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Found 4 results

  1. I'm in the process of replacing the old, original cabover mattress on the Warrior: it's just too beat and worn out, and I'm really eager to get rid of the last hint of "Pine Mist" fabric from this rig! I've built a new, hinged cover assembly for the center opening, and I'm pretty happy with that (really, really, really want to keep that fore-aft access, make it doable to move from cab to coach!). But, I'm trying to make a decision on the mattress. So, I've got about 80" by 51" to work with up there, and my plan was to take a queen-size memory foam (80x60) and cut it down in width. I've got an 8-in thick one on hand right now that could work, but it does feel pretty heavy... and weight is always a consideration in a small RV, so I'm wondering if I should've gone for a 6-in. Anybody have any advice or suggestions on mattress selection—or just any particular solution that's worked well for them in the cabover? Here's the area in question...
  2. Curious what might be other setups for converting the rear dinette to a bed? I bought my 84 shorty with what seems to be someone’s attempt to make a sturdy bed surface by laying plywood across this rear area. The problem is it’s both unsturdy under weight (cheap plywood) and it slides around under certain movement. I have clamps on it to prevent that but really looking for any improvement ideas or other efficent setups. I’m not sure what factory might have been and can’t seem to find any info online. Thanks in advance for advice and any nudge in a better direction for this! Few shots in link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zpvw6d4515rwi96/AACRp1GR9y0tEBeO_bALSZ2ia?dl=0
  3. I thought I'd share a recent discovery with Toyota RV folks who take pleasure in getting a good night's sleep. I've got a '91 Winnebago, that I dearly love and is in tip top shape. I tend to sleep a lot in the overhead cab compartment (even when it's parked at home...man cave) and even though the mattress is in fairly good shape, I'm not not 100% comfortable sleeping on or over the top of the removable section of the mattress (Just feel some bumps down there.) and sometimes, in the winter, I can feel cold rising up through from the bottom. A year ago I purchased a section of 1-1/2 - 2" foam (egg crate on one side) that I put over the entire mattress area. It worked fairly well, but still I wasn't content. I'm a backpacker (ultralight) and I have some products by a Swiss company called "Exped". They make a number of different items for campers and the quality of their products is top-of-the-line. I have a Exped "down" sleeping pad that actually has high quality goose feathers in it, and once blown up, it's nice 'n cozy with an R value around 7 or 8. Perfect for keeping the body warm below as the down bag keeps body warm on sides and above. Anyway, Exped makes a Car Camping Mat/Pad called the "Exped MegaMat Duo 10" (with a 9.5 R value). I measured the space that my mattress in the overhead cab area and the MegaMat appeared to fit in that area perfectly. So, I got it on sale, normally around $360, give or take a few bucks, at Backcountry for 25% off. The mattress is foam and also needs air to reach it's ideal loft. No down in this one. So, I got the pad and laid it out over the mattress. Allowed it to fill by itself (will inflate considerably before air needs to be pumped in) and then, using their clever, specially designed small pump that comes with the pad, within a few minutes had the pad set up. I actually slept on the pad in my bedroom on the floor the night before to test it. It was actually better than my bed mattress. Not saying here that you would find it as comfortable as your bed, but for me, it was perfect. The nice thing about it is, you can fill it with air so it feels very firm, then get on top of it and let air out so that it meets your own comfort level. It doesn't feel like an air mattresss...bouncy. It feels like a bed mattress or close to it. So, back to the overhead cab. I pumped up the mattress, in place, over the existing mattress, put a sheet over it and climbed aboard. Now I know we all have our personal sensitivities when it comes to sleeping accommodations, but I can tell you this, my sleep was incredible. So comfortable and sound. The pad fits perfectly over the area...77.9 x 52 x 3.9". I am very, very happy with this set up. I could probably remove the existing mattress and design a board to cover the opening, but for me, there is no reason to. They seem to compliment each other, perfectly. And, in addition, the extra height for me, i.e. somewhat closer to the ceiling, 4 inches, isn't an issue at all. So, there you have it. If your existing mattress is dead and you need an alternative, this might be the way to go. You can find this pad/mat at Campsaver, Moosejaw and Backcountry. They will meet or beat each others prices, at least Backcountry will. And they seem to be having discount sales quite often. So, if you are interested in this product, wait till they have their sale. Sweet Dreams.
  4. I need a replacement bed/mattress for '86 Mirage. Size and shape info? Where to order one? Do I need two parts - for the "hatch" and main bed or can I just use one full shape? Thanks!
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