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  1. Hey there Price, Here is what I did. I went to the local Flea Market and found a center console made out of plastic. I paid $1 for it. Took it home and washed it. Went to the local hardware store and bought some brown PLASTIC spray paint called "Fusion" for $4. It has a slight glitter in it and it sprays on with a slight texture. This spring I will go to the wrecking yard and pick up a lock for it. I put three long screws thru it and mounted it to the sheet metal floor. Hope this gives you something to work with. Pager 86 Dolphin
  2. glad these were cought quickly - the pager5
  3. hey there, THIS IS ON EBAY RIGHT NOW! Item number: 220295084261 type this in the search box on ebay! Toll Free 1-800-456-9645 Brand new quality after market Manifold Not prone to cracking like the factory unit 1985-UP, NON-TURBO 22r 22re pickup and 4 Runner Does not fit for Turbo
  4. Good Morning, When I ordered mine, I ordered to fit and '86 pickup. did not worry about the R or RE. I believe 1985 and up are the same engine except for the fuel injection. 22R and 22RE. here is a thread from a Toyota forum where the question was asked about swapping the engines . . . *was wondering if I could take the intake off a 22r and then put feul injection in it's place.? Is it the same engine? Depends on what year of 22R you are trying to convert. Any 22R/22RE 85 and up are going to be the same except for minor cam differances between the EFI and Carbed motors. The EFI intake will bolt right up to it. some 84 and late 83 heads had dual bolt pattern that will accept late model intakes as well as 83 and 84 manifolds. You will need the Distributor, EFI Fuel Tank and pump as well as all of the wiring, manifolds and sensors to make this happen as well. yes you can just swap the heads and intake/exhaust, but you will also need all the wiring from under the hood and under the dash, the fuel pump and tank, ignitor/coil, mass airflow sensor, all those relays and if your just swapping heads you'll need to find the fuel lines that come from the firewall to the filter to the fuel rail. from there its just a bit of splicing (the ignition wires must be connected)and turning the key i would reccomend using the entire 22re block, beleive me you will have enough problems as it is. http://bb.bc4x4.com/showthread.php?t=1814 heres the link. Pager
  5. exhaust manifold gasket replacement29 lostinbama2x1,38819th August 2008 - 10:11 PM Last post by: tweberglass Hey there dixiebear64, look at this thread above. It is just below yours. Lostinbama and I (thepager5) replaced our manifolds. There are links to where we purchased ours as well as replacement of the maifold and the gaskets and broken bolts. FROM THE THREAD: hey there - I also have a 22re fi I am replacing my exhaust manifold gasket also. I did find an ebay store that has the manifold with the heat sheil for $23 + shipping - total is $45. This is unbelievable! Here is the link: http://stores.ebay.com/Car-Parts-Wholesale...3QQftidZ2QQtZkm Hope this helps - KP ('86 Dolphin 22re fi)
  6. Well, we made it! 2 adults, 3 kids, 1 dog and a 21ft Toyota Dolphin Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado - back through Kansas, Oklahoma and back home in Arkansas All together about 3700 miles in 14 days. Sites: Hasting Museum - Hastings Nebraska The Badlands, Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park - South Dakota Cody Museum, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Bar J Chuckwagon Dinner and show, Jackson Hole, Snake River Float - Wyoming Steamboat Springs, Denver, Manatu Springs, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, 7 Falls, Royal Gorge Bridge, Arkansas River Rapids Float - Colorado Dodge City, Boot Hill - Kansas Places we stayed - most places clean - but remember this is train country (at all hours). KOA - Salina Thedord, Nebraska - roadway inn (hook-ups out back/w sewer) - TRAIN across the street - all hours Flintstones - Custer South Dakota (WOULD NOT RECCOMEND - (Stayed here cause 13 year old) Campbell's - Greybull, WY Colter Bay (Tetons) - Just south of the South Yellowstone Gate KOA - Craig Colorado - (excellent) Golden Eagle - Colorado Springs, Colorado (5 out of 10) KOA - Royal Gourge (excellent) KOA - La Junta, Co (excellent) KOA's are a little more - but you get it back with REAL CLEAN BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS!!! Attached are some pics. Thanks for all the info for getting me road ready - My family and I are already looking forward to the next big adventure in our TOYOTA! Pager Arkansas
