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  1. good luck dolphins are all stick built. you are better just buying it and scrapping it out. you would make more money. you would double your money on the rear end and rims. just for the fact how the pass side window is scabbed in would turn me away from it. who knows what else is jerry rigged. but good luck
  2. yes linda you are right they all rot the same aluminum or stick built guess you never seen what's under a dolphin sidewall under skin at least the older ones they are a poor designed framing.as with a aluminum framed rv . very little wood to replace in the framing .other than the under sidewall skin witch is nothing to replace . rather than replacing a whole rotten sidewall framing and under skin that's the difference between the two.
  3. I have worked on thousands of class c and class A rv's .and been around a lot of toy homes.An from ground up restored my toy mini. Witch is a sun land express other than the sun raiders. a sun land express is one of the better built mini. even over a winno. For what I have seen of dolphins they are lacking in quality even in there class A rv's. dry rot and water rot is the killer of stick built rv's no matter how much you maintenance them .
  4. and i only paid $50 for it .with only 42000 on it.
  5. not to say anything bad about dolphins minis. i wouldn't buy one that old.just for the reason being they are all stick built and I'm sure there is a lot of rot in them.I have a 86 right now that looks darn good.you would never guess by looking at it that 75% is rotten. i just have it for parts if i need them. look around and try to find a aluminum framed mini.
  6. best plastic was the major supplier of waste and fresh water tanks for RV factories in Elkhart.as for the wheel sun land express put wheels on the frame to keep from bottoming out the waste tanks .mine came with wheels on each side of the frame rails behind the waste tanks. the wheel on his sun land is not a factory wheel . somebody put a caster type wheel on his. Sun land wheels look like wheelie wheels on each side of the frame
  7. i would buy it back .it's hard to kill a Toyota. I had a 1990 Toyota I bought new . when it was around a month or two old. I drove it across a flood road .not knowing the breather in the 22re sat lower than my 20r motor. sucked up water threw the breather and stalled .the truck then floated to the edge of the road and sank only about 2 inches of the roof was showing .towed it out .drained the water out of engine and muffler .took awhile to start it but never did have any problem I had was water got into rearend .but Toyota replaced both front and back rearends. they only have a one way seal.
  8. but for 2800 its looks good .and there aluminum framed so they would be easy to fix if you found any rotten wood under sidewall.and it still has the light cover for the porch light
  9. heck who ever owned it may have taken it out .and just be using 12v battery to run the 12 volt supply. the way it looks it has a mobile home water heater in it. and he may be using the shore power just for the water heater
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