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  1. Does anyone have a source for a wiring diagram for a 1987 Dolphin? I don't need the truck diagram, only the motorhome side. Better yet, can anyone post the diagram so I can download it?
  2. toyohome

    1987 Dolphin

    No 12 volt. 110v is fine. Do I need a new converter? Is it a WFCO 9855?
  3. Thanks Linda, Looks good, but I have a concern about dragging the MC long distances on the road like that. Also concerned about damage to MC transmission. So I think it's back to square one. I have a small highway trailer that weighs 150#. With the 300# MC total weight would be around 450# with an approx. hitch weight of 45#. I have replaced the original tin foil bumper with a heavy duty steel bumper (homemade). With those stats, I don't see how that would make a significant difference, do you? Frame bumper attachments have been reinforced. Can you give me your blessing on this option? Toyohome (Paul)
  4. Derek, Another good point. I did a little measuring and have decided that it is not going to work because of the decreased visability. It would be about a foot (what's that in meters) above the hood. HOWEVER, this really was a great idea whose time just has not come! Thanks for your input and help. Maybe I could put the bike inside or on the roof. Hmmmm. Or maybe I just need a bigger motorhome. On second thought, maybe not.
  5. Thanks Derek. Good point. Never thought of that. I'll measure the height of the MC before I install the mount. Other than that, can you think of any other considerations?
  6. Clarification: I am not TOWING (or trailering) anything. I will be CARRYING a 300# motorcycle. Rear carry vs. front carry. I appreciate your input and I have decided against carrying on the back . I have pretty much decided to carry on the front because of the rear weight, overhang, and dragging problems. I am also familiar with the owners manual recommendations about weight limits and towing. My only concern at this point is front mount problems such as airflow and anything else someone may be aware of. Otherwise, I think front mount will be better weight and handling wise. I do have new Bilstein shocks and the front suspension is in good solid shape. Again, are there any other thoughts on the front mount idea? Am I missing anything? Does anyone have any experience with using a front mount hitch? Thanks, mucho!
  7. I was just thinking that he didn't have near enough spices!
  8. I have an '87 Dolphin with the 22RE. I also have a Honda Rebel (about 300#) I would like to carry on the back. I have a light single rail motorcycle carrier that will plug into my receiver. Important questions: Am I overloading it? Will it significantly affect handling (make the front end light)? Would it be better to add a front receiver/hitch and carry the Rebel in the front? Is this likely to decrease airflow to the radiator? The rear mount system will extend the load back about 2 1/2 feet from the rear bumper thus causing some dragging over dips and driveways. The front mount option seems good, but I really need all your expert advice and comments. Thanks so much!
  9. Diagnosis started with death shimmy caused by warped rotors which were caused by dragging brakes. Then there was the loss of power and poor mileage. Finally I noticed that after stopping on a hill, the motorhome would not roll when the brake pedal was released. The easiest way to check this is to put it on a lift, step on the brake, then release the brake. Try to spin the wheels. They should spin freely and if not, the brakes are not releasing fully. To locate the problem start looking at the wheels/brakes and work you way back to the MC. Again, collapsed brake hoses are quite common on old vehicles. My final solution was the MC after exhausting all other possibilities. It also solved the death shimmy problem with new rotors. Good luck. Keep us posted on what you find.
  10. I had poor mileage too until I finally discovered a defective master cylinder. The MC was keeping slight pressure on the calipers and thus causing poor mileage. Brake fluid was not returning to the MC after braking. I replaced pads, hoses, calipers and MC in the process. It's a good idea to replace those hoses anyway because they can collapse on the inside and cause the same sticking problem. Buy the best hoses money can buy and if your's haven't been changed yet, put it on your maintenance list ASAP.
  11. Thanks Linda. But you just don't know what you are missing! I would encourage you to join us along with everyone who has never attended the Quartzite rally.
  12. Welcome Steve, We are tentatively planning a Baja trip in January 2018 in conjunction with the Quartzite rally. We would like to look at the possibilities of traveling down Baja with you. Look at my ad for Dolphin seats on this website and give us a call if interested in traveling together. Paul and Judy Mississippi
  13. Do we have the 2018 dates yet? How about a sign up sheet and rally info? Is Tika arranging the event again? (She does a great job)! We missed the last couple years but hope to be back for the 2018 event. We're ready to start planning in conjunction with a trip down Baja.
  14. I recently started using a CPAP and need to use it when I'm in the boonies. I have a 90 watt, plug in inverter that I would like to use. The CPAP is 115 volt and 60 watts. I have two deep cycle batteries and would need to draw power for an average of eight hours. 1. Would I be overloading the 12 volt socket/wiring? (I prefer to avoid any electrical fires particularly while I am sleeping). And, 2. Would I have adequate power to run the CPAP off my two auxiliary batteries? Electrical Wizard advice is appreciated!
  15. 1987 Dolphin: Do I have a low fuel light? I have never seen it.
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