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Found 6 results

  1. 22re EFI Dolphin - 1987? It says May 86 in the door panel. Just got new gas tank, sending unit, pump, the works - and now my check engine light is flashing spasmodically, and it takes forever to fill the gas tank. It goes a few dribbles and then shuts off. If I try to continue, it will splash out. Going really slow doesn't work. The weird part is I put 12 gallons in no problem right after picking it up. So now I'm considering that the fuel hose vent may be blocked or not connected right. The mechanic was in a hella hurry to finish by 5 pm and get out of there. I don't know
  2. Hey! My Sunrader Diane and I had a long winter and I need to do some repairs in the Los Angeles Area. Unfortunately, I have limited DIY resources because of where it is parked-etc. First, I have some serious water damage from a leak somewhere in the ceiling. I really need it to stop leaking, and obviously, the water damage to the wood is a problem for the future. I noticed that the roof vent for my stove, etc has a crack in the hard plastic. Anyone have any experience with this leaking? I have found replacements on Craigslist, and it seems like this is an easy enough DIY project, am
  3. Hi Folks, We're about 3,500 miles into our summer road-trip at the moment. 2 days ago we noticed that our refrigerator roof vent cover was missing, I got on the roof to have a look and it looks like the base is damaged too (see photos). Really not sure how this happened - we didn't hit anything that we can think of.. Anyway, I'm wondering how to go about fixing this? As mentioned, we are on the road so if a 100% fix is going to be a lot of effort is there something short term I could do? Could it be worth just taking it to a servicing shop? For reference, the vehicle is a 1991
  4. Hi there! I'm a pretty new owner, and picked up my Sunland Express this June. I've been lurking on the forum since then - a ton of excellent info here! But here's the problem... I've got some serious roof leaks on this, and I'm working my way through cleaning up and resealing roof vents and seams. I've made use of a ton of info I've gotten from this forum about how to do things, so thanks everybody! But I'm not sure what to do with the plumbing vent. I first noticed it was missing a cap. Then, as I was cleaning off the gobs of silicone covering the base, I found that the plastic v
  5. Hiya folks. So I'm refurbishing an '88/'89 Odyssey and I've run into a problem. The former owner removed the range hood. No big deal, I'll just buy one online, right? WRONG! None of the options available on line seem like they will fit. FIRST, the sizes don't seem right. It appears as though my original range hood was 19" wide. But no one I've talked to has apparently ever heard of a 19" wide range hood. 20" is the smallest anyone seems to know of. SECOND, the cutout size is becoming rare these days. The cutout is roughly 7.5" by 3". Almost all current range hoods are designed for 10" by 3" (o
  6. We have had a smell issue with our holding tanks a few times, especially as they get full. We quit using the blue stuff a while ago and started using washing soda and laundry detergent w/ very good results, but we still got a smell when we were cruising along at 45 or so w/ the vent windows open. After some research, we decided to spring for a "360 Siphon" vent from Camping World. The local store where we were at the time price matched the "discount" price we found online, so we bought it, took it "home" and installed it. It has made a huge difference. I like it because it's simple, w/ no m
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