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  1. Trip from WI to Maine

    I am going to be travelling from Wisconsin through IL, IN, OH, and parts of NY this summer. Is it worth using an Ipass or EZpass on the tollways? I read that Indiana does not give a discount for electronic toll paying and OH does not give discount for out of state passes. With this in mind, is it worth the expense and time to get a pass? I also found that to get an Ipass, you have to go to a retail outlet because their on-line and telephone ordering do not sell RV units. I try to stay off of interstate highways but in an effort to avoid city traffic, it looks like this trip will include more Interstate driving than my western trips.
  2. I have a similar console in my Toyhouse. I really like the padded pillow type cushion on the top. My wife made a padded top for ours but yours looks more comfortable. I added a three hole 12 volt outlet to the front of mine and like the added convenience. I may look into the type like you have and maybe replace mine, but then again, my wife went out of her way to modify the one I have and she may be offended. Can't have that.
  3. Spare tire relocating?

    I had a Toyota pickup and Fred is right. I had to crawl under the truck every time I wanted to get the spare out. Eventually, I had to use an angle grinder to get the spare out. However, I live in the rusty state of Wisconsin and that truck drove through some really lousy weather.
  4. Trip from WI to Maine

    When we head west from Wisconsin, we always stay on roads such as US, US 20, & US 30. I have been looking at the trip east and it looks like US 6 through Indiana and then getting on US 20 in Ohio would work well. Like you all said, it may take longer but it makes the trip better. Many years ago, when I was single, my travels involved a motorcycle, some camping gear, and no plan of any kind. I saw parts of the US that most people never dreamed of. This trip east may evolve into that sort of thing. I just need to strap 5 gallons of gas to the rear bumper and revert to my old ways. I have some specific places that I want to see but it really doesn't matter how we get there. We have 4 weeks for this trip so we may as well just go where the Toyhouse takes us. I will take some photos and share them with everyone along the way.
  5. Terrible Smell from the Heater Vents

    When I bought my Escaper, the blower housing was packed full of crap that the mice had carried in. The cage would not even turn. I disassembled the unit and vacuumed out the mess. I used a leaf blower and blew air into the outlets and stuff came out of the ductwork. It took awhile for me to get all of the mouse house cleaned up. I had an '82 Toyota pickup that had mice in the housing when I turned on the fan. Dead mice can really stink. It took alot of cleaning to get ride of the smell.
  6. During my trip through Washington a couple of years ago, I got an oil change at Wal-Mart. They informed me that my battery needed to be replaced due to low resting voltage. I felt like telling them that they just wanted to sell a battery. I have 2 digital voltmeters mounted under the dash that I check frequently. One is the truck battery and the other is for the coach battery. I check them both before starting the engine and monitor it frequently while driving. I am paranoid about my batteries because I almost got stranded on one of my trips. I don't trust any oil change outfit, they all want to sell more batteries. I also mark my oil filters whenever I change the oil so that I can see if they actually changed the filter.
  7. gas buddy app

    I check gas buddy daily while travelling and can really save a pile of money. Sometimes you can drive a block off of the interstate and save 20 cents a gallon. While travelling through Iowa, & Nebraska, I sometimes will fill up at 100 miles and then can skip the higher priced towns.
  8. lpg non-operational

    When did you get the lp tank filled? I would check to make sure that your tank actually has gas in it by loosening the spit valve. It is possible that the lp all leaked out after being filled. I would not rely on the gauge because I know that my gauge is not accurate.
  9. Tank refuses to receive fuel

    I wish that I would have gotten this information before it happened t me. I had to deal with it for 2000 miles before I noticed that as I tried to put fuel in, bubbles were coming out of the vent hose. After that, I never topped off the tank. When the pump turns off, I don't try to get any more in.
  10. Driver cab heating

    I took the door panels off and used a plastic garbage bag to seal up the inside of the door. I used some caulk ribbon to hold the plastic in place and then added tape to make sure that everything was sealed. After putting it back together I found that I pretty much stopped the air leaks. I didn't think this up, it was factory original in my 1982 toyota SR5 pickup. I was surprised it was not in my 1987 Toyota one ton. Maybe only in the fancier SR5?
  11. 19 gallon fuel tank?

    I carry 2 1/2 gallon cans on the rear bumper. I have to replace the sheet metal tube 5 years ago and the machine shop that did my repairs did a great job of rebuilding the bumper and mounts. 5 gallons will get me at least 60 mies and it gets my wife to stop worrying about running out of gas (yeah right.)
  12. Clearance lights too bright?

