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  1. You will find that many tire installers have no clue what you are looking for. I stopped at WalMart and they had no idea what tires I needed. I went to a Hankook dealer that specializes in truck tires and they got me the 185R14 tires I needed. The guy laughed when I told him about Wallworld.
  2. Bob C

    Spare tire relocating?

    I had a Toyota pickup and Fred is right. I had to crawl under the truck every time I wanted to get the spare out. Eventually, I had to use an angle grinder to get the spare out. However, I live in the rusty state of Wisconsin and that truck drove through some really lousy weather.
  3. Bob C

    Terrible Smell from the Heater Vents

    When I bought my Escaper, the blower housing was packed full of crap that the mice had carried in. The cage would not even turn. I disassembled the unit and vacuumed out the mess. I used a leaf blower and blew air into the outlets and stuff came out of the ductwork. It took awhile for me to get all of the mouse house cleaned up. I had an '82 Toyota pickup that had mice in the housing when I turned on the fan. Dead mice can really stink. It took alot of cleaning to get ride of the smell.
  4. Bob C

    Gas Buddy app

    I check gas buddy daily while travelling and can really save a pile of money. Sometimes you can drive a block off of the interstate and save 20 cents a gallon. While travelling through Iowa, & Nebraska, I sometimes will fill up at 100 miles and then can skip the higher priced towns.
  5. Bob C

    Driver cab heating

    I took the door panels off and used a plastic garbage bag to seal up the inside of the door. I used some caulk ribbon to hold the plastic in place and then added tape to make sure that everything was sealed. After putting it back together I found that I pretty much stopped the air leaks. I didn't think this up, it was factory original in my 1982 toyota SR5 pickup. I was surprised it was not in my 1987 Toyota one ton. Maybe only in the fancier SR5?
  6. Bob C

    Driver cab heating

    Did someone say Alaska? I am trying to convince my wife that we need to take that trip.
  7. Bob C

    Gas Water Heater Conversion Help

    I have heard several RV owners talk about having electric & gas water heaters. Why can't he use it with the electric element left in there and use gas when convenient?
  8. Bob C

    Sea Breeze Class C???

    Just go out and measure the height and get it weighed. The height can vary depending on your suspension and the air conditioner mounted on the roof. Your weight can very by hundreds of pounds depending on what has been added or removed from the vehicle in the years since it was built. My height has gone up by 4 inches due to the addition of my air ride suspension.
  9. I have a marine frig in my Escaper. According to the owners manual for the frig, it can be run 30 degrees from level. I think my RV would tip over before that. The frig was salvaged from a damaged sailboat. The 3 way frig is just a unit that used 3 different ways to heat the ammonia absorption crystals. There is a heating unit that runs on electricity and also a propane flame that heats it.
  10. Bob C

    Driver cab heating

    I have an '88 Escaper built on '87 truck. The fan motor comes out without removing the glove box. My fan box was packed totally full by a bunch of mice. One mouse could not haul that amount of garbage. There where leaves, insulation, carpeting, and much more. The fan would not turn at all. After getting all of the garbage out of the fan box, I used a shop vac to clean out all of the duct work under the dash. Some of it I sucked out and some had to be blown out.
  11. Bob C

    Choice of 87 or 89.

    I have an '88 Escaper with 22Re engine. I agree with driving 55 to 60 and downshifting before the tranny decides to. I keep the rpm's up and don't worry about speed. We have been above 10,000 ft many times and have never had a problem getting up an incline. We have used first gear many times on the steep and high roads.
  12. Bob C

    The perfect time is now.

    My father was a very frugal (more lie CHEAP) person. The only thing that he spent money on that was a necessary expenditure was to travel. My mom and he traveled all over the country all their life. That included loading 4 kids into our 60 Chevy without a/c and going from WI to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the east coast, Florida and many more places. Dad and Mom kept telling us that you should travel whenever possible because you never know what is coming ahead of you. All of my siblings, nephew, nieces, and my kids continue the traveling. Take you trip and think about how your wife would have enjoyed it.
  13. Bob C

    1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    That looks bigger than my 20' Escaper. I don't have the table between the captains chairs. My Escaper is very similar to the 205RK.
  14. Bob C

    Need advice on back rack containers.

