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Found 10 results

  1. Are there causes for the coach water pump cycling when the system's not in use (no tap open, not flushing toilet, etc) other than leaks in the system? My pump does this somewhat intermittently. For instance, about 90% of the time, within 30 seconds after I've closed a tap or completed a flush, the pump will give one very brief grunt. About 50% of the time, between 3 and 5 minutes later, it'll give another grunt. Sometimes, but rarely, it'll grunt again 5 minutes later. After that, it doesn't happen again. I can (and have) leave the pump on all night and it won't grunt again. If its has its fir
  2. Dumb newbie question, I've developed a leak in the east coast storms and hurricane weather. I'm in the process of finding someone to help me get it fixed up, but in the meantime I'm trying to avoid making it worse. I've searched the forums and found a lot of camper covers, but I was hoping to find something more akin to a "cap" that would cover the top of my toyhome, but not much more than that. So we're talking the entire top, but only down so far as my overcab hangs, that way I could still drive with it on. Does such a thing exist? Should I just buy a regular cover and cut it up? O
  3. I was so stoked to purchase my first rig. Got it home, started cleaning and taking stuff apart and discovered this nastiness. Recommendations and/or resources for how to replace wood and possibly reseal windows? I’ve been told marine grade plywood with epoxy varnish and construction adhesive Doesn’t help to live in Oregon either.
  4. Right around the same time Badgerbear posted about this same issue, I started noticing it on my driver's side rear axle: wet/dirty hub, strong smell of gear oil. Finally got time to start digging into the problem tonight (and, btw, I'm super-thankful for the great tips and photos that were posted in BB's earlier thread!). Once I got the darn cone washers out, I got a good look inside the hub, and everything is nasty/filthy in there! Can't wait to get that all cleaned up, looking good, with new grease. Anyway, it didn't take long to see what was causing the leak... the outer seal is totall
  5. I discovered a slight leak in the closet of my 1984 Toyota Sunrader 18'. It was dripping down the vent pipe that goes down to the black water tank. Turns out there's a water line running alongside that vent pipe, and I traced it back down to where it attaches to another water line under the fridge near the heater. Fortunately, there's a valve where it attaches, and I was able to shut that off. My question is: What is this water line's purpose? Why does it even exist? Is there any harm in always leaving it turned off?
  6. I recently purchased a 1986 Travel Master and noticed a faint smell of gasoline in the cab while driving the other day. Once I was home I checked to make sure the gas cap was good and for any noticeable leaks and didn't see any, but I noticed a pretty strong smell of gas coming out of the exhaust pipe. What could be causing this? Does it require immediate attention or am I okay to drive?
  7. This antique propane tank leaks where the clear window (pressure gauge transducer is) as indicated by my leak detector. It empties the tank in about a month. Any idea as how to mitigate this issue? I am not even sure to how remove the tank either since it's under the closet inside (lift up from inside?) This is on 1990 Itasca Spirit.
  8. I found the source of my mold smell. I guess I should have pulled the overhead cushion back further before buying my 1993 Seabreeze. I probably would have bought her anyway though. Here is what I can see. Window leaking under wall paper and dripping into the seam. Seam is mushy. The actual wall still feels solid, but the wallpaper is no longer adhered to the wall. Is there any way to put a stop to this without tearing anything out? I was thinking about caulking the window and caulking closed the smelly seam. Is this a bad idea? Does anyone know how much this might cost to have it professiona
  9. Though the PO did a good job of Dicoring all the seams, I didn't believe him when he said "You won't have to worry about any leaks for years". I noticed that back by the propane tank on the dogleg of the Dolphin, the siding had pulled away from the channel and the Dicor just wasn't going to hold it together. So using a technique that I developed while living in an old trailer, I tried this fix. A narrow strip of aluminum foil to initially bridge the gap, several pieces of Gorilla Tape to give it some body, and topped off with aluminum foil tape. I added some extra pieces of aluminum foil tape
  10. I am the proud but nearly defeated owner of a 1983 mini cruiser that was gifted to me by a dear friend. I live in it full time but it has a laundry list of issues and I can't even figure out where to start. Both tanks are cracked and leaking. The black tank ranks as hopeless. The water heater disintegrated. The cabover leaks like a sieve and is rotted through and through. The A/C drips water constantly when it runs. I don't even know if the (scary-looking) furnace or the stove work because we never got to pressure test the LP system. The repair guy who gave it a going over just shook his he
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