I have a spare 87 dolphin mini that is complete that I,m going to keep for parts . let me know what you may need .also the guy put new tires on it before I bought it witch I don't need . the trans he thought went out . witch ended up being a broken coolant line. he sold it to me for $50
  10. like to find a 18ft.i talked to guy a year ago that used to build sunland express's .he said they were only built for a couple of yaers .then they started building the huntsmans
  11. like I said I didn,t think sunland express made a 18ft . as like my sunland express witch is 21 foot from bumper to bumper .as I found they were only made for a couple of years 1985 threw early 1987 and the only few that I have seen were 21ft
  12. The dreaded sensor panel

    I keep everything in my mini in working order .I restore my mini from the floor up replacing just about every square inch of it . only thing that i use is the microwave and furnance. but everything has been tested. only time it has ever had water in it was to pressure test for leaks and to check tanks sensors.
  13. didn't think sunland made a 18 ft. yours must not have a rear bumper. but anyway in my sunland black is + and white is -
  14. The dreaded sensor panel

    one of my many jobs at the rv plant was to build and install the black and grey tanks. 99.9 % of the time when panel doesn't work are the senors in the tanks. the senors are a pretty much a well nut that the panel wires are hooked to .they read by the fluid in the tanks grounding out the prob.this day in age they still use the same set up. most rv centers still have the same prob used in the black and grey tanks and fresh water tank. Common wire set up is orange, green, yellow, white and sometimes blue, white
  15. Battery Post Connections

    fat red and skinny red and black wires are + white wires are -