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    1987 Toyota (National) Dolphin, 21'. I bought last week (10/24/15) it with a bad rod bearing, but other than the furnace (at this point), everything works. It does need some repairs to the siding, and has a minimal amount of water damage, but is one of the best looking Dolphins I've seen.
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  1. a2ndopinion

    Cushion Layout Schematic?

    There is, but when Kale installed the solar panels, the screws were too long, so now protrude through the ceiling by about 1/2”. I need to cut them shorter, but don’t want to lose the sealing he applied! yeah, maybe I need to give up using the “rear bunk” and just set it up as a table again - do it right the first time! Oh - and thanks for the link!
  2. a2ndopinion

    Cushion Layout Schematic?

    That might be a great help. Styrofoam? I’d want a porthole or two to let in some daylight though , as I don’t have a vent/skylight in the front maybe that’s something to add. Do you have a pic showing the ladder? Although I like having the “heated bed,” as do my kitties.
  3. a2ndopinion

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    I looked back over the last three years and see that I apparently never posted my coach(s) or my location! I’m Bob, and live in and around the greater Portland, OR area. You can find me in a few other forums as “a2ndopinion” - the name of my business - “A Second Opinion.” My family is in and around the Beaverton area, but since moving into a Toyota mini three years ago, I’ve been all over the greater Pdx area - Oregon City, Fairview, Salem, and am just now leaving Kelso, WA for Yamhill, OR. I started out with a very good looking ‘87 Dolphin, but it developed massive water leaks, so I’ve all but abandoned it for this ‘85 Sunrader that I bought from member “Kale” a year ago. The way I understand it, he bought it midway through a rehab, so (attempted) to finish it, but he was not a carpenter, plumber, electrician or mechanic - or, as being a 15 year US Navy Seabee Construction Mechanic, I say he was not a BU, UT, CE or CM. All of the cabinet doors that he converted from opening sideways to opening up are hung crooked and he’d filled all of the latch holes with expanding foam, he took the battery out of its box and just put it in the cabinet, open with no external venting, the water pump doesn’t hold residual pressure... But he did install a larger, 3-way fridge, a bigger inverter, bigger furnace, backup camera, composting toilet ($1,000), all new shocks and brakes ($2,400), left the oil cap off and blew the engine ($2,400 fresh rebuild), nice stereo, cell/internet signal booster ($350) and more. Then reverse failed, and he gave up, and took my Grand Theft Auto stupid cheap offer. I have two A43D transmissions in storage (long story), but have decided to go a different way. My daily driver is a Lexus LS400, and is my second. I parted the first one out, and kept all of the wiring - from the headlights to the seats, engine (1UZ 4.0L all aluminum DOHC V8), and transmission (A340E). I have a friend who has an ‘87 Toyota 4Runner, which originally came with the 22RET. When he rebuilt and modified it, he converted to a W58 manual trans, so I bought the A340H trans and transfer case. I’m about to take the two transmissions to my good buddy at TransAction Transmissions in Banks, OR and get “it” rebuilt, with the Lexus brains and bellhousing, but the 4Runner t-case, and will then swap in all of the LS400 electrical and engine, and then at a future date will swap in an IFS front diff from a mid 80s P/U / 4Runner. Ill start my own thread when I do, hopefully like what’s his name (sorry) did with his 1UZ swap a few years ago. BTW, a bit about myself - I started studying mechanics in Jr high school with lawn mower/go cart/ mini bike engines, then graduated to motorcycle engines in high school - until I started driving, then it was cars, cars, cars, and I spent summer school in the auto shop, including adult education classes too. In college, I took semesters of carburation (it was a long time ago), tune up, analysis, rebuilding, machining, auto body, paint, and frame straightening. I then spent 15 years in the US Navy as a Construction Mechanic (Seabees), where I worked on everything “from lawn mowers to earth movers”. I was the second CM in the Navy to become a certified crane mechanic. After getting out, I took my ASE exams, and became certified as an ASE Master Auto Tech, Master Truck Tech, Master Machinist, and Master Autobody Specialist. I now do, and have been doing for the last 20 years, mechanical damage inspections for warranty companies, used vehicle inspections, etc, and have appeared in, and won court cases based on my mechanical knowledge. I have been working on Toyota 20/22R/REs since we bought my (ex)wife a ‘79 Celica in ‘96, and then “specialized” in them (on the side), performing a few rebuilds, many timing chains and head gaskets, and so many valve adjustments that I can now do it blindfolded, in Celicas, Coronas, pickups and motorhomes. I’ve also done a fair amount of performance mods/builds, including porting and polishing heads, choosing an appropriate cam, adding 5M throttle bodies and AFMs, and exhaust work. My “real job” also has me performing inspections on motorhomes, doing pre-purchase inspections, and mechanical damage (failed parts) inspections for warranties, so I know a considerable amount about refers, AC, 12v and 120v, inverters, converters, generators, plumbing... I don’t claim to know it all, but am definitely well versed. I am a moderator on a couple of Toyota web pages, and admin on a handful of FB pages. Due to this, and most of my friends being “car guys”, I’m constantly answering questions on FB pages, web sites, and through text messages, FB messenger and phone calls.
  4. a2ndopinion

