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E Brake questions - '84 Dolphin 6-lug rear axle

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I have a '83 Dolphin that I revived and did quite a bit of work on the last few years, but my use for it and my time to renovate further have declined so I'm getting ready to sell soon. The main task I was hoping to do before I sold was get an emergency / parking brake working. It's never had one since my father bought it in 2011, and it was my understanding / assumption that one was never hooked up when the axle was upgraded. Ive always just parked it in gear and chucked the wheel. The handle is still there in the cab, and there's a remnant of the middle of a line still attached to a clip along the frame, but the back of the hubs have nothing hooked into them. I haven't pulled the hub, but my hope is that the parking brake is intact in there and I can install a line between the cab mechanism to the hub.


I pulled a line off a dually 80s Toyota flatbed at a junkyard, but the fitment at the back of the hub is different than mine. Does anyone know a part number or a source for the e-brake line for this wheelbase and 6-lug axle, or will i have to customize something?   Does my axle look like the official recall replacement or is this a different one someone replaced separately ?

IMG_7710 Large.jpeg

IMG_2912 Large.jpeg

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