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  1. HEIC isn't very forum friendly, might want to stick to JPEG
  2. Doesn't look very big or brown, how about Beige Rolling Turd? Then you could keep the nickname! 😅
  3. Our Travelmaster is "Taku-San", which literally translates to "Mr. House".
  4. hey! a little late to the thread but I own an 86 savannah, no manual but let me know if there's anything I can answer! @zaddylonglegs also has one (and a manual!) but I couldn't seem to get scans (I would really like to preserve the manual) which floorplan do you have?
  5. I think it's this model...sorry it's not exactly a perfect image:
  6. It is indeed. I did not get an owners manual with it and was not able to find anything when googling around. Currently chatting with @zaddylonglegs who seems to have the same model and some literature. Would definitely like to get a repository of info online for us travelmaster folks if at all possible.
  7. Okay, so I see the 4"x50' roll of eternabond on ebay and amazon and such for 50 bucks, but glancing over at the eternabond site I see: EternaBond RoofSeal EternaBond AlumiBond EternaBond Seam Repair Kit EternaBond RoofSeal Plus All of them claim to be an application for my seam situation. Has anyone tried the other stuff and can they speak to the efficacy of one over another? I want to do this right so that I can alleviate worry and not have to deal with it for awhile. Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone. Also @fiddlindan, we should talk! Do you hav
  8. Definitely planning on roof units, I just thought that hey, maybe I could just have an extra there for a little bit of extra juice, perhaps even put it on a prop bar that I could lift while parked.
  9. Quick update, From what I can tell I have an aluminum roof. Thanks for the eternabond advice. I'll see about picking some up. Is there a good source? Places to avoid buying from? Just grab some on Amazon?
  10. So on the front of most toyhomes you've got that clear window which in theory could let a lot of light in, but my thought was that it's prime real estate for a nice solar panel. On a dolphin I know it's a little bit curved and on a sunrader I know it aims forward more than out, but on the travelmaster it seems like the angle might be juuuuuust right....... anyone done this? have thoughts on this?
  11. Thanks @DanAatTheCape but @FredNewell, thanks again for the continued advice. I do intend to keep this around for awhile so I do want to take care of it. right now my primary concern is that I have about two weeks until I go full time and I need things to be dry and serviceable (everything needs to work). I'm putting in my new toilet this weekend, I need to figure out what to do with my fridge and the leaks and then I'm at least mostly good to go. for the upholstery, I'll look that up. thanks. as for the rubber roof question, I actually don't know how to tell if it is a rubbe
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I guess the thing that has me flummoxed is that there are tons of "experts" and while some of them sound very much like a "bonehead", many of them also sound like they know what they're doing, and everyone has a different opinion. There are people that sound completely confident that silicone is the way to go, and there are people that I wouldn't trust near my RV that suggest dicor. There are two friends of mine that know something about RVs and they both suggest complete polar opposite solutions. It's overwhelming. For the back window, sometimes it seems
  13. I have a rear window leak. I've heard all I need to do is pull apart the rear window, clean around put in some butyl tape and maybe add some extra silicone, and put it back together. I also have an overcab leak, it seems to be lined up with the seam over my overcab, so I guess I can pull off the bar that goes over it, clean it up, apply some butyl tape there, and put it back on? Is Dicor still the best thing to pour onto my roof? The thing is, my entire toyhome seems to have tape that uh... is probably well over 10 years old. Should I just take my toy to someone and have them r
  14. That's fair - I didn't say cheap. But I don't know why anyone would buy a more expensive thing that would perform as well as an inexpensive thing. I have no brand loyalty ?
  15. talk to me about which fridge you have? I can get to virginia pretty easily. which wire harness are you pulling out? the ECU or others?
  16. I feel like for the 1/3 price of the adco cap I can buy a tarp... is there any reason to not do that?
  17. Dumb newbie question, I've developed a leak in the east coast storms and hurricane weather. I'm in the process of finding someone to help me get it fixed up, but in the meantime I'm trying to avoid making it worse. I've searched the forums and found a lot of camper covers, but I was hoping to find something more akin to a "cap" that would cover the top of my toyhome, but not much more than that. So we're talking the entire top, but only down so far as my overcab hangs, that way I could still drive with it on. Does such a thing exist? Should I just buy a regular cover and cut it up? O
  18. okay, so it looks like I have no DLC connector anywhere - between chatting with some folks over at the yotatech forums and here I think my ECU is just too old. Since I don't have the data stream (or don't know where to get at it, it looks like we're going to build a passthrough black box solution. the upshot of this is I will get live data instead of "after the ECU has made a pass at it" data. there's another product, MPGuino, that accomplishes some of what I'm trying to do, just not quite with the interface I want. so I'll probably attempt to convince their code to cooperate with my own.
  19. Okay so, like I said before, I respect your experience and your knowledge here. I'm repeating that statement up front here because I'm probably going to say some stuff that you already know and forgive me if I say it in a way that makes it sound like I don't think you know. Perhaps I'll fill in a gap (unlikely) but moreso what I want to do is make sure I understand everything that is going on and carefully identify the plan and the things I do know. Established that: We've got a car and a bunch of things that have sensors and senders. The senders are basically wires with vario
  20. well, these days you can just use a laptop or cheap single-board computer on an old system to constantly read the values and record/freeze them... we're talking like 50 bucks. technology is pretty amazing! I'm planning on building something computer-assisted, like with a raspberry pi. so, I don't need to be able to read the gauge with the naked eye. I skimmed this image from another forum because it looks a lot like my pickup...the circled-in-green connector is the one that we're talking about, right?
  21. 1988 FSM describes diagnostic connector as "check connector". 1985 FSM has a "check engine connector" for shorting T and E1, as expected (page FI-22), and then on FI-69 describes connecting SST 09842-14010 to the "service connector" to check the Ox sensor ('88 manual has a similar process). I wonder if this is where I should be analysing/pulling signal... has anyone ever run this signal through a logic/signal analyser or a scope?
  22. Valid question. Short answer: I plan to write the software myself, and I think I'm capable of doing so if I can find the wires that send data. Long answer: I work with an embedded systems engineer, I know several microcode developers, and I'm designing a synthesizer from scratch. I also know a fellow that got data from his '92 corolla with an arduino (not a 22RE, I know). OBDII is not voodoo to read, and the earlier the system, the simpler it is going to be to read. Data streams are great. If there is one, I can almost be guaranteed it's not compressed which means we'll just get cons
  23. Thanks Linda, this is where I ended up (I had this page open when I made my post). I think I'm gonna have to get my head under the dash more... or see if I can find connector 12. @Maineah I respect your expertise and appreciate your input. I know 1996 was the introduction of OBDII, but prior to that some OBDI Toyota ECUs give data and I am determined to find out if I can access that somehow.
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