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  1. Hi--need some help finding a post from a member who braced his cabover on the outside using braces that went from the underside of the cabover to the metal on the cab outside the sides of the windshield. Have used the search feature but can't find it. Anybody remember who or where this information (with pictures) was posted? Thanks!
  2. Now that is what I was expecting! Thanks all for your input. Our '92 Itasca Spirit is 21' long and, while I enjoy driving it, I don't think that it would answer my needs for a daily driver, only vehicle, etc. We are retired and don't need to drive every day, but still don't think I want to use the Toy as a grocery getter. Thanks for all your opinions and input!
  3. Hi again--I was really hoping that the group members would have some opinions on this topic. I know I can do whatever I want, but I value what y'all have to say. What say you?
  4. Hi all--interested to know if any of our group uses their Toyhome as a daily driver. We have been considering a B van, but the Toy has us so spoiled that the B vans come up short. Anyway, given the age of our Toys (ours is a '92) what say you about using the Toy as a daily driver?
  5. Hi--topic has been discussed at length in the past. Suggest you use the "search" function to see what you can find. Good luck and let us know how you make out with this project.
  6. Hi all--previously posted about my brake job on the '92 Itasca Spirit. Well, confusion still reigns! Got advice here that I needed NAPA part #SE1581 or 82. Went to NAPA today to order the left side caliper and was told that the part number was for a 1/2 ton truck. I explained that I have a one ton chassis with dual rear wheels with a motorhome mounted on the chassis. Clerk supplied part#22-01579L which he said is specified for a one ton chassis. Having been this route before and having much trouble finding the correct parts, I am hesitant. Told him to order it anyway and received
  7. Thanks Linda--good resource! After I posted, I found what I was looking for at partgeek.com The mechanic who did the work on my brakes replaced the master cylinder wih a new one but put the old reservoir on the new part. We are now 1200 miles from where the work was done and the brake fluid is leaking out around the old grommets. Took it apart and the grommets are no longer tight enough to hold the fluid in. New ones are on the way--thanks!
  8. Hi all--recent brake system overhaul finds me needing a part I cannot seem to find. New master cylinder installed and the original brake fluid reservoir installed on it. The two rubber seals that go on the bottom of the brake fluid reservoir and into the two fluid inlets on the master cylinder seem to need replacement as there is a leak. I am seeking new seals. Anyone have a source or point me in the right direction? Reservoir is an AISIN and it has the number 1L15 on the body. Have sent a message to AISIN and am waiting for a response. Any help you can give would be most appreci
  9. Hi Totem and thanks for your reply. I agree 110% with all you say. In my defense, we love our Toy and while I am handy and do a lot of work myself, as I get older I am less capable of handling a lot of jobs that are best left to those younger than I. That being said, when you break down in a strange place, you at the mercy of service people.
  10. Thanks Linda and Jim for your valued opinions. As we only use the Toy for two weeks per year with long periods of unuse between, we seem to have mechanical problems related to sitting for long periods. Same with the cars--PA car sits for six months and FL car sits for six months with mechanical problems because of the long periods of not being used. Would like to have one vehicle that I can use as a daily driver and still have the ability to camp/live in during the travel times. This all started because we were in repair for two weeks on the road because of the ineptitude of the parts
  11. Hi all--excuse the long post. Trying to decide whether to keep the Toy or move on. 1992 Itasca Spirit, 105K mostly trouble-free miles. Is it time to replace my faithful friend? Don't have $100K plus to buy something new, but after many frustrations (lately) with repairs to the Toy and finding out that Toyota Cares means NOTHING, I am trying to decide what to do. Should I keep the Toy and deal with the ever increasing repairs or move on to something else? Thought I would like a Roadtrek or something similar and maybe have less repair with something domestic. We have four vehicles o
  12. Hey JDE--U da man! Parts look identical to what is in place now. Tomorrow morning I make a run to NAPA to see how fast I can get a new pair of calipers! By any chance, do you also have part numbers for new rotors and pads? Thanks!
  13. Sorry about the cross out line in the previous post--thank you so much for all the sharing and caring. This group is great!
  14. Many thanks y'all for all the input! Hopefully, we will be happily back on the road soon and this situation will only be an unpleasant memory. Waiting for more than a week for the correct part surely tries your patience!
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