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You've all been there...so super excited, but anxious!


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Hi everyone!

We purchased a '90 Warrior back in September after looking for a time. This one is much like everyone else's, properly cared for and maintained/stored/loved/damaged/fixed/driven/old/awesome!

When we purchased, the seller stated that it had 4 new tires on it, which it did, but there were trailer tires on the front...and they were not "new". So I replaced all six and spared the best of the worst. The 4 gallon water heater was disconnected because it leaked, (disclosed), so I replaced it with an new 6 gallon electronic ignition unit, (but hadn't delved deep enough into this forum to learn about by-pass valves, more on that later...). The furnace stopped working after a couple of weeks into our ownership, but a simple switch-out of the thermostat solved that problem. It has no genny, (disclosed), but it is wired for one. One plus is the cargo rack on the back. The signal lights at the rear right started acting up, it turned out to be the ground rivets inside the light assembly, they had rusted...aluminum bridge, but steel rivets! I bypassed them and they work fine. No cab A/C, (disclosed) but the coach A/C works well. No cruise control, (disclosed). No leaks!!! Every seam is gooped and actually so gooped that it looks a bit unsightly...but high and dry! There is a bit of funk around the cab-over and some repaired water damage to driver side loft, but dry. No rust. Pretty good shape! one cracked window above the driver/front...but no leak.


We took a two nighter "maiden voyage" three hours away to an RV park on the southern shore of Lake Superior and all systems were go. I even tried the shower with the new water heater. The truck ran great, comfortable to drive. The coach was comfortable. I did break a gray water tank valve handle...brittle plastic, replaced with metal variety. On that trip, she turned 100,000 miles, so I changed the oil and flushed the tranny in preparation for the reason for our excited anxiety!


We're in northern Minnesota, so the ToyMoHo has been winterized with 8...yes, count them...8 gallons of RV antifreeze, (no water heater bypass, thank you very much) and I have her covered with a big tarp and have an electric heater keeping it mild in the interior. A temporary winterization...as we're planning to pack her up and head south on December 15th.


Our plan is to head down to Florida and see my folks who are in their late eighties, then head down to the Everglades and Keys, before heading West to eventually take us out to the central coast of California. We have Family, Friends and Framily all along the way. All told it will be a 3 month tour and nearly 7,000 miles. We'll have to dump all of that antifreeze once below the Mason -Dixon line!


As I mentioned, we're super excited to feel the freedom you all have been chatting about, but I'm not gonna lie, I get that "Grand Ma" is old, brittle, delicate and did I mention old! I do have some anxiety about the trip. But hey, my Tacoma has 366K miles on it and the Rav4 is at 234K! I feel confident about the Toyota.


We'll do our best to let you know how the trip is going...and any insight that you can offer would be appreciated!




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