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Aft wall repair Winnie Warrior - structural help?

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Hi there, first post! Excited to be here!
Recently purchased a v6 1990 Winnie Warrior (woohoo) and have been absorbing as much info as I can from the forum.  I've been going through and making her mine and sound, and fingers crossed but the roof seems sound, over-cab definitely had some leaks (and probably still does) but a couple owners ago seem to have stuck a plywood replacement piece and re-bolted it to the cab-over bed for now. Not 100% sure how great of an idea that was, but the wood is at least newer and not rotted so it has that going for it.  Heavier though, I'm sure.


My main project at the moment is re-doing the rotten back wall by the bathroom, where I've isolated the leaks all having come from the rear tail lights and running lights.  I've read up on a lot of the rot repair threads,  but have a sort of specific question...

I've torn down the rotten luan paneling on the shower side wall and rear wall, and am curious about how to go about replacing the piece of wood that sits in what seems to be an aluminum sheet at the bottom.  Sort of like a stringer that runs the length across from side wall to side wall.  The vertical wood pieces attached to the metal frame seems to be solid / not rotten (only a little bit at the bottom and I'm hoping I may be OK using wood rot filler to fill in the bottom), but the piece on the bottom is 80% shot (the 20% in the middle is sound).


What's the best way to go about replacing this piece, and how structural is it?  Or am I okay to fill it with some filler and go about re-paneling the walls (after I've sealed the lights, of course).




Bonus picture of what it looked like a couple days ago v. today...





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