  7. Scroll down through the posts to this thread . . . look at the date - you will find it easier. spring bushings how to order correct poly bushings16 lostinbama2x58919th March 2008 - 11:30 AM Last post by: thepager5 I have posted what I used - included are pics and install instructions. Hope this helps Pager Arkansas
  8. Heres' what I have . . . It's a Coleman Powermate 2500 max watts. (kinda LOUD but not used alot - its just for emergencies or at a rest stop) I Purchased it on Ebay for $165 new in box. It is @ 19" X 19" by 24" tall with an extension handle. I mounted it to the tray with 3 pipeclamps and a lock and chain. It runs the A/C by itself (with nothing else on) or it runs lights and microwave and electric grill with no problem. My generator is mounted on the rear cargo tray. PICS Just drove 3079 miles and no problems with either the tray or the generator. Pager Arkansas
  9. Hey there, My 86 Dolphin has 2 belts on the couch and 2 belts on the dinette. Also as expected, 2 belts in the cab. (sorry pic does not show belts - they are tucked behind for sleeping) This is a 21 ft Model 900 86 Toyota Dolphin. There are rigs that will accomodate your needs but I think your going to have to find a couch and dinette configuration to get all belted in. There is still room to add additional belts if need. Pager Arkansas
  10. Heres a rough stab at it. Just hand drawn TOYOs Thoughts Pager speedofparked.pdf
  11. Hey guys, I just returned from my 3000+ mile trip and am happy to report I averaged 13.625 with more mountains and hills than flat. Also had a small head wind and blowing snow a couple of days. 2 adults and 3 kids and food/clothes/bicycles/generater etc for 2 weeks on the road. The last 2 days I was going East through Kansas and Oklahoma into Arkansas. These days I got 16 and 16.3 MPG. I made a great investment in the 86 Dolphin Model 900 with the 2.4L 4 CYL w/FI. Pager Arkansas
  12. Good Morning Everyone, I am posting from Greybull, WY this morning. We have driven from Arkansas thru OK, KS, NE, and into SD - Now we are ready to leave for Yellowstone and the Tetons. 1640 miles. The Badlands loop is a must and the Scenic drive from i-90 across Hwy 16 towards Yellowstone takes you over the BigHorn Mtns - THIS IS A MUST SEE!! It snowed on us and the view on the backside is really unbelievable. We have gone thru every possible weather situation. The little 4cyl "bullet proof" engine has performed great. Average @ 11mpg fully loaded - I mean FULLY LOADED!! We are sleeping 5 people and stopping at "out of the way" campgrounds. Going to Cody today and into Colter Bay at the South entrance of Yellowstone. Pager Arkansas
  13. Hey there, I am actually as I write, I am in Greybull, Wyoming on a 2 week trip to yellowstone. 1376 miles so far. The cargo carrier is working great - I have a cargo tub and a small generator on it. It does not add any stress to driving but, it doeas add lenghth in an area that is already hard to see. I mounted my recevicer off center (to the left) because of the ladder and the way I haul my bicycles. This also helps me offset the weight accross the back. All in all, the added space is worth it to me. See ya, Pager Arkansas
  14. Hey there, Not sure what filter you are referring to. Does the differential fluid have an external filter? Are you referring to a fuel filter? Can you post a pic so I can see what and where? Pager Arknasas
  15. Hey Guys, Once I got the Bolt cleaned up and drenched with liquid wrench. I noticed it had been removed - or a least attempted to be removed before. I had to buy a 15/16" socket - this is 1/2" drive - to remove the bolt. HOWEVER - I could not break it free. So I asked one of my renters who is alot younger and a past mechanic to give it his try. No problem - he checked the fluid - clean and real full. I feel alot better about my 3000 mile trip now. I received and email back from the previous owner who said a full checkup and maintenace was done at 60K when he purchased the Dolphin from a dealer in St. Louis. Any thing else I need to check? - I think I have been pretty thourough and am feeling good about the little TOY! Pager, Arkansas (11 days to go)
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