    I have a plastic truck tool box that frequently hitchhikes on my carrier. Chairs, a small plastic table, misc stuff gets stuck in there but I keep the weight very low.
  15. Bob C


    Prayers headed to everyone in the areas affected by these fires.
  16. Bob C

    Newbie requesting advice

    You asked about a maximum altitude for a 4 cylinder. I have an '88 Escaper with 22Re engine and automatic tranny. I have been over several passes in the Rockies, including Independence Pass-12,095 ft, Beartooth Highway-10,947 ft, Tioiga Pass-9,943 ft, and Trail Ridge Road-11,827 ft and others. The only one that gave me any problems was going up Highway 14a from the west through the Bighorn Mountains. The engine warmed up a bit but never got warm enough to cause me any concerns. The biggest thing to remember is that the 4 cylinder engines love to rev up. Install a tach and don't lug the engine.
  17. Bob C

    Sound and heat reduction

    I simply bought a hood liner from a wrecked Cadillac and slipped it under the hood of my Toyhouse. I did not do any scientific heat reading before and after installation. I think it made a difference in engine noise that gets to us in the cab. I will eventually install carpeting and a firewall mat to cut down the noise and hopefully the temp in the cab also.
  18. Bob C

    Free Tire 1987 Dolphin

    What do you call "terrible on gas?" I get anywhere from 13 to 15 mpg if I drive 55 mph. My daughter drove for about 100 miles doing 65 to 70 and she got 9.5 mpg. That is not bad for a rolling house.
  19. Bob C

    Free Tire 1987 Dolphin

    Please don't throw it away. There are only so many rims for these RV's. Can't someone use this? If I didn't live 1400 miles away I would come and get it. there has to be someone nearby that can use it.
  20. Derek-Thanks for the information. There is a shorty Sunrader about 10 miles from where I live. i'll have to take a look at it the next time i drive by to see what he has for a rear axle.
  21. When my kids (4 daughters) were small and we had a very tight budget, we traveled all over the country in a Chevy Caprice and Starcraft pop-up. We chose to live on a tight budget so that we could take a 2 week vacation every year. We loved the pop-up and had set up and tear down totally nailed. We could pull into a camp site and get everything set up and dinner on the table in 5 to 10 minutes. We could pack up in a rain storm and put everything away without getting the mattresses wet. We would wrap the mattress in a cheap throw away painters plastic drop cloth before removing the bungees on the ends and taking down the support poles. One of our daughters recently bought her own pop-up and has a group of women that travel with her. In June they spent a week in Yellowstone. The husbands all get left home. It is a girls only vacation.
  22. I don't know what a shorty Sunrader weighs. Do you even need a one ton dually axle under there? The RV looks pretty light weight.
  23. These RV's are all built from "off the rack parts." It does not matter the name on the side of the coach. Let us know the model and make of each appliance and someone probably has the owners manual. The truck itself is probably a 1985 Toyota hopefully with a replaced rear axle. When you order parts, just give them the VIN and the parts shop should be able to match your parts. Check the drivers door opening for the manufacture date of the vehicle. My 1988 Escaper is built on a 1987 Toyota one ton frame with factory dual wheels.
  24. Bob C

    Help me find parts

    Just remember that the truck portion of the RV is a 1 ton pickup. If they look up the vin they will find the right parts. I checked Rock Auto and found a RAYBESTOS FRC3888 Professional Grade; Reman. Includes: Caliper, Hardware, and Bracket Info Front Left; Heavy Duty; w/ 1 Ton Chassis They have ujoints and pretty much any part you will need. The also have the glass for the windshield for $161.
  25. Bob C

    '87 Escaper

    I bought my '88 Escaper with under 30,000 miles. The seller had been asking $5000 for the RV but found that it needed some work that was expensive to have a shop complete. It needed a new water heater, power converter, it had a dorm style refrigerator (major downer in my opinion), a loud metallic rattle under the hood, a possible fan clutch problem, and a soft spot on the floor due to the leaking water heater. I asked her for her bottom price and she said that she wanted it gone so she set the price at $2500. I bought a new water heater for $150 on ebay, a new progressive dynamics converter for $125 from an RV surplus center, found that the fan clutch problems was really a fan belt problem ($10 part),the metallic noise was the belt tensioner for the A/C compressor on the engine (no cost) I found a sailboat refrigerator (12 volt) that we love since we usually take road trips not destination vacations, My friend converted my cab a/c to 134a refrigerant ($50 and beer) and I repaired the soft floor by pulling the carpet back and pouring epoxy thinned with alcohol to allow it to soak into the plywood. We have put over 30,000 miles on since buying it and love it. You will never get done doing little maintenance jobs on the unit.