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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, has anyone replaced the Cabover window on their Americana? It is slightly curved around the front of the Cabover area and held in a rubber gasket material, no other frame. Looking for options on materials, methods, sealants, etc. NOT presently looking at fiberglassing over the window and deleting it. I currently have it sealed on the outside with a border of Eternabond tape. It works but isn’t pretty. We are looking at completing out interior rebuild and hoping to replace the window first before we finish the bunk area. Thanks!
  2. Hello! Been wresting while trying to remove a Norcold factory fridge out of my Toyota RV 1989 Micro Spirit. Have seen several videos, including a link posted on this site that's pretty good, different ToyRV than mine, but close (cabbieland, http://cabbieland.byethost31.com/Sea-Breeze-Refrigerator.html?i=2) I have followed directions am am stuck with the final removal (sliding out the old Norcold) I believe its the final bolting screws located in the back of the Norcold, on the outside. Cabbiland poster describes it this way: "I turned off the propane and disconnected the copper line, then unplugged the electrical cord. I removed the refrigerator door (one bolt at the top). The refrigerator was secured with two screws into the floor in the back (I cant locate these screws) of the unit, and four screws on the front flange. After removing those screws, the old refrigerator slid easily into the inside of the RV." This youtube video looks a lot like my Norcold from the compartment located on the outside. And here are numerous photos of my progress. Thank You! Wide shot of outdoor compartment, CU of right side, CU of left side, Norcold on the inside of the RV, and a shot of the panel
  3. Some days Google is not your friend. I had no luck searching the forums, so I am posting and starting a new thread. I am looking for a supplier for the cable door for the generator compartment on my 92 Warrior. I went to Camping World and their 'one-size-fits-most' replacement covers are too small in the hole pattern department. (I also learned that they try to screw you on returns if you have coupons, but that is another story). Most of what I find on Amazom and eBuy are cheap Chinese knockoffs which are not always the right dimensions. I have stumbled across various suppliers mentioned in individual posts, but noticed that there is no 'sticky' for suppliers that have parts that will fit our rigs. (For example, I notice Shockwarehouse.com in many posts.) It probably wouldn't hurt if there was a sticky for service providers (shops that do suspensions, suppliers for aftermarket parts for the upgrades that come with a 'custom' repair on the suspension, etc.) Maybe if people posted where they find their parts, we can avoid repetitive posts.
  4. Hey everyone, I took my Travelmaster to get a tune up and my mechanic said the fuel tank sublet hose was deteriorating pretty bad. Sure enough, after I filled the tank all the way up I noticed about 1/4 of the tank had leaked overnight. I've called around my town to see if anyone has the replacement part but the part has been discontinued by Toyota and I'm having trouble trying to find it online. Any suggestions as to how I can find the part? It's a fuel tank sublet hose for a 1986 Travelmaster. The part number is 7721335110. Thanks!
  5. Hello Toyota Motorhomers, In the process of fixing up my beautiful 91' Warrior, I'm currently ripping out the foam insulation and plywood in the shower area due to water damage; rot and mold. Does anyone have any tips for gluing the exterior to the interior? The only way I see to do it is to take apart the seam from the outside to be able to clamp everything down with some Gorilla glue. Also, I haven't decided what to replace the cruddy Luan stuff on the interior shower with. It obviously didn't stay too waterproof over the years. Looking for just some heavy duty plastic paneling online hasn't produced much. Thanks in advance for any help and recommendations! Lope
  6. I just had the pleasure(?) of replacing my fridge in my 1990 Itasca Spirit. The video says it all: Replacing The Dometic RM2401 Refrigerator
  7. Passing this on to you guys: LED Bulbs This price is crazy low, $1.25 each. Can't beat it and they work great.
  8. I just bought a pair of billstein shocks from eshocks . went to go put them on the front and the bolt holes don't line up and are too wide. And the tube is too big to fit through the hole in the A arm. Bilstien shows they fit from 84 up to 95. the cab of the truck says it's an 83 even though it's titled as an 84. Has anyone ever had this problem before? has anyone ever had to modify the A arm to get other shots to fit. Thanks.
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