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Found 18 results

  1. Hi - hoping someone can help me out here. I'm looking to find the correct window gasketing for the exterior of my 1986 Escaper. Mine is shrinking/cracking, which seems to be a common problem. Below I've included a side view of the gasket that's been pulled out of the window. Thanks in advance! Toby
  2. My 1986 Escaper has leaks. Not exactly sure where, I suspect the vents at least. The ceiling inside is soggy, the floor is soggy. Not sure about the walls yet. We are planing to replace the ceiling, floors, walls and sealing the roof somehow. I've posted a photo of the current state inside the camper, and a close up of the roof from the inside. It looks like the ceiling is made up of thin wood then foam board then more thin wood. Any suggestions for replacing the ceiling? is there a better way to build it or insulate it? Can I do this without removing the roof? I've put a photo of the
  3. So I just bought a 1985 Toyota Escaper with a 4 cylinder 22RE and 100k miles on it. I was able to drive about 150 mi from the sellers house to a pit stop at my parents with no problems and almost no oil burnt. There is no plume of smoke that comes from the tail pipe only the smell of oil being burnt. The next day I had to drive 240 mi to get the RV back to my house. I stopped and checked the oil 15 mi into my 240 mi trip and it was still at a decent level. I avoided major highways and only went 55 mph max. With only 23 miles left in my trip the engine started to make an awful sound as I was pu
  4. Hey Everyone- I wasn’t sure where to best ask this question so I’m putting it here. I recently noticed that the siding on the drivers side of my 1987 Escaper is starting to separate a little at the seam. It’s not a major issue, but wanted to check with the experts to see if there’s a best practice before fixing it. I’m undecided between a few short screws to hold it in place or a few spots of adhesive and that’s what brings me here. It is dry underneath there and I intend to take wait as long as the sunny weather will allow before sealing it back up. Thanks everyone. Have a gre
  5. When I purchased my 1987 Toyota Escaper made by Damon industries I found it had most of the original documentation. I was contacted via my blog (link in my signature) from someone asking if I could provide the manual since they are quite hard to find. I was surprised I haven't thought of this sooner since I am sure there are plenty of people that would love to see the factory documentation that came with the Toyota Escaper Micro mini motor home. I have scanned the entire manual and compressed it into a zip but it seems the forum will not allow my to upload a zip. Here is a short front and
  6. Anyone have an electrical wiring diagram for an 1986 Escaper? the coach/camper part I’m currently taking our Toyota apart and trying to test some stuff in the camper. thanks.
  7. can anyone tell me how the floor in the bunk area is normally built? it looked like this when I bought it. thanks.
  8. Hi All- As I'm starting to get my 1987 Escaper geared up for a big summer I noticed that the bathroom door is hanging up on the ceiling a little bit. It appears that there's a slight bow/ sag to it. I haven't seen any evidence of a real leak, so I think it's akin to a sagging headliner in a car. My primary question; what's generally between the ceiling wall paper and the roof if I were to try to sort out this minor annoyance? The rig is primarily stock, so I don't anticipate it's anything different than the manufacturer intended. If I have my druthers I'll be back with some update and
  9. Hey Guys- Long time lurker, first time poster. I bought a 1987 Escaper last June and put about 13,000 miles on it taking the circuitous route from Boston to Seattle. This summer has been good too, but we haven't put quite as much mileage on it. It's been largely pain free so far, though I have replaced some fuel and brake lines, and an alternator belt, in addition to the usual wear-and-tear items. With the 22RE it's really easy to take care of the truck portion. Before fall is upon us I'm thinking that I should be doing some preventative maintenance on the coach portion. I've perus
  10. Hello! I originally posted this under an old existing topic, but figured I may get more responses and help if I created a new conversation. Thanks to those who already responded! My wife and I are interested in an '87 escaper with only 16,000 miles on it. It appears to be in good condition from the outside anyway. There is some rust underneath and it looks like the upper front window has a repaired crack. We know nothing about Rvs or this model, other than what we read here. The biggest issue seems to be the rear axle. I took a look at the rear wheel, comparing it to the photo
  11. Hello! I am looking at a 1987 Toyota Escaper with 77k on the engine. We're supposed to drive over to it today... 3 hours away.. and boy I wish I had found this site earlier! Anyways, I guess I am just looking for any advice I can get. I have never owned a camper or RV but have recently become obsessed with the Toyota mini motorhomes late 80's early 90's. My boyfriend grew up working on engines. American motors mostly, but we both currently drive Toyotas and drank the koolaid. He has a 99 Tacoma and very familiar with the motor at this point. Here's what I know. CRAIGSLIST AD "1
  12. So it has been a while since I have done anything to the Toyota but I am back and come with good news. While I have been busy at school this semester, my Dad has surprised me and painted my Escaper. Before paint it was having some small rust issues, fading paint, and some fiberglass wearing through on the coach. He painted the body of the truck, the coach, bumper, rims, and window edges as well as completely redoing the window caulk. Here it is before paint. And here it is after. And finally we were able to install the awning I found at a scrap yard on an old Dolphin. It is in near
  13. When I bought my Escaper the roof air worked great, but the cab air did not work. The ac compressor turned on but made a bad sound and there was no cold air. I'm about to go on a travel for a while and definitely wanted my cab air working! I started out by ordering a new compressor for an 87 Toyota truck. When the compressor arrived it was immediately apparent that the compressor was the wrong style mounting and everything. Here is the stock A/C compressor in place before any work. Here is the first compressor I ordered, which was the wrong style since it was for a factory installed A/C s
  14. One of the original documents that was included with the Toyota Escaper motor home. (back)

    © I<3myEscaper

  15. One of the original documents that was included with the Toyota Escaper motor home. (front)
  16. Hey all, I recently purchased a 1987 Toyota Escaper mini. The truck is awesome and in great shape but the cap air does not work! The compressor sounds like it has a bad bearing even when ac is not on, it still turns on when a/c is turned on but no cool air. So I ordered a new compressor for a 1987 Toyota pick up and to my surprise when it showed up, it is a completely different mounting style. After some more investigating it appears the truck may have had the a/c system put on it aftermarket possibly? The system on it uses a bracket with a belt tensioner as part of the bracket as you can
  17. Hey all, I figured maybe someone would find the info useful so I am posting this here. My 87 Escaper water heater ignitor wasn't working so I wanted to get that taken care of. The previous owner put it a new sparker itself, but the problem was in the board. I took the board off and googled the part number and found a few but they were priced at about $150. Upon further research I found a board made by Dinosaur electronics that was supposed to be compatible with my heater. It cost me $55 on Ebay. I had to trim down the rubber piece that covers the part that snaps onto the little spark
  18. I'm looking to buy my first RV tomorrow...it's a 1985 Toyota Escaper with 94,000 miles. Asking price $4500. I have no experience with this situation, and I've been researching for days online. I would like to find out if there are certain things, besides the rear axle 6 lug thing, that I should be looking out for?...what are some basic questions I should ask the current owner?? AND should I take it in somewhere to get looked over before I buy? Also, if there are issues with it, how do I go about asking for a lower price? From the looks of the ad photos, the RV has been very well taken care
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