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    1987 Toyota (National) Dolphin, 21'. I bought last week (10/24/15) it with a bad rod bearing, but other than the furnace (at this point), everything works. It does need some repairs to the siding, and has a minimal amount of water damage, but is one of the best looking Dolphins I've seen.
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  1. I have a good friend who is a Lexus tech, and a Toyota fanatic like me. He has a 2nd gen 4Runner with a 5M in it, and is getting ready for a 1UZ swap. He's a whiz with this stuff, so although his is the next newer gen, and is 4x4, I'm gleaning as much as I can from him. I'll make a thread here when I get around to it (or is that a round tuit?).
  2. Cab barrier

    That might work! Thanks!
  3. Cab barrier

    I have gotten rid of the dog - made my youngest daughter take HER dog back. I love her dearly, but she needs way too much attention in way too many ways. My dilemma now is my four boys - kitties. I have moved on from the 21' Dolphin and am moving into the 21' Sunrader I bought from Kale. I know the boys well enough that I want to keep them out of the very clean cab, and need some sort of barrier that can still be opened fairly easily, and allows air to pass through. I'm thinking some sort of screening, but don't want something they can scratch through, or get their nails caught in, and is stowable. The other issue is where to keep two litter boxes for four boys! In the Dolphin, I'd kept one in the cab, but accidents happened, and I ended up having to tear out the carpet, so I need to figure out the best places to put them. Does anyone have any experience with this? Ideas? Suggestions? I will also be building some sort of catio to go outside of a window, so they aren't stuck inside when I'm not around to have an open door.
  4. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    Is fhis still available? I'm
  5. Have/did you ever had the chance to try a good MPG run? My first LS400 (95) pulled as good as 26 on the open road at 60ish, and I've managed a best of 25 with the '97, but haven't had an opportunity for a long drive yet. The LS weighs in at about 4,000 lbs, and the motorhome is what? 5,500? Although it's not near as aerodynamic, I'd still expect to see much closer to 20 MPG. As I've said elsewhere, I just picked up an '85 Sunrader (from member Kale) with a fresh 22RE but a bad trans, so figured I'd do a 1UZ/A340E conversion since I have most of the needed parts after parting out my first LS.
  6. Painting Advice

    Reading this makes me realize just how much effort Kale put into this coach, and what a score I made. It still needs a BUNCH of finishing work to really look good, but... WOW!
  7. Parts/project Sunrader Near Portland

    To all, I ended up being the lucky one to acquire this from Kale. i too have been off for quite some time, after practically giving up on my Dolphin, due to siding separating, and feeling that it just isn't worth fixing. I'll be swapping the trans out of the Dolphin for now, as I'd bought the Dolphin with a bad engine, and almost three years later, still haven't gotten around to putting the used engine I bought from a Lexus tech friend of mine. Kale has done a number of nice mods, as he's listed above, but the coach is rough. My future plans are to put a 1UZ V8 in it, along with the much stouter A340E trans, which I'll be picking up next week. Kale, thank you!
  8. No, it does not have a speed sensor, as there is no TCM (transmission control module), and the ECM has no input from/to the transmission.
  9. One Of A Kind...

    Thank you Linda!
  10. I'd run urethane, as the advantage outweighs the NVH IMHO, but that's me. I have urethane in my Lexus, Corona wagon, and the ex's Celica, and the improvement was huge!
  11. jd, mixing different coolant types CAN cause the coolant to coagulate and plug the system - I've seen it more than once. Also, most people seem to think that coolant makes their engine run cooler. Very wrong! Coolant does not transfer heat near as well as straight water. What coolant does is raise the boiling point, as does a pressurized cooling system. Most coolant/antifreezes also have anti-corrosive additives and lubricants for the water pump. I usually only run a 25% coolant mix, mainly for the additives, and so my system doesn't freeze here in our rather mild Oregon winters - never colder than 20 degrees F.
  12. jd, I do agree with Maineah, to the point that if it had one, it should keep one. A high flow cat does not cost any measureable amount of power, and cuts a significant amount of emissions. Again, IF IT HAD ONE. I have a '78 Celica that is a "non-catalyst" car, so don't plan on adding one. I have a friend who has one as well, but could not get it to run clean enough to pass Oregon's sniffer only emissions testing. It then passed with flying colors.
  13. One Of Those Days

    The 1UZ was crushed?!?! Oh no!
  14. One Of A Kind...

    I was wondering if it would be possible to build a slide out, and obviously it's possible, but how much weight does that add to an already marginal GVWR?
  15. Navidad 2015 En Mexico

    Sounds like a great trip. Almost makes me wish I were still in SoCal - almost!