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    1987 Toyota (National) Dolphin, 21'. I bought last week (10/24/15) it with a bad rod bearing, but other than the furnace (at this point), everything works. It does need some repairs to the siding, and has a minimal amount of water damage, but is one of the best looking Dolphins I've seen.
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  1. a2ndopinion

    Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    Is fhis still available? I'm
  2. a2ndopinion

    Painting Advice

    Reading this makes me realize just how much effort Kale put into this coach, and what a score I made. It still needs a BUNCH of finishing work to really look good, but... WOW!
  3. a2ndopinion

    Parts/project Sunrader Near Portland

    To all, I ended up being the lucky one to acquire this from Kale. i too have been off for quite some time, after practically giving up on my Dolphin, due to siding separating, and feeling that it just isn't worth fixing. I'll be swapping the trans out of the Dolphin for now, as I'd bought the Dolphin with a bad engine, and almost three years later, still haven't gotten around to putting the used engine I bought from a Lexus tech friend of mine. Kale has done a number of nice mods, as he's listed above, but the coach is rough. My future plans are to put a 1UZ V8 in it, along with the much stouter A340E trans, which I'll be picking up next week. Kale, thank you!
  4. a2ndopinion

    One Of A Kind...

    Thank you Linda!
  5. a2ndopinion

    One Of Those Days

    The 1UZ was crushed?!?! Oh no!
  6. a2ndopinion

    One Of A Kind...

    I was wondering if it would be possible to build a slide out, and obviously it's possible, but how much weight does that add to an already marginal GVWR?
  7. From a good friend of mine who knows Toy trucks, especially 4x4s very well: "You can only get at max 3-4in lift but that will also up the spring rate tremendously and you'll hate the ride. It's about a 10in lift to match a 83 4x4 ride height for a2wd. I think you can get a pre runner setup though that lifts it pretty good via spindles."
  8. a2ndopinion

    Speakers In The Coach & Screeching Furnace

    I only have a cover on one of the under cabinet speakers, and it says "Radio Shack". Was that "factory" in an '87 Dolphin? I also have a "noise" from my furnace, but it sounds like two pieces of sheet metal vibrating against each other, and if I smack the grille, it stops.
  9. Mmm, spring over axle. Maybe that'd be my solution. I'm looking for more clearance for safer rough road excursions.
  10. a2ndopinion

    This Owners Dreaming.

    It does say "obo". LOL
  11. a2ndopinion

    This Rv Is " Not For Sale"

    I have a '78 Celica with the hen's tooth luggage rack on the back. I have a friend who wants the rack very badly. I kept telling him no, it's not for sale. He finally told me that as I've said, there is a price for anything, so I said $1,000. He told me I was crazy. I told him I didn't want to sell it, but if he gave me $1k, it'd be his.
  12. a2ndopinion

    Should I Buy A Toyota Chinook?

    Ahh, I hadn't broken it down to figure it out, other than "del mar". Makes sense now!
  13. a2ndopinion

    El Bandito Gets A Pardon And Tries To Function In Society

    I figured you must do something for a living that has you writing. I do mechanical damage warranty claims on cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, personal watercraft... so need to write as well, and sometimes get a bit creative in describing a failure, plus years in the Navy, writing evals... I am looking at the BFG ATs that are available in a 14" simply because of the cost of upgrading to a 15" six-lug wheel. I have to wonder how much load is really carried by the hub centric axle/hub/wheel? I'd think that as long as the studs are in good shape (ARP?), and the lugs are properly torqued... Live and learn, right? I've made a few mistakes along the way, turning a wrench for almost 40 years, paying my dues - literally. Welcome aboard (I'm a noob myself). I'm enjoying your write up/posts, and keep waiting for the next.
  14. a2ndopinion

    Chinook Highway Speed

    Use the '87, but put the 3RZ into it. I know a guy local here that does 2 & 3RZ swaps into older 2xR/RE trucks quite often. I also have a friend who swapped a 2RZ into his '83 Celica, replacing its 22RE. That's an easy way to pick up 40+ HP, and it looks like it belongs there. Just my $0.02 worth.
  15. a2ndopinion

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    Wow! Linda, that is like - super cool! I normally just do the math, but now I don't have to!!