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My Toyota Motorhome


Found 5 results

  1. I recently purchased this little beauty. A 1983 21' Sunrader with 22R, 4 speed manual transmission. The interior and exterior are in very good to excellent condition considering she's 29 years old. I will add some more photographs in the next few days. I'm downsizing from a house and still trying to get all my gear to fit, so any interior pictures would be stacked boxes. I'm a newbie so any advice is always welcome. Anyone with a similar RV please email or friend me.
  2. Hello everyone, Ive recently purchased a 78’ Sunrader knowing nothing about them really. I’ve only owned Toyota’s so I’m familiar with the truck. My plans include: 4x4 conversion, motor swap, pull the camper and deal with any rust before I start the interior remodel. I have gutted it due to a leaky roof and water damage which will need some attention. I’ve done some research now and have seen quite a few different models. The short short ones like mine that I’ve seen all have the door in the far back with the flip up panel. And I believe they don’t have a shower.. Does anyone have any info on the models of Sunrader in the late 70’s? Mine is a front dinette rear door with a shower and toilet. Also looking for input on motor swaps. I’m gonna keep the rear 1 ton duality. Fj80 front axle and I think I want to go with the 5vzfe. Any input?
  3. Greetings all! As of a few days ago I was not even aware that Toyota Motorhomes existed! So, yes, I am new here and contemplating a 1986 Mirage. I have long been a fan of the 22RE and currently drive a so-so rusty '88 4runner all over the country doing art fairs. This is what I would be using the Mirage for. So...bubble window over front passenger side is out - how best to replace it and with what? Do I scour junk yards across the country or is their an aftermarket replacement? Do I make my own with plexi and a heat gun? Tires: do I want 195's or 185's? Does it matter alot? The mirage is gutted and will hold my art show stuff which may be around 500lbs? For Mirage do I def. want D class? I need a larger vehicle (than the 4runner) to hold my show stuff and get me around reliably: it's either the Mirage, a Sienna mini-van or (ugh) a ford cargo van. Any thoughts...? Thanks for all the info!
  4. Hi all- I am currently in the market for a Toyota Motorhome, and I thought I finally settled on one until I stumbled upon a potential issue in my research today. This is the ad of the rig I am looking at. http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/rvs/4536487075.html It seems to be in excellent condition and has low mileage which is a plus. My intent is to possibly drive it down to South America, so it will be a pretty rigorous trip I assume. I definitely need something that can get me up hills pretty well, and is reliable. The issue that came up with the Sun-Land was that it can barely make it up hills, and someone mentioned it is because the 4 cylinder engine simply isn't enough for this RV. Does anyone have experience with this model? Are the hills a genuine issue for it? If so, are there any other models that would be more suited for what I am looking to do. I live in Denver currently, so needless to say there are a lot of "hills" around. Thank you in advance!
  5. HI Everyone, We are looking for a 1 ton full floating 6-lug rear axle and tires ASAP for our 85 toyota motorhome. We are currently broken down in Kentucky. If anyone knows where we can find one, or has one could you leave us a message, or get back to us at brittymacd@hotmail.com, or 226-236-1342. Thank you so much for your time! Brittney
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