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  1. I am having a hard time with the forum not locking my computer up it is running so slow, anyone else?
  2. MAXXFabrication


    the later Toyota diesels available in canda and overseas like the 1 KZT or 1 KZTE would be the most logical choice, after making an adapter for any other diesel or trying to fit one in would only be a nightmare. JDM (japanese domestic manufactured) engines are CHEAP to come by, really. the om606 is way too heavy as well as the 4BT.
  3. MAXXFabrication

    These things cost money

    Hey Greg, PM me an address so I can send mine via snail mail please. old school- thats how I roll!!
  4. MAXXFabrication

    Hot floor under gas pedal

    yep, your converter lives under your feet as well as the engine heat gets blown back to the firewall from the engine fan so it is normal to get that hot
  5. MAXXFabrication

    These things cost money

    I am a cheap skate too!!! LOL, but the $ the site has saved me and the work I have gotten from members is worth me donating for sure. will I get a special red star next to my name or get extra private message storage like other forums too!? (I am kidding!!!, that is one of the sketchy ways other forums get you to "donate")
  6. I ordered a set, thanks Linda S!!! they werent set in stone with price- I am a shop so they took 15% off for me so it wasnt all that bad.
  7. thanks, Linda had forwarded that to me earlier. I am trying to get info on the one in Arkansas also. What I can tell you is about the body, I am wanting to use the newer cab style (89-95) to put the 4runner front clip on it -it is more aerodynamic and also has euro molded glass headlights, cleaner grille, nice clean bumper and valance combo (valance is ABS plastic and can take abuse without deforming) and I will also use the scooped hood that I make (fiberglass mold) through my fabrication company. the whole vehicle/camper will be painted Toyota super white # 040. I already have a cab to use if I get an older body style, I can swap the camper portion onto the newer frame/cab I can just add frame rails that are long enough and do some frame reinforcement/gussets/bracketry that should have been done in the first place (my 83 has cracked 2 of the crossmembers- will post up pics in a different thread about this issue later) There is a goal that I will be achieving with this build, when I "let the cat out of the bag" on drivetrain I will wait awhile before I tell the goal of what I am doing it for. and it has nothing to do with proving anyone wrong about any swaps either.
  8. MAXXFabrication

    1995 3.4L 5sp 4x4 Bajarader (Put the sawzall down)

    you wont have a limited slip differential unless someone installed it aftermarket. Toyota didnt offer limited slips in their trucks or SUVs they did however offer front and rear electric lockers in 93-97 Landcruisers and in the rear of some Tacomas/4Runners 96 and up
  9. to refrain from "answering questions, Toyota crown either!! LOL, that would be to obvious wouldnt it?! yes, you are correct Linda- I was hoping to find a grenaded 3.0 V6 maybe to keep the initial cost down, but I can consider an 86 as well, the entire camper portion could be swapped to an 89 2 wheel drive that I currently have. I will PM you for more details. Thanks I couldnt see doing a V6, and the lack of an "L" in the drivetrain refers to the engine with a Lexus logo. We are using a Sunrader because it is all one piece (the top is secured to the bottom with a layer of fiberglass at the seam) construction and the added rigidity is a plus for what we are doing.
  10. I am interested in finding a Sunrader, preferably 89 body style (cab portion) I assuming it would be a 90 model in need of engine and or interior work is fine. I can use an earlier model, but nothing before 84. This build is an "under wraps topsecret" project that will be revealed when the project is under way and about 1/2 through the build. I am working in conjunction with another shop in my area to do the build. We already have the entire drivetrain....and there isnt an "L" on it anywhere for all of you naysayers. I wont answer at guesses at what we are doing or the drivetrain we will be using but I promise all of you it will be good................ the wheels are going to be 17s btw so be on the lookout if you could please, the sooner we get started the sooner you see what are up to! this will blow most of you away- trust me. Bryan B.
  11. Thanks Linda. the first link did not work, and I wouldn't mind 63 bucks if it was like the original and quality (its not like I am throwing the money OUT the window right!!? )
  12. I lost my screen somewhere between St.louis and lake of the Ozarks along the highway somewhere- I am assuming the window isnt anything obsolete since I see this type of window on a lot of RVs, it is the large side window on my Sunrader. anyone have any suggestions where to source one at? thanks in advance
  13. MAXXFabrication

    Sunrader curved front replacement windows

    I changed my screen name BTW, I had a hard time logging in so I had to make a new account. you quoted what I said originally under Bryan B. read my above post on the windows I do! but they are clear, and no UV resistance... mistake was made by my Lexan guy, not me next ones are coming, I am not sure how the non UV resistant ones will hold up- I dont have any experience with lexan and UV light, well not yet at least. I dont have a clue how it was overlooked not to have the UV resistant Lexan, but is is being corrected. he knew these will be going on RVs so I guess he will eat the cost of the first batch.
  14. MAXXFabrication

    New Guy with an old Toy

    too funny, I seen that 86 by my friends house for sale- it has been for sale for over 4 months just FYI, that doesnt mean it is bad or anything. it is off of a rural road in the boonies without a lot of traffic. The midwest is notorious for close minded bone heads that think that ford chevrolet and dodge are the only things to be driving and they will actually start a fight with you because you drive a foreign car (yep, dont ask how I know- lets just say that guy proly wont EVER do that again!) so their loss is your gain, we all know better. like everyone else said the newer one has had some serious work, kind of a crap shoot buying it. especially if you have to fly some where to pick it up.
  15. That wouldn't be a problem, I can mold both sides and wait until someone can loan me one with a hole in it to mold it and then have all the bases covered.