    Cushion Layout Schematic?

    In my ‘85 Sunrader (21’, rear dinette), that I bought from member “Kale” last year, I’m having one hell of a time getting the dinette seat cushions laid out to make the bed smooth. Did Sunrader have a schematic to follow, or has anyone here experimented enough to get a comfortable, tight fit? I have a thick foam pad to cover all of it, but a pic of which one goes where sure would help! I’ll be sleeping on it all winter, as it’s easier to stay warm with a small electric heater under it, compared to staying warm in the over cab bunk, but when I need to access anything under it, it’s a major PITA to move everything. I’m also thinking that since I’m single and only have to share it with “my boys” (cats), maybe I can divide it so I’m only using the front portion, maybe 1/2 +-? I've also discovered that the dinette table top really needs to be reworked, with hinges or some sort of latching system so it is easier to get around when it’s up, but properly sit on the frame when lowered to be a bed. I did find last winter that corregated cardboard wedged between the cushions and the walls worked out great to keep them warmer to the touch when temps dropped into the 20s!
  5. a2ndopinion

    Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    Is fhis still available? I'm
  6. a2ndopinion

    Painting Advice

    Reading this makes me realize just how much effort Kale put into this coach, and what a score I made. It still needs a BUNCH of finishing work to really look good, but... WOW!
  7. a2ndopinion

    Parts/project Sunrader Near Portland

    To all, I ended up being the lucky one to acquire this from Kale. i too have been off for quite some time, after practically giving up on my Dolphin, due to siding separating, and feeling that it just isn't worth fixing. I'll be swapping the trans out of the Dolphin for now, as I'd bought the Dolphin with a bad engine, and almost three years later, still haven't gotten around to putting the used engine I bought from a Lexus tech friend of mine. Kale has done a number of nice mods, as he's listed above, but the coach is rough. My future plans are to put a 1UZ V8 in it, along with the much stouter A340E trans, which I'll be picking up next week. Kale, thank you!
  8. a2ndopinion

    One Of A Kind...

    Thank you Linda!
  9. a2ndopinion

    One Of Those Days

    The 1UZ was crushed?!?! Oh no!
  10. a2ndopinion

    One Of A Kind...

    I was wondering if it would be possible to build a slide out, and obviously it's possible, but how much weight does that add to an already marginal GVWR?
  11. From a good friend of mine who knows Toy trucks, especially 4x4s very well: "You can only get at max 3-4in lift but that will also up the spring rate tremendously and you'll hate the ride. It's about a 10in lift to match a 83 4x4 ride height for a2wd. I think you can get a pre runner setup though that lifts it pretty good via spindles."
  12. a2ndopinion

    Speakers In The Coach & Screeching Furnace

    I only have a cover on one of the under cabinet speakers, and it says "Radio Shack". Was that "factory" in an '87 Dolphin? I also have a "noise" from my furnace, but it sounds like two pieces of sheet metal vibrating against each other, and if I smack the grille, it stops.
  13. Mmm, spring over axle. Maybe that'd be my solution. I'm looking for more clearance for safer rough road excursions.
  14. a2ndopinion

    This Owners Dreaming.

    It does say "obo". LOL
  15. a2ndopinion

    This Rv Is " Not For Sale"

    I have a '78 Celica with the hen's tooth luggage rack on the back. I have a friend who wants the rack very badly. I kept telling him no, it's not for sale. He finally told me that as I've said, there is a price for anything, so I said $1,000. He told me I was crazy. I told him I didn't want to sell it, but if he gave me $1k, it'd be his.