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  1. Matt, Thank you, that is great info! I do not have my Mirage yet, but when I do ........ So you are willing to sell the bubble windows for $75 each is that correct? I use lexan in my work - but with a small dap and die set - have made a larger bubble in oven once - but it was far from perfect. Olive
  2. Yeah, the AC is a must for me I'm afraid. I'm living in the midwest for the first time and find it necessary for not becoming severly cranky.
  3. Are you looking to sell your Mirage? If so, give details. Looking for auto trans with OD and AC! Does it have upgraded axle? Where are you located? Currently I do fiber sculpture - soft sculpture in vintage wooden shaddow boxes from old soda crates and sewing machine drawers. Not too heavy - with my tent and display walls maybe 500lbs?
  4. I'm sure many people would be interested in either knowledge on how to make the windows, or if you are selling them, on how much.
  5. Yes, I'd be interested in replacement windows for a Mirage! I don't have one quite yet but let me know more info! You mentioned you have a mini - is that a mini Mirage? I didn't think they had the same bubble windows?? Olive
  6. Yes, I would be using it as a cargo van - but I would also be using the bunk to sleep in and love the bubble windows, so would never dream of patching over it. I heat forge lexan in my art work - so would remake a window. The rig I was considering ended up being a complete abused nightmare! The seller was very deceptive and there were tons of issues. ($1400 Mirage - 88K -Nashville C.L.) Waste of 2 days drive and expense. Still looking for a Mirage if anyone finds one let me know! Thanks for all the advice!
  7. I need a replacement bed/mattress for '86 Mirage. Size and shape info? Where to order one? Do I need two parts - for the "hatch" and main bed or can I just use one full shape? Thanks!
  8. Bryan - I'm in MO too and looking to replace passenger side bubble window on Mirage. Any ideas or leads for me?
  9. Greetings all! As of a few days ago I was not even aware that Toyota Motorhomes existed! So, yes, I am new here and contemplating a 1986 Mirage. I have long been a fan of the 22RE and currently drive a so-so rusty '88 4runner all over the country doing art fairs. This is what I would be using the Mirage for. So...bubble window over front passenger side is out - how best to replace it and with what? Do I scour junk yards across the country or is their an aftermarket replacement? Do I make my own with plexi and a heat gun? Tires: do I want 195's or 185's? Does it matter alot? The mirage is gutted and will hold my art show stuff which may be around 500lbs? For Mirage do I def. want D class? I need a larger vehicle (than the 4runner) to hold my show stuff and get me around reliably: it's either the Mirage, a Sienna mini-van or (ugh) a ford cargo van. Any thoughts...? Thanks for all the info!
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