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Found 9 results

  1. FYI, I recently found a plastics shop which can fabricate replacement, wrap-around cab-over windows for the Sunraders at $175 each. Q&I Plastics, 445 Portal St #9, Cotati, CA 94931; (707) 795-0612 The owner's name is Rick. My passenger side window ('85, narrow profile) was cracked badly but intact. I dropped it off at this place and within a few hours Rick had the new window done. I took the rv back and he helped me install it. It had to be trimmed a little bit, but once in fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Rick's got my old window and could use that as a template, or if you've got an intact one you could send it to him. HOWEVER, Rick is very conscientious and would really prefer to have the rv there to make sure the finished product is perfect. If you are willing to reassure him you're happy to do any trimming yourself, he'll likely be willing to ship a finished product to you. (Rick uses a dremel mounted to a work bench to do his trimming)
  2. While doing some routine maintenance, I was alarmed to find some moisture under the cabover bed today. Our 91 Warrior stays under a cover 24-7 to help prevent this kind of water damage: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007TKJLRW/ref=pe_385040_121528360_TE_dp_1 My alarm turned to complete dismay when I discovered layer after layer of mushy, rotten wood over the cab. I'm going to need your tips/tricks to figure all this out, for sure. To start, here are a few questions: 1) Do covers really offer much protection from rain? 2) Just about everything under the bed is ruined, but the sidewalls seem firm/solid; will I need to tear those vertical sidewalls apart in order to rebuild the "base" area? 3) Does anyone have a drawing that might correspond to the structure of my Winne? 4) In the second photo I'm attaching, you can see the piece that joins the two outer sections of fiberglass skin. There was no trace of adhesive/caulk/butyl where those pieces come together... I know this seam is on the underside, but surely there's still a need for some waterproofing. (?)
  3. Just finished a nice little trip to Lake of the Ozarks SP over a long weekend. Great weather, nice scenery, and tons of surprisingly tame, white-tailed deer, right up around the Warrior for most of our stay. Brought our e-bikes along, per usual, and the wife and I had a great time buzzing around the area. Unfortunately, heading out of the park and down the main park entry road on our way home, a loud crash was heard overhead, then a few pieces of debris rained down on the hood. The large 59x12" cabover window is gone, as you can see—most of the glass ended up inside the window curtain and on the mattress. Not sure if a falling branch struck the window or if a large bird impacted or what - ?! We drove home just fine but kept it under 55mph. First time that's happened to us in our eight years of ownership. So the question is whether to try and replace the glass... or to block off that unlucky window opening completely. The large rubber window seal is in pretty good shape, it appears, but I know these Class C cabover windows tend to be problematic, even from the factory. I'm reading through the forum posts on the subject, but feel free to chime in here if you have any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Hi, has anyone replaced the Cabover window on their Americana? It is slightly curved around the front of the Cabover area and held in a rubber gasket material, no other frame. Looking for options on materials, methods, sealants, etc. NOT presently looking at fiberglassing over the window and deleting it. I currently have it sealed on the outside with a border of Eternabond tape. It works but isn’t pretty. We are looking at completing out interior rebuild and hoping to replace the window first before we finish the bunk area. Thanks!
  5. I'm in the process of replacing the old, original cabover mattress on the Warrior: it's just too beat and worn out, and I'm really eager to get rid of the last hint of "Pine Mist" fabric from this rig! I've built a new, hinged cover assembly for the center opening, and I'm pretty happy with that (really, really, really want to keep that fore-aft access, make it doable to move from cab to coach!). But, I'm trying to make a decision on the mattress. So, I've got about 80" by 51" to work with up there, and my plan was to take a queen-size memory foam (80x60) and cut it down in width. I've got an 8-in thick one on hand right now that could work, but it does feel pretty heavy... and weight is always a consideration in a small RV, so I'm wondering if I should've gone for a 6-in. Anybody have any advice or suggestions on mattress selection—or just any particular solution that's worked well for them in the cabover? Here's the area in question...
  6. So on the front of most toyhomes you've got that clear window which in theory could let a lot of light in, but my thought was that it's prime real estate for a nice solar panel. On a dolphin I know it's a little bit curved and on a sunrader I know it aims forward more than out, but on the travelmaster it seems like the angle might be juuuuuust right....... anyone done this? have thoughts on this?
  7. I have been out on my initial road trip. It's been about 8 weeks, mostly very enjoyable (except for the fan explosion and radiator destruction already reported in another section of the forum). So, I'm on the way home, in the Denver area. I pull off E-470 to visit my sister for a couple days, and on Quincy there is a major dip/bump in the road in the right lane, I slowed down, but there was a huge jarring bump as I rode over it, and pieces of I didn't know what rained down on the hood. I pulled over, put on the flashers, got out and looked up, and the window in the front of the cabover area had shattered. Has anyone heard of this happening? I'm not sure it happened there. There was a spot on the glass still in the window from which the cracks seemed to radiate, and it was slightly indented, though not penetrated It was as if something had hit the window hard enough to shatter it and bounced off. I took out all the glass, cleaned up, cut a piece of 1/8" Masonite to fit the interior frame, and screwed it up there under the interior frame, just to get me home. Yes, I'm in trouble if it rains, but there's no rain forecast before I can get home to ABQ and cover it over, pending locating another window. I called Safelite, and they recommended I call Duncan Systems for a replacement window. Is anyone here familiar with them, or with another source for these windows? Sheesh. Thanks - Dan
  8. Hi~ I'm a brand new owner of a 1991 Toyota Itasca Spirit. The cabover bed has some mold & needs to be replaced. There are no obvious leaks so I am assuming that it got wet through the window. Where do I find a replacement bed that has the cut out piece still? Thanks so much! The rookie~Zenia
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, although I have been observing for some time now. I've had the RV since 2 summers ago, and have finally decided to take major remodeling steps. My Question: The pillars that divide the cabover from the rest of the coach, are they necessary? They seem to be a key support for the roof and the stability of the RV, but I have rarely see them in most pictures I see. If they are not required, I would rather have them out of there. It would open up the main room of the coach and make it seem bigger I think. I will post pictures sometime in the future. Thanks!
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