    I replaced my all of my exterior lights with led's. I find that people give me more room while driving at night and that is a very good thing. The top marker lights on my Escaper are aimed up slightly and I can see the light output when I drive under overpasses. I have also replaced all of the brake/tail lights on all of my trailers. Same result with other drivers, they give me more room.
  13. danpty-I don't know what was wrong with your late 80's 4 cylinder Escapers but I own an 88 Escaper with a 22Re. I can easily maintain 55 mph on flat ground and I have never put my foot to the floor. I live in southwestern Wisconsin where we have some pretty steep hills. They may be only 500 feet high but they are steep and crooked. By downshifting and keeping the rpm's up, I can maintain 45 mph on even the steepest ones. While driving in the Rockies, I frequently top the hills in second gear doing 4500 rpm's doing 45 mph. I drive my RV like it has a stick and never use OD. The RV is not fast but I am able to get around at a reasonable speed. Does and extra 15 hp really make much difference in a 6000 pound vehicle?
  14. Driver cab heating

    Did someone say Alaska? I am trying to convince my wife that we need to take that trip.
  15. Gas Water Heater Conversion Help

    I have heard several RV owners talk about having electric & gas water heaters. Why can't he use it with the electric element left in there and use gas when convenient?
  16. Sea Breeze Class C???

    Just go out and measure the height and get it weighed. The height can vary depending on your suspension and the air conditioner mounted on the roof. Your weight can very by hundreds of pounds depending on what has been added or removed from the vehicle in the years since it was built. My height has gone up by 4 inches due to the addition of my air ride suspension.
  17. The original clearance lights will always have problems with good connections between the bulb and the socket. I replaced all of mine 3 years ago and soldered every connection and used heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections. I have not had any problems since then.
  18. I have a marine frig in my Escaper. According to the owners manual for the frig, it can be run 30 degrees from level. I think my RV would tip over before that. The frig was salvaged from a damaged sailboat. The 3 way frig is just a unit that used 3 different ways to heat the ammonia absorption crystals. There is a heating unit that runs on electricity and also a propane flame that heats it.
  19. Driver cab heating

    I have an '88 Escaper built on '87 truck. The fan motor comes out without removing the glove box. My fan box was packed totally full by a bunch of mice. One mouse could not haul that amount of garbage. There where leaves, insulation, carpeting, and much more. The fan would not turn at all. After getting all of the garbage out of the fan box, I used a shop vac to clean out all of the duct work under the dash. Some of it I sucked out and some had to be blown out.
  20. RV antifreeze costs under $3/gallon. When I bought my RV, the previous owner said that her husband blew out the lines every year However, the water heater was split because it had water in it. I will spend the money on 3 gallons of antifreeze and run it through the system because a new water heater is more expensive.
  21. The overdrive has an altitude sensor that turns the od off at about 2500 ft. Mine turns off at about 2400 according to the altimeter on my gps. I am lucky that I found out about this before my first trip to higher elevations or I would have thought that the tranny was broken.
  22. Choice of 87 or 89.

    I have an '88 Escaper with 22Re engine. I agree with driving 55 to 60 and downshifting before the tranny decides to. I keep the rpm's up and don't worry about speed. We have been above 10,000 ft many times and have never had a problem getting up an incline. We have used first gear many times on the steep and high roads.
  23. How to change lightbulb?

    I have replaced all of the interior light fixtures with led fixtures. I replaced the bulb in my exterior entry fixture with an led bulb and even after it has been on for hours it stays cool. I am not saying that your lenses didn't melt, but the leds in mine stay cool. they do make high output leds that get very warm. I have led flood lights on the front of my atv and they are built with large heat sinks and get very warm. I would not want that much light in my Toyhouse though.
  24. The perfect time is now.

    My father was a very frugal (more lie CHEAP) person. The only thing that he spent money on that was a necessary expenditure was to travel. My mom and he traveled all over the country all their life. That included loading 4 kids into our 60 Chevy without a/c and going from WI to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the east coast, Florida and many more places. Dad and Mom kept telling us that you should travel whenever possible because you never know what is coming ahead of you. All of my siblings, nephew, nieces, and my kids continue the traveling. Take you trip and think about how your wife would have enjoyed it.
  25. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    That looks bigger than my 20' Escaper. I don't have the table between the captains chairs. My Escaper is very similar to the 205RK.