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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Been wresting while trying to remove a Norcold factory fridge out of my Toyota RV 1989 Micro Spirit. Have seen several videos, including a link posted on this site that's pretty good, different ToyRV than mine, but close (cabbieland, http://cabbieland.byethost31.com/Sea-Breeze-Refrigerator.html?i=2) I have followed directions am am stuck with the final removal (sliding out the old Norcold) I believe its the final bolting screws located in the back of the Norcold, on the outside. Cabbiland poster describes it this way: "I turned off the propane and disconnected the copper line, then unplugged the electrical cord. I removed the refrigerator door (one bolt at the top). The refrigerator was secured with two screws into the floor in the back (I cant locate these screws) of the unit, and four screws on the front flange. After removing those screws, the old refrigerator slid easily into the inside of the RV." This youtube video looks a lot like my Norcold from the compartment located on the outside. And here are numerous photos of my progress. Thank You! Wide shot of outdoor compartment, CU of right side, CU of left side, Norcold on the inside of the RV, and a shot of the panel
  2. I recently purchased a 1989 Winnebago Warrior. I am trying to remove the Norcold fridge and it doesn't want to come out. I removed all the screws that I can find but it seems to be attached to some brackets on the sides. Anyone have experiance with this?
  3. Recently I became aware that the original 2-way Norcold 875EG2 in my Warrior was subject to a manufacturer's recall for "Smaller Gas Absorption Models." Apparently the rubber seals inside the gas valve can begin to leak over time, causing a fire hazard. (Probably old news to some of you, but first I've heard of it!) https://www.thetford.com/customer-support/recall-information/ I reached out to Norcold/Thetford with the unit's SN#, and they confirmed that it does need to be addressed by a "qualified service center." Anybody have experience with this? Painful or painless process? The refer looks a bit rough of course, after 27 years, but it still works on LP and AC! Don't want to end up with a big brick in the coach, if something goes wrong...
  4. Heading west on Rt 66 through Oklahoma and are having trouble with the fridge (Norcold: original, I'd guess), which doesn't seem to be cooling. I ran it for a full night on 120v before we left but am not sure it was working; outdoor temp has been near freezing or below all day. This evening, the fridge just wasn't feeling very cold so I switched over to propane; seemed to ignite easily and kept a steady light on the front. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will cool down over night, or we'll have to ditch a bunch of food...dang it. The Norcold has worked well in the past, but we've never had to use it in very cold weather (weeks of warmth/sun here, right up until just before our vacation week, geez!). Appreciate any suggestions, folks! (Btw, no sign or smell of ammonia in or around fridge.) Thank you
  5. I have a 1992 Toyota Winnebago spirit Itasca. The half size refrigerator in the coach works great with the internal tank. I'm going to Mexico where they do not have many facilities that can fill the RV style tanks. I have a t fitting and valve I inserted in my line downstream of the original regulator because there was not enough room to tap into the existing line between the existing tank and the existing regulator. I want to use a 20 pound cylinder and bought a new braided flex line which has a 20 pound pressure regulator. When I tried to light my refrigerator it sounds like a flame in the wind, kind of noisy. It will not light. It burns for a few seconds, but it starts normally, quietly, and works great with the original horizontal internal cylinder. I think that it's getting too much pressure at 20 pounds. I consulted my RV manual and my coach and Norcold manual do not state what pressure the OEM regulator is, and have no idea what kind of pressure the standard RV horizontal tank is maintaining. Does anyone out there know? By the way the gas stove seems a little sluggish to light with the new 20 pound regulator so maybe it's not getting enough pressure. I am baffled.
  6. I have an original Norcold 875EG2 refrigerator in my Winnie Warrior and it's missing the elusive control mode knob. I called Norcold and they aren't making any parts at all for this unit. I then drove to Denver over the weekend to the state's only RV salvage yard hoping to find one. Unfortunately I don't know what it looks like and none of the parts are marked/cataloged. So, I'm wondering if anyone with a knob on one of these units would be willing to take a picture and post it. That way I can start emailing the photo around the country hoping to find one! As always, many thanks. I have a feeling I'll be hanging around here for a very long time. CR
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